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Great quotes by Joseph Stalin

Sometimes I like to read quotes by famous intellectuals and leaders. I believe it is a great way to learn one thing or two about several subjects, and specially the thought of said people. 618 more words



We argue that the world will change, there will be wars, climate change, factors beyond our control and yet somehow to myself it always looks the same. 693 more words


Why Populists Lose Elections

Populists, for instance, should not be confused with authoritarians and despots; they embrace the “democratic competition for power” instead of subverting it. Furthermore, populism “is not an ideology” but a political and moral rhetoric that pits ordinary people (noble victims) against elites (treacherously self-serving).

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Post-Factual Politics

We are lead to believe that we are currently living in a ‘post-factual’ political society, given what people now vote for this we can easily believe this premise.  1,463 more words


The Coming Anti-National Revolution

The next revolution will not abolish the consequences of place of birth, but the privileges of nationhood will be tempered. While the rise in anti-immigrant sentiment around the world today seems to point in the opposite direction, the sense of injustice will be amplified as communications continue to grow. 12 more words


Some afterthoughts on Rio Paralympics

Paralympics are over, and with them the cycle of Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Once again the city was able to put up a good show, and thankfully all went well in the Cidade Maravilhosa. 964 more words

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