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AEM Europe and PCPE in Prague, April 21-24 2016

I have recently returned home from 4 days of Prague, Czech Republic, where I attended two conferences: Austrian Economics Meeting Europe and the Prague Conference on Political Economy. 1,127 more words


Vote Different. Be A Libertarian. Let Life Live

John McAfee’s latest political campaign ad is inspiring as it asks voters to vote libertarian. It is an homage to Apple’s “Think Different” ad as well as to individual freedoms, creativity and intellect. 104 more words


Quote #59: "... too absurd to last."

“Sometimes the best-educated people were those least inclined to take the Nazis seriously, dismissing them as too absurd to last.”

Sarah Bakewell,  At the Existential Cafe

Voter Participation: Something Has to Be Done

In California, 70% of eligible voters are registered, and 47% of those turned out in a recent election. Thus about a third of those who could vote do so. 315 more words

Current Events

Personal Reflections on Politics, Hypocrisy, and the 2016 American Elections

Considering the status of global affairs, it’s so easy to get discouraged. You turn on the news, and there is always something tragic and heart wrenching going on somewhere across the world. 182 more words

Political Thought

Reclaiming Conservative Foreign Policy

In these days when anyone writes something from a non-Right perspective they are being politically correct…..the fairly new buzzword for anyone that does not hold their point of view…….basically it is said before anyone responds in the hope of shutting down the conversation so they do not have to think of a reply. 274 more words


Advocate for Life.

I have no time to write these days, but here’s some ammo to use when the arguments against your pro-life worldview arise. The current political stances and arguments being used against advocates for the unborn are crocks of crap and born out of ignorance, and we have the intellectual ammo to destroy them into dust. 2,313 more words