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Sub Specie Æternitatis

People forget that even an ideal realm with such sacred foundations as the Holy Roman Empire, with an emperor who was personally holy such as Henry II, still remains something this-worldly and earthly.

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The American Solidarity Party: Would Kuyper Vote for Them? 

This election cycle has forced a lot of Christians—myself included—to rethink their approach to politics from the ground up. While Hillary Clinton’s nomination by the Democratic Party didn’t come as much of a shock, this time last year I couldn’t have predicted that Donald Trump would emerge victorious from the Republican primaries. 1,403 more words


Special Issue of Religions

I have a new article out in a special edition of Religions edited by Michael Thate and Douglas Davies, on the theme Religion and the Individual: Belief, Practice, and Identity… 80 more words

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Paul the Apostle of Equality

Christian social and economic ethics does not fall neatly either on the left or the right of the political spectrum (obsolete as it arguably is anyway). 228 more words

After reading this piece in Christianity today, a few things stuck out to me.

One is that I have a serious and deep suspicion that many fellow disciples are lacking a coherent set of principles guiding their decisions about how to engage with society.

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'True Political Concepts': Engaging With Oliver O'Donovan, part 1

The church is adrift on the choppy seas of modern political discourse. To be sure, her members have their political opinions, but more often than not these are built on presuppositions about government that have never been analysed, and result in positions on policy that therefore cannot be theologically justified. 913 more words


Heathen Chinese at The Wild Hunt

So Heathen Chinese just said, I think, much of what I said yesterday but far more evocatively. Go take a look at “Against Leviathan.”

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