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In his own image ... Punktown Strutters and rancid symbols of the soul of a ...... Punk.

In his own image … Punktown Strutters and rancid symbols of the soul of a  …… Punk.

You can’t be chief Punk and bottle washer if you can’t raise an army of sub punks and bottle throwers, flamers, sycophants, back stabbing neoliths, brazen haters, baters, facilitators, and mind numbing dangerous bores. 157 more words


Surviving academe

Religion, an opiate of the masses,

Says the Prof, lecturing in his classes.

“College used to be a carrier pigeon

For this terrible thing called ‘religion.’ 240 more words


Right to Freedom of religion

Art 25: P3 -Profess,Practice,Propagate

  • Conscience – inner freedom
  • Profess -declare openly
  • Practice – rituals and use signs
  • Propagate – spread but not force…
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A manifesto of sorts.

Well, not really a manifesto, but I just wanted to keep with the theme of the post.

I’ve returned to blogging again after a hiatus  — I’ve flirted with it a few times since 2013, and I’ve had a few blogs in the meantime that explored spirituality, my extensive travelling, as well as photography, my thoughts on mental health, but I was just never really sure what to write to sustain the blogs. 848 more words


CNN interview with Michael Genovese on the Charlottesville protest

Dr. Michael A. Genovese, President of Global Policy Institute at Loyola Marymount University, was on CNN to discuss President Donald Trump’s statements about the Charlottesville protest. 216 more words

Academic Libraries Book Recommendations


Scholars including David Easton, David Truman, Robert Dahl, Mulfor Sibley among others — have tried their best in identifying the considerations of behavioural political research. On this note, we shall cite the most popular one that were identified by Albert Somit and Albert Tanenhaus (cited in Anifowose and Enemuo, 2005) which are divided into two categories:The first set of behavioural political research considerations is embedded with wide-range considerations as follows: 1,610 more words