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Mavis Staples Sings "Fight"

Listen to this track by message music maven and one-time Staple Singer Mavis Staples. It’s “Fight” a brand new single as taken from her 2015 EP… 1,180 more words


The Jam Play "Town Called Malice"

Listen to this track by Woking Surrey all mod cons power trio The Jam. It’s “Town Called Malice”, a smash single taken from 1982’s The Gift… 845 more words


The Times They Are A Changin' - Feb.20.2015 Song Suggestions List

Music has the potential to be so much more than entertainment. Sometimes it acts as a mirror, reflecting and documenting massive societal changes. Other times, it’s the very thing that prompts those changes. 795 more words


Norah Jones Sings "Sinkin' Soon"

Listen to this track by documented Grammy-magnet and Texan country-jazz-indie-whatever singer-songwriter Norah Jones. It’s “Sinkin’ Soon”, a Tom Waitsean political parable as taken from 2007’s… 745 more words


Black 47's Rise Up Review

I’ve argued before that all music has a political element to it, whether it is apparent or not.  However, one of the hardest things for a songwriter to do is to write a political song that avoids cliches.   1,640 more words

Russell Brand: Britain's Bob Dylan?

Gaius Octavius or commonly known as Augustus was the founder of the Roman Empire and it’s first emperor, he ruled with an iron fist and due to his expansive approach, was often involved in multiple wars as well as a notably calm period in the Roman empire. 1,135 more words

Bruce Cockburn Sings "Call It Democracy"

Listen to this track by politically motivated globetrotting singer-songwriter Bruce Cockburn. It’s “Call it Democracy”, a song as taken from his 1986 album World Of Wonders… 856 more words