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To Donald Trump and all the other letches throughout my long life, starting at age 11 and continuing far longer than anyone would expect


The meadow prefers no trespassers

It is not for nothing that I seek payment
for you to come near my soft body.
It is a design to hold you off, just so, 166 more words


When Mothers of Africa meet for Brunch...

The month of May has three important days that essentially recognize blood, sweat and tears: Workers Day, Mother’s Day and Africa Day. I salute the hardest workers of them all: mothers and mother figures everywhere but especially those on this great continent, who persevere against all odds. 1,096 more words



I cannot say it all started that night
but that is when it became clear: dark,
full, swelling wounds of inobvious origin
bursting their seams, flying upon us all. 155 more words



we long for peace
it seems to surround us
but perhaps
it is only darkness falling
with its uneven temper

In response to Jennifer Knoblock’s plaintive poem, Winter.