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Conservation of Natural Resources, Biodiversity and Ecosystems.

There is much to do when it comes to rebuilding and protecting what’s left of our natural resources and the biodiversity within our ecosystems.

Our natural resources can be described as the materials or substances occurring in nature which can be exploited for economic gain, and are usually nonrenewable. 301 more words


Soil Health


Soil is the network of interacting living organisms within the earth’s surface layer which support life above ground. 370 more words

Development Perspectives

Political will or ill-will: The case for "Population" in Pakistan

The rapidly growing population in Pakistan, and its horrible consequences have been known & articulated by all the stakeholders including especially the Government and donors, besides the civil society.   754 more words


‘Brexit’ and the UK Labour party.

The EU referendum, rather than being a democratic act, was a dishonest political manoeuvre by former Tory prime minister, David Cameron, ostensibly to resolve longstanding internal divisions within his party re the EU. 595 more words

America Burning

Okay, seriously.

In the last several months, my life has been strangely on hold in a sort of suspended animation as I became progressively more obsessed with the news, especially national political news. 947 more words


Let There Be Light

Deepawali, the festival of lights is just round the corner. It ritualistically begins with cleansing. Every household gets busy with this annual cleaning frenzy to rid abodes of months of dust, cobwebs, dirt, grime and filth that go nearly unnoticed, until now. 691 more words

Civil Society

Commentary: Political Will & the Professionalization of Politics

Here’s a recently overheard remark in conversation with a City of Victoria elected official—“There’s no political will on Council.”

What does this mean?  And is it true? 758 more words

Civic Affairs Commentary