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Old times there were not forgotten.

Not that anyone in the SEC negatively recruits or anything, but if I were chasing a prospect who was interested in Ole Miss, I’d damned sure put… 7 more words

SEC Football

Everybody loves a winner.

Hey, I thought we weren’t supposed to be mixing politics and sports.

A few decades ago, Georgia candidates would throw barbecues and fish fries to entice crowds, but these days the promise of a free meal isn’t as tempting.

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Georgia Football

"Marge, get me our Congressional lobbyist on the phone. Right now."

Buried in the tax bill introduced in Congress today is a provision guaranteed to send chills up and down the body of every athletic director and school president in America. 37 more words

College Football

Shelley Meyer is pointed to and stared at.

You had to know letting yourself get painted into a corner equating Colin Kaepernick and Aaron Hernandez wouldn’t be a good look.

Bless your heart.  Maybe the next time your hubby warns about… 24 more words

Political Wankery

And here we go...

I’m not surprised that several University of New Mexico football players knelt during the national anthem at halftime of their game against Air Force, becoming the first college football players to do so. 235 more words

Political Wankery

Friday morning buffet

If you’ve got an appetite, dig in.

Georgia Football

“Stick to sports.”

To belabor a point I made in my previous post about Trump, the NFL and the national anthem (something that’s been largely ignored in the debate in the comments here), many of you who make the complaint in the header ignore… 201 more words

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