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Body Theology: Or Why Only Eucharistic Action Makes Us True to Ourselves

This post starts with a big claim: Good political theology involves doing body theology. To reflect on the theological significance of a polity means reflecting on what makes up a political community; not merely a priori individuals, but needful bodies, in need of care, love and shelter. 1,267 more words


The Church contra Echo Chamber

Nicolas Poussin
Echo and Narcissus, 1630
Oil on canvas

In his recently-published, and thoroughly insightful, conclusion to the Cultural Liturgies trilogy, theologian James K.A. Smith articulates a particularly-challenging (and surprising) précis for what a Christian political theology ought to be. 1,289 more words

Monday December 4, 2017

The good shepherd, whom I pause before to contemplate, appears as a better self, a majestic higher order. I stare at it fearfully, struggling to keep up as its visual-sensual-conceptual being grows, looms, enlarges, steals our breath, overwhelms us with its complexity. 301 more words

Why I write this blog


As a child I was political liberal. I bought into Al Gore(now I see his ideas the way I see his last name: Gore as in Blood and Gore) and his environmentalist rants. 902 more words

Political Theology

David Brooks on politics as a limited good

To fix politics, care more about other things. […]

It should be said that people on the left and on the right who try to use politics to find their moral meaning are turning politics into an idol.

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Political Theology

What does it mean to be an Apostolic Libertarian


Some people may be wondering how one could be an Apostolic and a Libertarian at the same time. This is a really complex thing to understand and it first necessitates explaining both parts of my ideology. 673 more words

Political Theology

Review: Choosing Donald Trump (2017)

Stephen Mansfield, who has authored a number of other works pertaining to the faith of political leaders, published Choosing Donald Trump in order to unpack Trump’s religious and spiritual heritage; Mansfield hopes further to tease out the larger place of faith in the culture during the years of Trump’s presidency (15). 488 more words