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Review: Political Visions and Illusions, by David Koyzis

David Koyzis, Political Visions and Illusions: A Survey & Christian Critique of Contemporary Ideologies (IVP Academic, 2003).

All humans long for redemption. We cannot escape the feeling that the world is not as it should be, and things need to be set right. 2,848 more words


From Culture War Burnout to Cultural Faithfulness

The question of Christianity and cultural faithfulness has been one of my most passionate and personal questions; it’s also one of the more contentious questions facing the American Church today. 1,370 more words


Force of God - Publisher's Description

 Publishing Details:

  • Columbia University Press
  • Pub Date: August 2015
  • ISBN: 978023117384
  • 208 Pages

From the publisher’s site: “For theorists in search of a political theology that is more responsive to the challenges now facing Western democracies, this book tenders a new political economy anchored in a theory of value. 264 more words

Carl Raschke

Political Theology: Theocracy

Behind the whole idea of Niebuhr’s Christ & Culture types (a brief overview of which can be read here) is the notion of some sort of interaction between faith and the public life — the idea of public theology.   909 more words

Public Theology

The Political Theology of Dorothee Soelle

No one can be saved alone.” (pg. 60)

I just finished reading Dorothee Soelle’s Political Theology. Here, Soelle interacts with Rudolf Bultmann’s existentialist/dialectical/demythologized project which simultaneously affirms God’s truth and deconstructs common Protestant readings of scripture through historical-criticism. 651 more words


Political analogies for the Trinity

I’m reading David Potter’s Constantine the Emperor, partly just for my own edification but partly as “deep background” for the Trinity project I’m beginning to think about considering planning. 390 more words

Christian Theology

Refugees, language, church and government

I’ve re-read an article which appeared in The Guardian on Saturday a few times now. The article was titled, Church attacks David Cameron’s lack of compassion over asylum crisis. 436 more words