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FYI, The new normal: Threats of death/violence against GOP lawmakers

Hell unleashed on all non-Leftists

It appears as though verbal abuse, and/or violence is always just around the corner for many, no matter who they may be. 520 more words

Manchester: Is the new normal the targeting of teenage girls?

What will it take to stop the PC insanity that shields the truth regarding the Jihad against the West! These are not just attacks by lone wolves, disgruntled Muslims, or insane people. 855 more words

Cover-up Regarding The Seth Rich Affair Exploding

Warning: The Hidden Truth!

All doubts of MSM collusion with the “Powers That Be” for nefarious purposes designed to maintain the status quo are now erased. 1,200 more words

Repost: Ten US cases of refugee Islamic terror arrests/convictions

 Ann Corcoran: America’s watch dog on refugee resettlement

Includes many informative links
posted by Ann Corcoran on May 16, 2017Editor:  A reader asked me over the weekend for the statistics on refugees committing crimes. 1,186 more words

The coup against our lawfully elected chief executive ramps up

Many Americans could not stomach the election of the previous president. There were many questions regarding his qualifications, even down to whether or not he was really a citizen of this nation. 936 more words

Talk about Impeachable offenses, here are 25 good ones.

Why do we still talk about the former President? Because he is still very much around, active, and seditious. His OFA group is highly organized, focused, well funded and dangerous. 227 more words

Two Hypocritical Democrats with financial ties to Russia (how many more might there be?)

No one will ever see this news on the MSM! This revelation proves that the Leftists Democrats are not just simple hypocrites, but colluding, conniving, cowards completely hysterical over the fact that their own iniquities will be exposed. 1,037 more words