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Law experts say court not the way to get SEC to change political spending disclosure rules

Rob Swystun, Pristine Advisers

In an effort to prompt the US Securities and Exchange Commission to change its rules regarding public companies and disclosure of their political spending, some advocates have deci — oh, wait. 572 more words


Bain v. CTA - Are Political Union Dues a violation of free speech?

Bain v. California Teachers Association, recently filed in CA challenges the requirement that the political portion of the dues payment be made in order to receive the extra union benefits from maternity and disability coverage to life insurance to legal representation. 1,109 more words

Teachers Unions

Is your union looking out for teachers or for its own pocket?

And the truth comes out! The remainder of this article talks about the potential money lost to unions if union dues were voluntary:

If the Supreme Court overturns Abood, it would change the political landscape drastically.

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Teachers Unions

Will someone please explain these "agency fees" numbers?

I have been asking this question for some time, with no answers. How is the percentage for “agency fees” calculated? How much money do they “need” for collective bargaining activities? 405 more words

Best Interest Of Kids

Paint Job

April 11, 2015

Dear Prime Minister Harper and (former) Senator Duffy,

As a taxpayer, I am writing to you to question some of your spending that has come to light due to the trial of Mike Duffy on fraud charges, among other items, to wit, the headline of my local paper on page 3 no less, “Harper and Duffy shared a makeup artist”. 478 more words

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Social responsibility resolutions smashing records this proxy season

Rob Swystun, Pristine Advisers

Among the growing trends in the investment world is shareholders increasingly calling for companies to be more socially and environmentally conscious. 699 more words

Board Of Directors

Fair Elections Groups Urge Obama to Order Federal Contractors to Disclose Political Spending

Citing the development of “a Wild West campaign spending world,” Common Cause and more than 50 other organizations joined today in calling on President Obama to issue an executive order requiring government contractors to disclose their political spending. 341 more words