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10 Way How Republican Tax Reform Will Make America Great Again

The Republican majorities in the Senate and the House of Representatives have released their long-awaited tax plans, and although the two plans differ in the details, both are based on the idea that the richest people in America are so desperately poor that the rest of us need to pay more in taxes and borrow $1.5 Trillion over the next decade to provide additional government assistance to them. 412 more words

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Fly Away, Trollertweeties! ...

“You there! Tuck in that belly. Absolutely no flabby trollertweeting today. Is that clear?”

The guilty Trollertweety nodded, grimaced and sucked in more air. The… 720 more words


Oy, Melons is Defending Trump and Moore....

Bertha is fuming. Melons is defending Trump and Roy Moore. The Horror! Bertha is appalled that anyone could defend groping teenagers, and she is into it. 659 more words

Political Satire

Kickin' It with the Kushneratops ...

“I did not have any meeting with the Kayjeebeeops.”

The Sessionsopossum said this gleefully, placing a rock atop his pile. The Kushneratops nodded, patiently waiting his turn. 740 more words


The Brexit Negotiations Continue... I see? He-he!

Many thanks to the cartoonist of the original. Sorry I could not find it again to grant him him/her their respect.

American Sentences

18 Nov 2017 – American Sentences

In an evil nation, ethics are another name for politics.

All those objects in your mirror are much closer than they may appear. 32 more words