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On the Difference between Hayek’s Road to Serfdom and Increasing Central Planning

Once, in another place, I had pointed out the misunderstandings of the common interpretation of Hayek’s road to serfdom thesis. This was not an unintended process by which government intervention on markets inevitably leads to further and increasing interventions. 307 more words

Political Thought

A short note on the Holy Roman Empire, "democracy," and institutions

At the heart of Europe […] lay a hugely complex and fragmented political entity which resisted the ‘modernizing’ trend of national state formation, and preserved medieval arrangements conceived as rooted in antiquity: the Holy Roman Empire.

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Minarchism, Anarchism, and Democracy: A Shared Challenge

Minarchism–basically as small a government as we can get away with–is probably the most economically efficient possible way to organize society. A night watchman state providing courts of last resort and just enough military to keep someone worse from taking over. 273 more words


The Frankfurt School on Authority and Family

Nuran Yıldırım

Middle East Technical University

Within social science, the terms ‘Frankfurt School’ and ‘Critical Theory’ evoke more than just the idea of a particular paradigm; they trigger memories of a string of names – starting with Adorno, Horkheimer, Marcuse and Habermas – and associations with the critique of culture, positivist dispute, and the student movement of the 1960s. 1,125 more words

Cultural Politics

Nazism: left or right?

One of the greatest controversies on the Brazilian internet these last few days was to define Nazism as either left-wing or right-wing. I even wrote something about it in Portuguese, and although I really tried my best not to be controversial, I was amazed by how divisive the issue seems to be. 576 more words

Current Events

WRS#3&4: Cultural Marxism, AI and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

It’s been more than two weeks since the last “weekly reading suggestions”, as I’ve been away volunteering in Calais, where following the eviction of “the Jungle” (the infamous unofficial refugee camp), more than 750 migrants are still currently sleeping the streets. 466 more words


Is Socialism Really Revolutionary?

A central feature of Karl Marx’s thought is its teleological character: the world walks inexorably towards communism. It is not a question of choices. It is not a question of individual decisions. 572 more words