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Top 3 Headlines September 16-22

Ozzy Osborne Announces Retirement from Music to Realize Lifelong Dream of Becoming a Speech and Diction Coach

YouTube Demonetizes Every Single Video Creating a Paradoxical Advertiser-Safe/Ad-Free Website… 22 more words


Bertha Prepares for The End....

Bertha is preparing for the end of the world. After all, if a group of crazies predicted this, it must be true. Well we will let the old girl get her groove on, pack her designer attire, her Louboutains, get her implants inflated, fur waxed, eye brows tweezed, tushy padded, and her contacts straightened out. 753 more words

Political Satire

T-Rump's Latest Bombshell ...

The Tyrumposaurus and the Lutherstrangia were taking time out from their reservoir-side chat about the Lutherstrangia’s upcoming battle royale to win favor with the Bamahama dinosaurs in his Crimson Creek stomping grounds. 342 more words


A gentle satire of 1950s smugness and perennial greed

Pros: Pleasant, unforced, and short

Cons: stereotyped bourgeois French wife

John Steinbeck’s 1957 novel The Short Reign of Pippin IV is a genial fantasy in which 42 squabbling French political parties, none of which has any principles, are hopelessly deadlocked and decide to resurrect the monarchy and elevate an amateur astronomer who happens to be descended from Charlemagne, crown him, and force him to occupy the palace at Versailles with its 18th-century plumbing (almost entirely devoted to the fountains) and drafty permanent chill. 367 more words

American Literature

Bertha's Net Widens.....

The sheep are at the door. Bertha and puppy have been busy trying to uncover the secrets in the spying probe. Whispers of Obama having spied on Trump is nothing new, nor is the one about him setting up Hillary. 659 more words

Political Satire

QUIZ: Are These The Names Of An Australian Political Party Or An Alternative Rock Band?

By Adrian Rauso

Democracy is great! Until this happens…See how many Australian political parties you can distinguish from an actual alt-rock band.

  1. HEMP
  2. Hunters and Collectors…
  3. 65 more words
Alternative Rock

Mending societal fabric

This past month has been one of legal intrigues and introduction of many unpronounceable legal jargon to our normal day to day conversations mostly in jest. 431 more words