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Complaints Dept.

NSWs Fair trading releases the companies most complained about.Read about it here.

'Empty' Train Carriage Was Ram-Packed With Midgets and Germans With Diarrhoea Claim Corbyn's Press Office

The press office for beleaguered Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn, have issued a statement, claiming that the empty train carriage that Corbyn is shown passing through on CCTV before claiming that the entire train was ‘ram-packed’ was, in fact, full of midgets whose heads couldn’t be seen above the headrests, and a party of over 40 Germans who had left their luggage on their seats while they were all in the toilet suffering from gastroenteritis… 138 more words

Soz Satire

#Traingate. Does Corbyn have ideas above his station?

Now, any non-Brits out there won’t have the foggiest idea what the above meme signifies. Let me enlighten you then, my wuffly, ickle foreign swine. 262 more words

The Whitechapel Whelk

Brodie discusses the flip-flop

I listen to the news on a daily basis, paying particular attention to the presidential candidates… where they campaign…what they say…what their doctors say…what issues are beginning hammered on any given day…what is the mantra, the speak…who has their mojo working. ¬† 233 more words

Golden Retriever

Skip the Middleman

This whole Olympic debacle about robberies and lies shows what could happen if corporations did not use sport as an advertising platform that dilutes money that could go directly to charity. 14 more words

Brodie covers... "off-putting" Presidential Candidates

Some folks find Mr. T’s (R candidate) eating habits “a little more than off-putting.” ¬†Examples of what he consumes are McDonald’s, overcooked steaks, bacon and over-well eggs, taco bowls and foods on sticks. ¬† 186 more words

Golden Retriever

Olympics: Great Expectations.

To many expectations, too much pressure, too much money. Interesting to see two differing attitudes in the news. Denmark exceeds expectations while Australia fails to meet them. 26 more words