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From The Poet's Desk Part II: Field Report

In my last post I pondered ideological implications of a Beaverton ban on overnight car camping. Since the council vote on that ordinance is TBD after the… 2,687 more words

Political Writing

My laptop is overwhelmed

Today my laptop is overheating
sucked in the deafening noise,
his memory’s corrupt
by a detached voice
impersonating its code, deepening
into the core
of our infected identities. 23 more words

From The Poet's Desk - & I'm Thankful To Have One

Beaverton, OR: This May Day, my city resolved to affirm that Black & Brown Lives Matter in our community. Poets often sit with a word or phrase for hours, considering its aptness; with this resolution, city staff, leaders, police, the… 1,662 more words

Political Writing


To be the victor atop a mount of
Dead. That is no victory at all
But a mirror.
The hawks of war circle above
With the vultures crying from the cliffs. 59 more words


​Public Support for Scientific Research


In a world of misinformation, the importance of science and its facts are paramount. Whether it be scientific research discovering a cure for cancer or teachers using the scientific method to give our future leaders critical problem-solving skills, science cannot continue to help propel our world to a better future without public support. 3,359 more words

Political Writing

Comparative Analysis of Elite Consensus and Democratization after the Arab Spring   


In 1969, the Soviet Red Army occupied Prague, ending Czechoslovakian hopes of consolidating the liberal reforms achieved during the Prague Spring. In response to Soviet oppression and normalization, Jan Palach set himself ablaze in Wenceslas Square. 6,809 more words

Political Writing