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Seattle is The Fairy Tale City of Heroin and Home Invasion

In the Kloss house, fairy tales play a large part in our ethical instruction[1]. Fairy tales play a large part in the relating of truth: generation to generation and culture to culture. 2,181 more words

Political Theology

Agamben and Schmitt: On The Problem of Sovereignty

The question of sovereignty is a hotly debated and studied one in political philosophy.  Sovereignty, traditionally, means the right to decide to kill; or, more benignly, the right to exercise control over mortality – the right to “decide on the exception.”  This is the universal definition of sovereignty and therefore sovereignty does not equate to “autonomy” or the freedom of human choice in a consumer sense. 2,198 more words

Political Theory

The Monopoly on Violence

The monopoly on violence is one of the key characteristics of modern public law, modern political philosophy, and is the famous definition of the modern state according to Max Weber in… 1,657 more words


Johannes Althusius on Husband and Wife

Althusius was a Reformed political philosopher writing at the dawn of the 17th century. He drew deeply from Aristotle and the Western natural law tradition. One of his most important emphases was on the family as the base of society, and subsequently federalism and subsidiarity. 284 more words

Household Economy

Modern Prophets

Walter Brueggemann was back in the Atlanta area this past month for a talk entitled “The Prophetic Imagination in the 21st Century”. The talk built upon one of his acclaimed books The Prophetic Imagination (1978, 2001). 696 more words

Political Theology

Political Theology in the Digital Age Part 1: Oikonomia and the Eclipse of Human Agency.

In the previous post I introduced the ideas of Carl Schmitt as a supplement to those of Eric Voegelin for talking about techno-politics. In this post I will be looking closely at some of the ideas which have been developed by others from Schmitt’s “political theology” approach in order to try to understand where we currently are, two decades into the once mythic “twenty-first century”. 5,948 more words

Two-Kingdoms Theology and Refugees

Bouncing off of R. Scott Clark’s excellent thoughts on the topic of asylum for refugees, I want to further explain some distinctions for the unacquainted: 413 more words