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Political Thought in Times of Crisis, 1640-1660 - Symposium, 1-3 Dec

Sponsored by the Folger Institute Center for the History of British Political Thought, Washington, US.

Was the mid-seventeenth-century crisis in Britain and Ireland essentially one aspect of a broader “global” crisis? 306 more words


Art, Photography, and Homophobia

Sometimes the theater of the absurd, current events that is, just gets to be too much and I have to comment. This time the issue is whether… 711 more words

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The Basis for the Theory of Evolution is A Faith-Based Religion, Too! Yay!

So the theory of evolution is accepted as fact at this point in the world, taught in schools, and propagated as the ONLY viable worldview that should be espoused by rational folk. 1,813 more words

Pokemon Go! Almost Got My Butt Kicked. A True Story.

I migrate every day into the greater Toledo area for work, church, shopping, and entertainment, but my home is located in a sleepy rural village in the Ohio countryside.   2,006 more words

Classical Liberalism and the Nation State

Barry’s response to my earlier post is another interesting read, yet it is also rather broad brush historical. I think he is erroneous if he claims that ‘it did not occur to classical liberals, on the whole, to question the state system as they knew it’. 926 more words


Reply to 'Classical Liberalism, Cosmopolitanism and Nationalism'

I write in reply to Edwin van de Haar’s post ‘Classical Liberalism, Cosmopolitanism and Nationalism’, which contains some generous remarks about my social media posts while putting forward a view different from my own about the role of the nation state. 1,693 more words

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{Review} From Under the Rubble - Solzhenitsyn

This collection features 11 essays written by Solzhenitsyn, Barabenov, A.B. Yehoshua, Shafarevich, Korsakov, Agursky and Borisov and was first published in English in 1975.

From Under the Rubble… 447 more words

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