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"The Fire Next Time" by James Baldwin

“…[T]he terms ‘civilized’ and ‘Christian’ begin to have a very strange ring,
particularly in the ears of those who have been judged to be neither civilized nor Christian, … 553 more words


Small Grenades: Writing and Politics

by Sydney Lea

Who knows what the presidency of a self-regarding, mendacious, and abysmally ill-informed martinet bodes?

For the moment, however, most of us are lucky enough not to live in a system such as the old USSR’s, say, in which—as Joseph Brodsky once said in a journal I edited—merely to describe a flower accurately felt like a political act. 863 more words


Old History, New Leaders

I find, reading Howard Zinn’s “A People’s History of the United States“, that the idea of the “1%” existed long before the Occupy Wallstreet movement.  1,216 more words


“The Great Internet Sex Panic Act of 1995”

On this date in 1996, the Communications Decency Act was signed. The act, also called the “Great Internet Sex Panic Act of 1995,” was the US Congress’s first notable attempt to regulate pornography on the Internet.

Publishing History

British Women Win the Vote on This Date

On this date in 1918, British women over 30 win the right to vote.


Gerrymandering and the Death of Our Democracy

If you’re a political junkie you know how bad gerrymandering is. It distorts fair representation. It allows unpopular policies and parties to dominate our political system, but it’s worse than that. 124 more words

Creativity of Desperation

We will soon be volunteering to lead a book club in a maximum security prison regularly. There are over 2,000 men in the castle shaped building where we are looking to learn more about the prison system in America, and hopefully give the inmates a little bit of their humanity back with books and conversation. 1,377 more words