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College lives matter?

Interesting quote here:

Washington State receiver Gabe Marks provided a thoughtful response when asked why there are fewer college football players involved in the protest movement started by Colin Kaepernick.

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College Football

Gun Owners' lives matter.

Really, this is just awesome.  Damned control freak head coaches…

SEC Football

"A school decision"

It’s an ugly storm, and I don’t wish for anything bad on anyone who has to deal with the effects of it, but I can’t help but wonder about karma when you hear… 506 more words

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You can't spell shitstorm without... well...

If you think it’s a trifle sad South Carolina can’t make a decision about what to do with the Georgia game, make sure you check out what’s going on to our south, where nobody in the state of Florida seems to know how to handle Saturday’s game with LSU. 96 more words

Gators, Gators...

Meet "the athletics director of Congress".

Texas Republican Rep. Roger Williams has found another way to bring his love of sports to his work in Congress — this time teaming up with Alabama Democratic Rep.

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For some people, running a football conference is just like Sesame Street.

Fer Gawd’s sake, man, show a little dignity here.

Texas LT Gov @DanPatrick on if @Big12Conference doesn't expand: "They oughta change the name to the Confused 10." …

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