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I Made an Anger Painting Without Hurting Anyone

Not too long ago at a poker night excuse to drink beer I was stuck in argument with an economist friend of mine about the U.S. 918 more words

Unpacking White Saviorism

How White and Western society’s desire to help can do more harm than good

Driving out to the city’s suburbs, I attended a meeting at a wealthy, predominately white church around the concept of “white saviorism.” Walking in I was not expecting these suburbanites to be up to speed on social justice lingo and activism, however, I was pleasantly surprised to find radical feminists in the room nursing their babies at the table while they talked about decolonization and ending the culture of white supremacy in the US. 1,494 more words


"Look" by Solmaz Sharif

It matters what you call a thing: Exquisite a lover called me.

Whereas Well, if I were from your culture, living in this country… 253 more words


Wasted Votes?

Written for The Green Party | Published 22/05/15 | http://sheffieldgreenparty.org.uk/2015/04/22/wasted-votes/

We see it so often – regular voters wary of a party they don’t want in power, therefore choosing to vote for their most preferred of the larger parties. 328 more words


The Power of Words: The Role of Media in British Elections

Well, well, well. Who predicted that one then? I must admit, it was the best that any of us with left-leaning politics or sympathies could have hoped for under the circumstances. 1,129 more words


"Black Moses" by Alain Mabanckou (translated by Helen Stevenson)

“ was our moral compass, the spiritual father of all us children who’d never known their biological father, and whose only example of paternal authority came at best from the priest, and at worst from the Director of the orphanage. 469 more words