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Trickle Down

Supply side economics

Maximize home ownership

If they can’t  afford

Let them mortgage their own future 454 more words


Sheep Want A Word With Trump&Obama

Ahem, sheep don’t do cammo. Not in our fashionista wardrobe. It would make us targets for those local yocals whom you now allow to conceal and carry. 737 more words

Political Satire

Brady Wins #201, Playing GOAT against Rams

DATELINE:  201 Notches and Counting

That Fishy Jeff Fischer, coach of the Rams, gave Tom Brady #201 on a silver platter.

Yes, the man who epitomizes NFL mediocrity couldn’t find his red challenge flag during one play—and had to beg the pardon of the referees. 250 more words

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Epigram (ears)

04 Dec 2016 – Epigram

God gives two ears, but these days only one ear works.
We can’t hear our own crap – just that of other jerks!



Gronk Takes Our Last Laugh to Injured Reserve List

DATELINE:  Hope in a Straitjacket


From here onward, every humor piece on the Patriots will be an exercise in whistling past the graveyard. Gronk is not yet Marley’s ghost, but he is the Spirit of Super Bowls Past. 234 more words

Sports Humor

Pepperonis have been added to the Endangered Species List

Kevin Perjurer  – December 2, 2016

Earlier today, the Grand Wizard of The Endangered Species List, Steve Buscemi (no relation), announced that Pepperonis had been categorized with the Endangered Level “Uh Oh.” This surprising move confirms the suspicions that our favorite pizza topping might be on its way to extinction. 231 more words