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The decision in the Oklahoma Police Officer Betty Shelby Manslaughter case was recently announced. As many in the Black Community had expected it was this, that the jury finds White police woman Betty Shelby, “Not Guilty” of the death of an unarmed,  Black motorist named Terence Crutcher. 411 more words

Is Political Science a Science?

The question whether Political Science is a science or not has been going on for a long time. Writers are divided on this issue. Some writers considers Political Science to be a science while it is alleged by some critics that Political Science has been an unwarranted intruder in the domain of science. 572 more words

Political Science

Outlier Detection and Power Analysis (t-test & ANOVA)

  1. Produce a histogram and a boxplot for the “years married prior to separation” (mar) variable.
    1. How many outliers are suggested by the histogram?
    2. How many outliers are suggested by the boxplot?
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Le' Notes #33: The bureaucratic polity and consociational democracy

This post takes a look at two political systems which once described several countries in Southeast Asia: the bureaucratic polity and consociational democracy.


The political development of countries in Southeast Asia began after a long period of colonisation. 1,473 more words

Academic Notes

Linkse journalist wil 'bijna' op populist stemmen

In dit puntige (zelf) onderzoek probeert journalist Joris Luyendijk te begrijpen wat er aan de hand is in Nederland. Dat hij zichzelf niet spaart en bereid is zijn aannames en wereldbeeld in twijfel te trekken werkt goed, zelfs verfrissend. 108 more words

Democracy & Society

Benjamin Bagozzi

Benjamin Bagozzi is an Assistant Professor of Political Science and International Relations at the University of Delaware. He earned a B.A. in Psychology and B.A. in Spanish from Michigan State University, M.P.I.A. 124 more words