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'From a Time of Ambiguity' (Fourth and Final Entry): 'On Literature and Politics'

My name is Rodion Romanovich Raskolnikov, a Russian living in the nineteenth century on the verge of destitution, and I have just murdered a rotten old pawnbroker and her loving sister. 3,455 more words


From the Footnotes: Race, Nationality, and Empire

We have more to say than space allows about ‘race’ and ‘community’ as an imperial organizing category, especially in the British Empire, and about complex transformations and incongruities in decolonization as plural, hierarchical fields of multiply ‘races’ and ‘communities’ were constituted into new nation-states.

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Political Thought

Stop the American buyout

I had seen articles after articles about how contribution money is buying influence in government. This creates a lack of faith and disapproval for the government. 177 more words


Dear America, If You think Baltimore is Bad, You Just Wait and See

But let’s think about this, what is our ultimate goal? To be heard, to change the system, and to create a country that is inclusive, and one that is accountable to the needs of all it’s people, right? 1,171 more words

American Blackness

'From a Time of Ambiguity': 'On Brittain' (Entry Three)

Blake and Julia Schwarz stand next to the brand new, white crib, staring at their beautiful baby boy, Brittain. They gaze into his blue eyes and run their fingers through his soft, blonde hair. 2,003 more words

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Harrington, Commonwealth of Oceana, and A System of Politics (Expanding the Liberty Canon): First of Two Parts

James Harrington (1611-1677) was synonymous with the idea of democracy in Britain for centuries, but is not much read now beyond the ranks of those with strong interest in seventeenth century British history or the history of republican thought. 891 more words