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Greatest Southern conservative crisis ever?

Boy, now here’s a tough call:  Louisiana’s governor warns his constituents that if state government can’t solve its serious fiscal problems, “… you can say farewell to college football next fall.” 14 more words

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“This is a game of skill...”

Here’s something that may be worth keeping an eye on:  in a world that’s grown increasingly hostile to the fantasy sports business model, a bill introduced in the Georgia legislature is proposing to swim against the tide. 306 more words

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Not funny, man.

When people say the terrorists hate our way of life and our freedoms, this must be what they’re talking about:

Iowa’s three state universities would be prohibited from cooperating with Stanford University until Stanford officials publicly apologize to Iowans for “unsporting behavior” by the school’s marching band during the Jan.

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You don't stay rich spending your own money.

Sheldon Adelson proposes building a $1.2 billion domed stadium for UNLV football, requiring a mere two-thirds of the cost to be covered through public funding. 94 more words

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If you deplore the wussification of football...

… then you need to vote, my fellow Americans.  Because Donald Trump will make football great again.

After talking about Iraq, he segued onto the topic of the NFL, with playoff games on his mind.

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Hey, legislators are sports fans, too!

When you see the phrase “include a bunch of loopholes” used to describe a recently passed law, you pretty much know what’s coming next.

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