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Alexander Gauland, February 13, 2020, Thüringen Election

Alexander Gauland

Thüringen Election

German Bundestag, February 13, 2020, Plenarprotokoll 19/146, pp. 18267-18268

[Alexander Gauland is a chairman of the AfD delegation in the German Bundestag. 979 more words

CFP: Diverse Families, One Law? University of Bern, Nov. 9-10, 2020 (deadline: Mar. 31, 2020)

Keynote: Elizabeth Brake

Today’s families differ widely in their form, internal organisation, lifestyle and values. At the same time, liberal states are in need of binding rules that serve to protect individuals’ and particularly children’s rights. 307 more words


Björn Höcke, January 13, 2020, Thüringen Election

Björn Höcke

Thüringen Election

AfD Kompakt, January 13, 2020

[Björn Höcke is the Alternative für Deutschland chairman in the eastern German state of Thüringen as well as chairman of the AfD delegation in the Thüringen legislature. 181 more words

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Weekly Links is a new segment where I share what I’ve been reading and other internet resources that I hope you find helpful. Please share your own links in the comments! 273 more words

Leadership Lessons with Aquinas and Machiavelli

By Olivia Rogers

This article was published in the Dec. 2019 edition of Live Ideas. View it HERE.

With a presidential election approaching, Americans are reflecting more than ever on what “American” leadership means. 2,214 more words


The Leviathan of Thomas Hobbes, Part V: Political Life and Society

In finishing the first part of Thomas Hobbes’s magisterial and path breaking work Leviathan, we are transitioning out of Hobbes’s anthropology and state of nature and toward the artificial construction that is the political.  1,905 more words