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Paul Sigmund on Whether or Not John Locke was an Individualist

Thanks to the vast scholarship on Locke over the last half century and to the availability of so many original sources, we probably know more about Locke’s thinking than about the thought of any other great political philosopher.

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Free Will, Establishments, & Policies

Free will, establishments, and policies share a relationship that has been explored in many fictional books, such as Hunger by Knut Hamsun and 1984 by George Orwell. 603 more words


On Robots and Personal Identity

When I came across this documentary on robots and their ability to carry on a conversation between each other, the well-known ideas on the spontaneous emergence of language inevitably crossed my mind. 258 more words


William Cavanaugh on Market and State, Citizens United

H/T Tedmund Chan (Thomas International Center, Aristotelian-Thomists admininstrator)

Here is the Q&A session that followed:


From the Comments: Foucault's purported nationalism, and neoliberalism

Dr Stocker‘s response to my recent musings on Foucault’s Biopolitics is worth highlighting:

Good to see you’re studying Foucault Brandon.

I agree that nationalism is an issue in Foucault and that his work is very Gallocentric.

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What Do Russians Want?

It is clear that Americans and Russians attempting to understand each other on their own respective terms is a counterproductive effort, destined to lead to misunderstanding, misinterpretation and suspicion. 2,581 more words