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The New Political Evil

What can be done when a form of mass insanity has become the new signal of virtue? When to oppose is to be evil, because that which deserves opposing has defined itself as the charitable and fair? 195 more words


The Securitization of terrorism

Below is a copy of my dissertation, submitted as part of my politics and international relations degree.


Political Writing

POLICY PROPOSAL - Turkey’s reliance on fossil fuels and natural gas imports.

The following document was submitted as a piece of assessed coursework contributing to my first class degree in Politics and International Relations.


Political Writing

The Tireless Work of Rebecca Solnit: "Men Explain Things To Me" and "Hope in the Dark"

“To hope is to gamble. It’s to bet on the future, on your desires, on the possibility that an open heart and uncertainty is better than gloom and safety. 836 more words


"Prisoners of Geography" by Tim Marshall

“The land on which we live has always shaped us. It has shaped the wars, the power, politics and social development of the peoples that now inhabit nearly every part of the earth. 483 more words


When political passions get heated in a free society, individuals writing for government agencies can find the mere act of posting information challenging. While I’ll provide examples below, the short version of my advice is: “Write what the party/person in charge says, but don’t alienate the opposition.

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I Made an Anger Painting Without Hurting Anyone


Not too long ago at a poker night excuse to drink beer I was stuck in argument with an economist friend of mine about the U.S. 919 more words