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Laremy Tunsil in an election year: you knew somebody would have to go there.

And that somebody is Chris Christie, pandering away.

Christie saw the video of offensive tackle prospect Laremy Tunsil apparently smoking marijuana sometime in the past through a gas mask bong, which apparently got him really, really high.

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Political Wankery

It's more fun to spend when nobody's watching.

You want to know why a school might want to change a state’s pesky Open Records law?  Read through this story about what the University of Illinois spent on its search for a new athletic director – the search only, mind you – and you’ll get an idea. 88 more words

It's Just Bidness

Race to the bottom

Nathan Deal is all in on Senate Bill 323.

Our AJC colleague Dan Chapman asked him Wednesday why he signed Senate Bill 323, which allows the athletic departments at UGA, Georgia Tech and other state colleges to wait 90 days before responding to Open Records Act requests.

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Political Wankery

It's not Kirby's Law: today's lesson in civics

If you want to get a taste of what’s really behind Georgia’s new Open Records law (hint:  it ain’t recrootin’), start by taking a look at… 586 more words

Georgia Football

Nick Saban never had a law named after him.

Raise your hand if you thought an early distraction in Kirby Smart’s career would be him spending time denying his role in the passage of a state law on records disclosure.

Georgia Football

Don't cross the streams.

The most inevitable thing you’ll see today about Georgia football…

UGA Police made the arrests. Filed an open records request for incident report. Curious to see turnaround time…

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Georgia Football

Today, in great moments in journalism

Okay, it may not be Woodward and Bernstein, but, honestly, you’ve gotta give Marc Weiszer a major tip of the cap for using an open records request to get the details on Kirby Smart’s day lobbying the state legislature to change the open records law.  I love it.

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