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Inauguration Migraine

I’m at the end of my second day of a migraine. It’s subsided a little bit which is how I’m sitting in front of a bright screen with feeling like dying. 603 more words

Lorca the Marginal on the Marginal

by Matthew Landrum

I read on a panel at Signal-Return letterpress in Detroit during banned books week this October. Taking a step beyond banned books, the panelists were asked to read work about or translated from authors who had been imprisoned, exiled, or killed. 417 more words


NYC Midnight Madness, Flash Fiction Challenge Part 2

I did really well in the first round of the Flash Fiction Challenge. I got 9 points. 60 people or so in the group and I got the 7th place. 1,108 more words

Literature Reviews

A Gish Gallop of Awful

The last few day of Trump news has been a Gish Gallop of awful. A Gish Gallop is a debate technique where a creationist overwhelms a debate with a long list of refutable points, so that it’s impossible to address each point.  331 more words

The Blame Game 2016. A poem.

I couldn’t sleep last night. The turmoil that has been 2016 spun angry vortexes in my head through the wee hours. After a couple of hours of fitful sleep, I realised I had to write myself out of this funk. 463 more words


Trump, Corruption, and Ineptitude

Should we be happy if Trump turns out to be just an especially corrupt Republican? On one hand that isn’t the worst case scenario, the worst being that he’s an actual totalitarian who will usurp power, villainize a minority group or two as scapegoats for his failing policies, and then use state violence to suppress or eliminate them. 390 more words