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Reminder: it is the last day of Marxist Giveaway and a take-away

Today is the last day of the free book giveaway, click here if you are interested. I will do another giveaway whenever the system allows me to, so if you missed out on this giveaway. 518 more words

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American Greed Card

I earlier did a post on the how cities around America are increasingly focused on attracting foreign investors and attracting wealth. The attractiveness of an American green card is something that someone would die for. 376 more words

Political Thought

Political Coverage of Presidential Politics

I was recently teaching a state and local government class and touched on Daniel Elazar’s Political Culture.  One of his three political cultures in the United States is what he calls moralistic political culture, it posits that American’s become involved in politics in order to undertake the public good. 113 more words

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Why did Karl Marx's predictions happen to not come true?

Marx believed that the 19-century capitalism would develop into socialism in the future. Yet, that has not happened, so he is wrong. This assumption of him being wrong without how he got to his conclusion is a sad fact that every current Marxist holds, which I think most Marxist are wrong today. 474 more words


Can we trust America?

To extent we can trust America. It does provide us a certain type and amount of time for leisure. Mostly, it provides security and stability. Yet, how can we trust what it tells us and allows on the market, when one can lobby America to allow for anything. 283 more words

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The government's agenda is written with dollar bills

It is not a surprise that the American government’s agenda is written with dollar bills. This reflection can be clarified with the way how an issue needs a representative to line the pockets of government officials till they are filled. 193 more words

Political Thought

Where is Religion?

Religion is not that hard to spot in the United States. If it was a game of trying to locate it as where is waldo. It would be a very boring game because it is everywhere and apparent. 230 more words

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