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Whatever makes you feel good, podnah.

You knew this had to be coming.

For what it’s worth, from Ole Miss to Steve Spurrier, there isn’t a coach or a program in the SEC that wants to be linked to the Confederate flag nowadays.  81 more words

SEC Football

Friday morning buffet

Here’s something to help fuel you through the last working day of the week:

Georgia Football

In today's edition of "I didn't think it was possible"

Illinois Rep. Bobby Rush manages to make me feel defensive for the NCAA.

“In my mind, the NCAA is the last plantation in America,” Rush said.

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Political Wankery

Herschel Walker and antitrust law

I remember what a kick in the nuts it was to hear the news that Herschel was leaving for the USFL, but for some reason, I didn’t remember… 958 more words

It's Just Bidness

'I’ve been in sports all my life, and I like the underdog.'

If you need more proof that “prudent government” is an oxymoron, the Utah Legislature has allocated $1.5 million in public funds to Utah State so the school can pay for its COA stipends. 16 more words

Political Wankery

When football fans make laws

I’ve already mentioned my lack of appreciation for the so-called “Todd Gurley bill” that Governor Deal just signed into law.  But I thought I’d add one last little tidbit about how dumb this whole thing is and will be. 341 more words

Crime And Punishment

Two can play the lobby Congress game.

The NCAA is spending money in Washington, preparing for the day when it asks for an antitrust exemption.  The big argument you can expect it to make about why it needs the protection will be about the academic mission. 269 more words