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Jill Sobule Sings "When They Say We Want Our America Back (What The F#%k Do They Mean?)"

Listen to this track by singer-songwriter-satirist with a highly developed social conscience matched by a sense of humour, Jill Sobule. It’s “When They Say We Want Our America Back (What The F#%k Do They Mean?)”, a single as taken from her involvement in the recent… 1,140 more words


Bruce Cockburn Sings "Call Me Rose"

Listen to this track by politically minded singer-songwriter with an eye for the ironic Bruce Cockburn. It’s “Call Me Rose”, the second song as taken from his 2011 album… 888 more words


XTC Play "No Thugs In Our House"

Listen to this track by Swindonian pop perfectionists and Little England observers XTC. It’s “No Thugs In Our House”, a single as taken from their 1982 double album… 1,003 more words


The Food Banks - We Hate The Tories (Political Pop)

Are you one of the growing army of people who thinks that David Cameron and the Tories are a bunch of muppets? Yeah, well you are not alone in this thought. 38 more words


Camille Yarborough Sings "But It Comes Out Mad"

Listen to this track by Chicago-born singer, dancer, author, actor, poet, activist, educator, and hip hop seed planter Camille Yarborough. It’s “But It Comes Out Mad”, the opening track to her 1975 album… 789 more words


Loudon Wainwright's Terrifying Vision

A righteous pundit, Loudon Wainwright III has been pursuing music since the late ’60s, debuting with a self-titled album in 1970. Aside from his honest and deeply felt songs on relationships and life circumstances, he’s long written satirical work, a style he calls “musical journalism,” best demonstrated over an album’s length on 1999’s… 57 more words

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We Want You

We want you drag the cross
To the top of our skyscrapers
Prove you’re not one of us

Then crucify yourself

We want you, we want you… 95 more words