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To William Stafford

Upon opening The Way It Is after a week that convinces me that this dark marathon is much longer than I expected, even in my most hardened moments… 75 more words


On healing and revolution

Gazing up this terrible mountain,
you say, love is not enough,
though when I add together
everything else
and stack it high above my head, 53 more words


Your body is returned


I know because you are me.
You came here afraid, chased by storms.
You huddle with spare, odd friends
who you doubt you can trust. 279 more words


To Donald Trump and all the other letches throughout my long life, starting at age 11 and continuing far longer than anyone would expect


The meadow prefers no trespassers

It is not for nothing that I seek payment
for you to come near my soft body.
It is a design to hold you off, just so, 166 more words