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Five Sports as Thrilling as Hunting Hibernating Bears

By C. Michael Forsyth

Thanks to a bill passed by Congress, hunters will now be allowed to shoot hibernating mother bears and their cubs in their sleep. 528 more words

Making Kylo Ren Believable Again

There were several things the first time I saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens that I struggled with, partially because I have enough of a science background that it bothers me when science fiction ignores the science component, but by the second viewing I was able to relax some of those concerns and enjoy the film a little more. 555 more words


David Ortiz in the Glass Booth

DATELINE: Ortiz Unleashed

Fanboys and media mavens insist that retired Red Sox star David Ortiz should be in the broadcast booth this season.

As expected, Tom Werner– self styled media guru and Red Sox owner– has been hesitant to give an answer. 219 more words

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With Boycott-mania sweeping the country what better time for this look at the fragmentary remains of this ancient Greek Comedy by Aristophanes?

Balladeer’s Blog presents another examination of an ancient Greek political satire. 783 more words

Balladeer's Blog


In March I’ll ramp up efforts for an exhibit in July and a class next October. But for the past month I’ve processed my disappointment in and frustration with the new administration. 222 more words


Belichick Possible Hostile Witness for Hernandez

DATELINE:  Another Phase of Game

Accused killer (three strikes) Aaron Hernandez had better rethink how smart his lawyer Jose Baez really is.

According to legal documents, Baez has placed New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick on the defense witness list. 217 more words

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The Ten Edicts of the Supreme Overlord

1.Bread will be 99 cents.
2. Every Tuesday will be Tequilla Tuesday.
3. We’re gonna build a bridge. It’s gonna be a big bridge. It’s gonna connect the whole world; and all the various continents. 198 more words

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