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Why Evangelicals are Drawn to the Alt-Right


With the denunciations of the Charlottesville “Unite the Right” protest beginning to subside and our attention turning to reflect on how we got here, I’d like to offer some thoughts on why some Christians, particularly evangelicals, are drawn to the alt-right, white nationalism, and even white supremacy. 1,428 more words

A Failure of American Christianity

James Cone makes the bold claim that the fundamental sin of the US is slavery and legacy of racism that has persisted throughout our history. The more I reflect on this claim in light of events of the last four years, such as Ferguson, Flint, Baltimore, and now Charlottesville, the more I’m convinced he’s right. 903 more words


Scam version of 'Church and State' advertised

I have a google alert for references to my book Church and State, which is self-published as my Master’s dissertation. This morning the alert tells me that “Virgin Virtual Group” is offering a download version. 339 more words

Church And State

Kierkegaard, Schmitt and Political Theology

Here’s a little article of mine, recently published, on the conception of the human self ‘coram deo’ with reference to the work of Kierkegaard. 125 more words

Bruno Latour

Calvinism and Democracy

In 2012 a group of scholars gathered at Princeton Theological Seminary for a conference titled, “Calvinism and Democracy.” The purpose of this conference was to reflect upon the neo-Calvinist legacy, to explore its theological roots, and to assess in what ways this tradition might provide resources for democratic criticism and renewal. 834 more words


How a Theology of Gift-giving influences Racial Reconciliation

Time sure flies! It’s been more than a month since my last blog post…

Fortunately (or unfortunately) this will be more of a social commentary than the last piece published on this blog. 1,051 more words


Doom's Law: Spaces of Sovereignty in Marvel's Secret Wars

In light of Joseph Trullinger’s posts on Agamben, Carl Schmitt, and political theology from the last two weeks, here is another piece by Neal Curtis along the same lines discussing the concept of sovereignty in Marvel’s 2015  119 more words