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Several Upcoming Thomistic Events

Three announcements for upcoming events centering on the thoughts of Thomas Aquinas (thanks to Edward Feser for making me aware of these).

First, the Albertus Magnus Center for Scholastic Studies is hosting a non-accredited summer seminar on “The Transcendent Christ: St. 127 more words


Over the last few decades the Star Wars films have been part of a burgeoning industry of ‘pop apologetics’ in Christian periodicals. The recurrent motifs of temptation, fall and redemption have led some to assume that Lucas’ vision of conflict in a galaxy, far, far away, relies on an intrinsically Christian anthropology. 2,195 more words


To read or to watch (and listen)?

Every book has a story. And many of the books that I like to read are the product of research and lectures done by various scholars over a period of time that eventually ends up becoming a book. 247 more words


Why ‘Political Theology’ is Really about the Spirituality of Aesthetics

‘Political theology’ at the end of 2015 names a crisis in governance and representation for countries shaped by a “Western” tradition of philosophy, religion, and politics. 2,077 more words

C.S. Lewis on the Paris Attacks

Many of us were struck by the events in the legendary city of Paris on Friday night. As Parisians settled into cafes, filed into theatre seats, and gathered by the tens of thousands at the soccer stadium, seven young men perpetrated six separate mass shootings and three suicide bombings. 1,709 more words

C.S. Lewis

Remembrance Day for Aliens and Strangers

Briercrest College Chapel November 9, 2015
Text: 1 Peter 2:11-17

It’s September 14, 1938, and my father is on ship somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. 3,603 more words


Eating together: A theology and politics of food

Even in my pre-teenage years, when I was becoming pre-occupied by religious art and music, I was conscious of the paintings which involved food. In Christianity, Christ was rarely alone with food in the icons and paintings that I saw; he was always with people. 834 more words