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The Headless Horseman of the Apocalypse

The Headless Horseman of the Apocalypse

Riding through the dark night of the soul

Comes a headless horseman on a silver steed

Snorting fire and ashes he rides with great speed… 216 more words


100 Days

Making America great again, but for who?

Belichick Blows Smoke Screen

DATELINE: Nearer to Thy Maker in Pittsburgh, Thanks to Mad Magazine

Pittsaburger has lost its Rothlisberger for the Patriots game. Hold that ketchup.

Mere mortals might worry that their team was in jeopardy of losing to the Brady Vindication Tour, but not those meatheads from Pittsburgh. 271 more words


Trump Raped Entire Editorial Staff of the Huffington Post

Fourteen more women have now come forward to claim unwarranted sexual advances, or worse, from Donald Trump.  This brings it to a total of 432 reports of separate incidents and is perhaps the most damaging so far because all fourteen of the Huffington Post staffers claim that Trump raped all of them during one frenzied attack. 363 more words

Political Satire

Tanka (pawns)

20 Oct 2016 – Tanka

Who man’s the kitchen,
stacking high plates heaped with hate
served us all season?
You’re preoccupied with pawns,
but say who moves the pieces.



Sonnet (too much to hope)

20 Oct 2016 – Sonnet

A leaky faucet, listened to all night,
can wash away serenity like sand.
This constant conversations’ bile and bite
cuts canyons through the thoughts where sane men stand. 79 more words


NASA: 2016 Hottest Year.

The guardian reports that 2016 will be hottest year on record according to NASA.