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Playing the ponies

You may have thought that North Carolina, being in the South and the ACC, would be a place where football and basketball were placed about all other sporting events, but according to one of its leading politicians, … 189 more words


Clear baggin' and tea baggin', just another day in Gawd's Conference

Judging from the emails I’ve received and the comments I’ve seen splashed across the Intertubes, I gather plenty of you have heard the news already about… 834 more words

SEC Football

North Carolina, Mark Emmert says hi.

From the neighboring state of South Carolina, which is now back in the NCAA’s good graces after ditching the Confederate flag:

Without legislative action, then, North Carolina — a regular stop for the N.C.A.A.

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Flushing out the NCAA

A North Carolina legislator has had enough of organizations reacting to the state’s bathroom bill, by Gawd, and is ready to do something about it. 325 more words


"This is why people are frustrated with the federal government, right here."

An alert reader put me onto this:  somebody in Gainesville got carried away with the local high school color scheme.

Gainesville is being threatened with the loss of federal transportation funding because of the color scheme used for the newly-erected street sign honoring Gainesville High School graduate DeShaun Watson.  

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Political Wankery

“Two words -- Donald Trump.”

According to Dennis Dodd, Tommy Tuberville is thinking about running for governor of Alabama.


Maybe he could urge passage of a law requiring the state to recognize Auburn’s 2004 national championship.

Political Wankery

“We’re putting the cart before the horse when we pay a coach more than a teacher in the classroom.”

If you were serious about that, random Alabama legislator, you’d be aiming your bill at state universities, too.  Those markets ain’t gonna un-free themselves, you know.

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