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Is The Worst Yet To Come?

 The image above sums up the fascist, er, leftist viewpoint as to proper procedure for regaining their lost power. There is far more to the fueled chaos than the publicized upset of snowflakes and buttercups who need safe spaces and therapy to deal with their “PTSD”. 1,571 more words

The Top 10 Trump Myths That Fly In Face Of the Facts

Ah, the collective I.Q. Lies and smears seem to have a longer half life than nuclear waste, while the truth struggles to survive. Alleged sordid, scandalous behavior sells while the boring and sterile truth seems to lose life and withers on the vine. 1,974 more words

Democrats Under Cover

Hypocrisy on steroids:  
In the past, when the Intelligence Agencies countered some Democrat claims, the Dems excoriated them. Now due to recent reports, true or untrue, which besmirch Trump’s character, many in the party seem to be touting these bureaus as newly found best buddies. 426 more words

The Sanitizing of History

Martin Luther King, Jr.

When you stop and really think about it, it is remarkable that so radical a figure from the past would be celebrated with a federal holiday. 367 more words


What is Wrong with Income Inequality? Five Reasons to be Concerned

I sometimes part ways with many of my libertarian and classical liberal friends in that I do have some amount of tentative concern for income/wealth inequality (for the purposes of this article, the otherwise important… 2,084 more words


10 rules for radicals of the right

There has been an uprising of the citizenry and a reshaping of the body politic in the 2016 election. Whether the elites like it or not, they have only themselves to blame. 1,287 more words

Patchwork masterclass assessment

I know its Friday night – I should be out right? Apparently. That seems to be a thing. But I like Friday nights, because it’s a great time to be quiet while everyone else is out making noise. 524 more words