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The Lord giveth.

Remember this minor kerfuffle over Richt’s brother-in-law?  A real threat to the Republic, that was.

Welp, Casey Cagle’s using it to raise money to run for governor. 103 more words

Georgia Football

PAWWWLLL, Jeb ain't played Alabama.

It always amuses me when politicians think they can get away with stuff like this.

SEC Football

Be careful what you wish for, coaches.

My theory about how coaches feel about the issues roiling the NCAA and schools right now – primarily amateurism and unionization – is that the coaches don’t oppose the players’ interests out of a lack of sympathy (Dabo Swinney’s “they’re lucky to be here” attitude notwithstanding), so much as they don’t relish the potential threat to their control resolution of these issues might pose. 264 more words

It's Just Bidness

Monday morning buffet

Don’t tell me you’re full.

  • Damn, people.  I know your mammas raised you better than this.
  • The commissioners don’t like fantasy football, so they’ve decided to do… …
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Georgia Football

"Eleven in the morning? I'm not even done throwing up by then."

An Alabama state legislator, bless his heart, offered a state Senate resolution to encourage college football teams to stop scheduling games with kickoffs before noon. 79 more words

Political Wankery


I can’t say I’m a big fan of Marco Rubio, but he’s right about FSU fans getting righteously indignant about him doing a little trash talking on sports radio. 67 more words

Political Wankery