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No thugs in our house

As cynical as I am about the need for a campus carry law, I have to admit I never thought of this scenario.

There are still uncertainties with the law such as if guns would be permitted inside the football locker room in the Butts-Mehre building.

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“But the sensationalism of the discussion is quite disturbing to me.”

By now, I assume most of you are aware that Governor Deal has signed the campus carry law.  As usual, you can’t count on the General Assembly to pass something coherently written, and there is already… 456 more words

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Today, in bungled metaphors

Regardless where you find yourself on the political scale, you ought to recognize this as the kind of moronic quote you get from politicians who don’t follow sports closely, but try to act like they do. 27 more words

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Speaking only for themselves

In a unique twist on the old saw about it’s what’s on the front of the jersey that matters, not the back, LSU advises its student-athletes of its support for them to publicly express their opinions regarding the Alton Sterling case — … 16 more words

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It's nice to have a hobby.

West Virginia citizens must be relieved to know their state is in such good shape that its governor has plenty of time to strong arm Marshall University into hiring one of his buddies to be its football coach. 134 more words

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This'll teach 'em!

Hell hath no fury like a North Carolina legislator forced to back down from political pandering.

North Carolina lawmakers file bill that would pull #UNC…

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