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Fork Full of Noodles with Krish Mohan-Second Course-The Legend of Bernie Sanders

Senator Bernie Sanders has neck and neck with Hillary Clinton in the race for President, but mainstream media outlets say he’s not doing so well. 11 more words


Bertha Discusses the Two Political Parties...

Sheeprants7452a has discovered a rather disturbing trend among candidates. The GOP use religion to divide the country, while the DEMS try to stay focused on the issues. 1,133 more words

Political Satire

U.N. The Unachievable Ideal.

This post is charged by so many ideas. The principle one is the resistance to The U.N. which is fundamentally an organisation that should oversee good. 207 more words

Bertha Prepares for Superbowl....

Bertha is busy prepping for the Super bowl. No, she isn’t a fan, in fact, nothing bores her more than watching football. Instead, she has the Puppy bowl on, and is cheering on that gang of canines we all love to hug. 778 more words

Political Satire

Conservative Politics.

Why? We have some of the most incredible possibilities to have clean energy. Education via new tecnology for more people in more ways. We can have multi cultures, multiple languages. 177 more words

Ten Companies Control the Government

Surprise surprise. Read about it in the Australian.

The usual suspects Mining,Banks and Supermarkets. 8 more words