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Governor Gerry Gains Ground

On this date in 1812, the Boston Gazette publishes a political cartoon that coins the term “gerrymander.” Gerrymander refers to the practice of establishing oddly shaped electoral districts designed to help incumbents win reelection. 30 more words

Publishing History

“Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death!”

On this date in 1775, Patrick Henry gives his famous “Give me liberty or give me death!” speech, which many historians credit as convincing the Second Virginia Convention to send troops into the Revolutionary War.

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Royally Indulged

On this date in 1672, Charles II of England issued the Royal Declaration of Indulgence, extending religious freedom to Roman Catholics and Protestant nonconformists in his realms.


Background Checks

One of America’s top security concerns this year has been focused on refugees, and the background checks they undergo. I agree that we need better background checks in America. 1,191 more words


"The Fire Next Time" by James Baldwin

“…[T]he terms ‘civilized’ and ‘Christian’ begin to have a very strange ring,
particularly in the ears of those who have been judged to be neither civilized nor Christian, … 553 more words


Small Grenades: Writing and Politics

by Sydney Lea

Who knows what the presidency of a self-regarding, mendacious, and abysmally ill-informed martinet bodes?

For the moment, however, most of us are lucky enough not to live in a system such as the old USSR’s, say, in which—as Joseph Brodsky once said in a journal I edited—merely to describe a flower accurately felt like a political act. 863 more words