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Do you know which candidates your company is funding?

No one knows just how much companies spend on politics. But with the 2016 election cycle set to cost billions of dollars, you can be sure that corporations will be opening their checkbooks to candidates across the political spectrum. 757 more words


Supreme Court to hear Friedrichs v. CTA in next session!

I’ve written extensively about the fact that union dues should be voluntary, not mandatory, and not automatically deducted from bank accounts.

CA case against union dues pursues U.S. 488 more words

Teachers Unions

Money is not speech, it is an elected person

In reading Dollarocracy by John Nichols and Robert McChesney I was struck by a point that they made that I think should be elaborated on. 469 more words


There is Only One Reason for Big Money in Political Campaigns

We all know that political campaigns, particularly at the presidential level, reach spending proportions that are out of this world, ridiculous. And there is no foreseeable end to this madness. 808 more words


Law experts say court not the way to get SEC to change political spending disclosure rules

Rob Swystun, Pristine Advisers

In an effort to prompt the US Securities and Exchange Commission to change its rules regarding public companies and disclosure of their political spending, some advocates have deci — oh, wait. 572 more words


This rhetoric is taking us in the wrong direction

A few months ago John Thompson wrote a tweet to me that was really offensive.

Contrary to what some think, especially, John Thompson I do not hate unions. 480 more words

Best Interest Of Kids

Bain v. CTA - Are Political Union Dues a violation of free speech?

Bain v. California Teachers Association, recently filed in CA challenges the requirement that the political portion of the dues payment be made in order to receive the extra union benefits from maternity and disability coverage to life insurance to legal representation. 1,109 more words

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