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“Two words -- Donald Trump.”

According to Dennis Dodd, Tommy Tuberville is thinking about running for governor of Alabama.


Maybe he could urge passage of a law requiring the state to recognize Auburn’s 2004 national championship.

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“We’re putting the cart before the horse when we pay a coach more than a teacher in the classroom.”

If you were serious about that, random Alabama legislator, you’d be aiming your bill at state universities, too.  Those markets ain’t gonna un-free themselves, you know.

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In for a penny, in for a pound

Hell, if the Trump administration can make room for Ian McCaw’s new boss, why not offer a spot to his old one?

Might as well complete the trifecta and bring Art Briles on board.  8 more words

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"The NCAA has changed and it's a business."

I doubt this goes anywhere quickly, but two Connecticut legislators have proposed a bill that would create a “athletic protection commission” to monitor and enforce the safety for all NCAA athletes in the state. 168 more words

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"This bill has nothing to do with the current investigation at Ole Miss – nothing."

Gridiron Now posts an interview with the doofus… er, Mississippi legislator… who’s pitching a bill that would fine the NCAA $10,000 a day for every day an investigation lasts past a year. 131 more words


Making Friday nights great again

I’m not sure how this proposed law would work, since the schools don’t control conference scheduling…

Iowa House File 86 from this morning will get some…

30 more words
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Obvious political wankery is obvious.

Gee, who could have expected that a former Ole Miss football player who’s now a state legislator is introducing a bill aimed at NCAA investigations… 173 more words