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Prentice has left room for the ascension of the Alberta Liberals or the Alberta Party that is if they take it.

… we should rise above such petty, narrow views, and look at the advantages that would accrue from our being a large, united, and free people.

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Alberta Liberal Party

สำรวจความคิดทางการเมืองของ Jacque Rancière: ว่าด้วยความขัดแย้งและความเสมอภาคทางการเมือง


“There is politics when there is a disagreement about what is politics, when the boundary separating the political from the social or the public from the domestic is put into question” 1,141 more words


Essay Series: 'From a Time of Ambiguity'

I am currently enrolled in an Essay Writing class that deals with creative nonfiction. Given that I am currently waiting to hear back from schools that I desire to transfer to, I am in a state of ambiguity. 53 more words

Christian Thought/Living

More on Liberty and Homer: Tacitus, Montesquieu, and Humboldt

As I have discussed before here, there is a way of writing about liberty in a conscious focus on political thought, which finds liberty to be emulated in some respect, going back at least to the first century Roman historian Tacitus. 888 more words


The Fraternity: Brotherhood is not Lost

I recently read ‘The Dark Power of Fraternities‘ by Caitlin Flanagan, an essay on Fraternity life in The Atlantic. While she doesn’t outright attack and tear apart fraternities, she does deeply question whether they should exist. 838 more words


Liberty and Homer

The ‘Expanding the Liberty Canon’ label is not adequate for some texts that ought to be discussed with regard to liberty, since they have something important to say about liberty, but even on an expanded inclusive definition cannot be said to put forward a case for liberty, certainly  not from the perspectives of classical liberalism, libertarianism, the liberty movement, or any other label for thinking which favours liberty understood as individual rights, markets, voluntary association, and rule of law over communalism, collectively directed distribution, state domination of society, and administrative rules. 1,024 more words


Whither the 'Liberty Canon' series, amongst other questions?

For those of you who have been wondering what happened to Dr Stocker’s posts here at NOL, the man has been busy:

Apologies for lack of blogging.

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