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Corporate Political Donations and Lobbying Are Still Trapped in a Murky, Dark Cloud

Bernie Sanders and I are bothered by some of the same things, Warren Buffett told CNBC on the eve of Super Tuesday. One of those issues is the “influence of… 779 more words


Appeals Court Panel Overturns Van Hollen v. FEC, Reopening Disclosure Loophole for 2016 Cycle

Recently in Van Hollen v. FEC, the Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit again upheld an FEC rule that voting rights advocacy groups say “severely” limits federal disclosure requirements connected to “electioneering communications.” 329 more words

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The Campaign Finance War

The US political system is disgraceful. Money flows like bribes in a third world country. But in our country, this type of bribery is perfectly legal. 254 more words

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US Politicians - Legally Bought and Paid For

The big news out of Washington this week was that Congress finally kind of did their job and passed budget. And the fact that there was compromise was a good thing. 216 more words

U.S. Politics

Company Directors Need to Oversee Corporate Political Spending

As political spending surges toward record levels in 2016, post-Citizens United changes in the funding of American political campaigns will require directors to oversee a dramatically deregulated political environment. 930 more words

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Friedrichs and Bain Explained

California public school teachers working in traditional school districts are by default members of their local teachers associations, which may be affiliates of either the California Teachers Association (CTA), which is the state branch of the National Education Association (NEA), or the California Federation of Teachers (CFT), the state branch of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT).  4,203 more words


Will Lobbying Dollars Put Pfizer and Allergan On The Fast Track?

No one seems to like tax inversions, those deals whereby a U.S. corporation merges into a company in a tax haven to cut its U.S. tax bill, even though many—or most—of its operations remain in the U.S. 727 more words