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Every God wants to die: Belated reflections on Westworld

A thoughtful piece on an excellent show by Adam Kotsko at AUFS:

This is a show about the death of God, one of the most deeply theological shows I have seen. 179 more words

Every God wants to die: Belated reflections on Westworld

At the time that Westworld first aired, I wasn’t interested. I partly blame the marketing, which presented it as an anchor-style show on the scale of Game of Thrones — and the premise made it sound like it would be just as nihilistically exploitative as Game of Thrones as well. 973 more words


The New Odyssey (Kingsley)

Patrick Kingsley, The New Odyssey: The Story of the Twenty-First Century Refugee Crisis 

New York, NY: Liveright Publishing Corporation, 2017

Reviewed by Dale Pauls

Sometimes a book comes along that indelibly captures one of the great issues of our time. 1,313 more words



This divine power is not only attested by religious tradition but is also found in present-day life in at least one sanctioned manifestation. The educative power, which in its perfected form stands outside the law, is one of its manifestations.” –Benjamin, “Critique of Violence” 9,690 more words

Spring 2017

If you need a "way-in" to Latour's writing on religion....

Here is an excellent short introduction to the theology of Latour by the ever-wonderful John Reader: do check it out.

Bruno Latour

The Political Theology of Ecclesiastes

Why is the Teacher so depressed? When I was a teenager, the existential angst felt natural and obvious. Returning to the text as an adult who will be teaching it in class, I felt less secure. 468 more words

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