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The religious groups that peopled this country in the 17th and eighteenth centuries generally had well developed theologies of political engagement.  But few evangelicals in America today have such historical resources to draw from.  243 more words

The failure of evangelical political theology

I hesitate to write this, since I would readily accept the label of evangelical for myself, and the kind of thinking I describe is close to that of many whom I love and respect. 457 more words

Congratulation to Mr. Donald J. Trump, the Next President of the United States

In an earlier post I argued that God is the one who controls the course of world events.  He is the one who appoints and deposes governments.  90 more words


What Would Jesus Do on Election Day?

I think the question was meant sardonically. Or maybe the questioner already had an obvious answer to “What Would Jesus Do on Election Day?” For some, anyway, the answer is obvious: Jesus would vote for party A or candidate B because of reasons X, Y, and Z. 1,575 more words

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Nine Priorities for a Christian Politics

In my lecture in Richmond, VA a couple weeks ago on “What Does it Mean to be a Christian Citizen,” I pushed back against the idea that Christian politics was primarily a matter of particular Christian policies (see the previous two excerpts… 1,760 more words

Political Theology

Christian Politics as Neighbor-Love

In this post, I offer a second excerpt from my lecture at St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church in Richmond, VA on “What Does it Mean to Be a Christian Citizen?” You can read the full text and hear the full audio of the lecture at the  1,799 more words

Political Theology

Freedom From Fear as the Heart of Christian Politics

A week and a half ago, I was invited to give a lecture at St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church in Richmond, VA on “What Does it Mean to Be a Christian Citizen?” It was a great blessing to be hosted by such a thoughtful and engaged congregation, and a great opportunity to present in relatively-concise form many of the thoughts I’ve been pondering and researching the past few years about Christian political identity. 1,744 more words

Political Theology