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Ah, Jesus.

C’mon, Jerry Falwell, Jr.  Can’t you keep politics out of college football?

Political Wankery

Roll, Bravos!

Well, this is a beaut.

The truly great thing about this is that he didn’t even manage to use the right font for the “A”. 28 more words

Political Wankery

“The most important point for me to be there is after the fact.”

If you’re a US Congressman, there will always be another hurricane affecting your district for you to lavish with your undivided attention, but a Georgia game at Notre Dame Stadium?  16 more words

Georgia Football

“Travis knows he can make the most money possible by criticizing ESPN...”

I’m the last person who thought it was possible to feel sympathy for the WWL, but Clay Travis seems bound and determined to prove me capable of it.  Sheesh, what a dick.

It's Just Bidness


I can only begin to imagine the shitstorm that would entail from this:

What would happen if a star college football player, particularly at a high-profile school in the deep South, wore a Black Lives Matter shirt during warmups or used a postgame media session to talk about police brutality and racial profiling rather than the game?

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College Football

First they came for the football events...

Hard to believe this wound up being a minor story on the day.

White supremacy protests in Charlottesville, Virginia forced the cancellation of Virginia fall sports’ Meet the Team event and a movie night at Scott Stadium.

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College Football

'Well, we're getting a lot of pressure from LSU.'

There’s closing the borders and then there’s Coach O doing what it takes to keep the out-of-state coaching hordes out of Louisiana.

Two sources with knowledge of the discussions told ESPN.com that LSU threatened to never again schedule Southeastern Louisiana for a nonconference game in the future if the Lions conducted the camp with those out-of-state schools present.

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