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You Might Be a Political Theologian If… - Prof. Jan Rippentrop

Not long ago in a faculty setting I heard my colleague, Professor Jan Rippentrop, boldly state that she understood herself to be a political theologian. 2,334 more words

Social Justice

Third Sunday in Lent

The Uniform Series (Sunday School) Bible text for today is John 15:1-17.

It is part of the long (long) discourse Jesus gives his close disciples during and after the last supper, before leaving for the garden (of Gethsemane), before his arrest, trial (or “trial,”) sentencing to death, and crucifixion. 2,202 more words


Pannenberg on Secularization and Orientation

In 1988, German theologian Wolfhart Pannenberg published a fascinating and brief study that traced the concept of “secularization” and the Christian faith’s changing relationship to a world becoming increasingly “secular.” He intended to critique secularization as such with the hope of “a new definition of the relationship between religion and society. 1,605 more words


Symposium: Futures of Political Theology, June 2

Futures of Political Theology

Nomos / Demos / Pseudos

An International Symposium

2 June 2017 – Room PRJG0003 (Kingston University)

Speakers: Arthur Bradley | Ward Blanton… 407 more words


The Unhappy Ghost of American Identity: Hauerwas, Bannon and the 'Emptiness' of National Promise

Hauerwas and American Identity

For U.S. Christians, the election of Donald Trump has been the cause of a bitter war of words in and between Churches about the nature of the new administration. 3,427 more words

PhD Dissertation: "Faith, Hope, and the Poor: Theological Ideas and Moral Vision of Jean-Betrand Aristide" by Celucien L. Joseph

Here’s the dissertation abstract on Jean-Betrand Aristide I promised to share with you:


“Faith, Hope, and the Poor: Theological Ideas and Moral Vision of Jean-Betrand Aristide” by Celucien L. 455 more words