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Addressing the Elephant in the Room in the Gun Control Debate

Our major media sources have been disturbingly superficial in their published commentaries, reports and essays on gun violence. They note that despite a majority of Americans, even gun-owners, supporting increased background checks, even that a very modest form of gun control, Congress won’t pass such legislation. 433 more words


Common Cause Welcomes Enhancements to Campaign Finance Disclosure Website

Enhancements to a state of California website that allows residents to track political campaign contributions was lauded by fair-election group Common Cause.

Following Secretary of State Alex Padilla’s unveiling of… 211 more words

More Than 40 U.S. Senators Call for Disclosure of Corporate Political Spending

In a letter released today, 44 senators are calling on U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Chair Mary Jo White to act on a rule-making petition that would require companies to disclose their political spending. 235 more words

Do you know which candidates your company is funding?

No one knows just how much companies spend on politics. But with the 2016 election cycle set to cost billions of dollars, you can be sure that corporations will be opening their checkbooks to candidates across the political spectrum. 757 more words


Supreme Court to hear Friedrichs v. CTA in next session!

I’ve written extensively about the fact that union dues should be voluntary, not mandatory, and not automatically deducted from bank accounts.

CA case against union dues pursues U.S. 488 more words

Teachers Unions

Money is not speech, it is an elected person

In reading Dollarocracy by John Nichols and Robert McChesney I was struck by a point that they made that I think should be elaborated on. 469 more words


There is Only One Reason for Big Money in Political Campaigns

We all know that political campaigns, particularly at the presidential level, reach spending proportions that are out of this world, ridiculous. And there is no foreseeable end to this madness. 808 more words