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Freedom's just another word.

It shouldn’t be much of a surprise that as the NCAA was willing to wade into the murky waters of Confederate flagdom, it’s now preparing to take a stand on… 278 more words


Who you gonna believe, me or those lying documents?

I’m not sure what I like best about this AP story on the UAB memos, that the university president thinks the old story line still works despite printed evidence to the contrary, or that the state legislator who’s calling for his head runs a Rivals Web site dedicated to UAB sports. 6 more words

Political Wankery

The death knell of amateurism?

Honestly, in my lifetime, I can’t recall an US President as interested in the framework of college athletics as the current occupant of the White House.   435 more words


“The most important bill of the session, is it not?”

I haven’t said much about the Todd Gurley bill, the one that would criminalize people who lead college athletes into behavior that jeopardizes their NCAA eligibility, winding its way through the Georgia legislature because: 300 more words

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Pay for play isn't socialism.

But states giving schools money so that they can pay for cost of attendance stipends to aid in recruiting is.  (h/t)

It's Just Bidness

Must (Ess Eee) See TV

By the way, make sure you read the second story in the piece about LSU football to which I just posted the link.  It’s the quintessential story of financial life at P5 schools in today’s South. 366 more words

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Thursday morning buffet

Perhaps you’ll find something nourishing here.

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