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Neoliberalism: A contradictory destroyer of human rights

Following the world economic crisis in the 1970s, a restructuring of both global and domestic economic and political structures has been intensifying so to stop, and even reverse, the Keynesian post-war economic order of regulated capitalism and to (re)establish a globalised system where the ‘invisible hand’ of the free-market will ensure productivity and prosperity (Davis 2006: 152-156; Gill 1994: 48; Heywood 2007: 52). 2,142 more words


Learning Latin

Latin is a dead language.  No one speaks it conversationally.

One of my regular readers asked me today the meaning of “COR NOVUS,” the name of this blog.  234 more words


World War Z: Snow is Gud

One day in the distant future some poor historian will find a copy of this book and spend countless hours documenting the horrible experience of WWZ as fact. 763 more words

Inside the Brotherhood (25:04)

Do you seriously really think that it’s all just a game? Think again.

Stupid, stupid men, why don’ t you go home and make love to your women? 38 more words