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A Call to Action: Teach Your Students How to Write to Unite

Throughout the making of America, as we know it, political writing has helped unite people.

Political writing has allowed individuals to affect the development of an entire nation. 218 more words

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The Need for Peace in the Middle-East

It was one of those nights where for some inexplicable reason I just could not sleep. It may have been the heat but it surely wasn’t over eating or late caffeine in-take. 535 more words

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Why is Trump A Working-Class Hero?

I never like it when people start referring to a politician or a set of people as idiots. Rarely does a person get to such heights without some sass or intelligence. 668 more words

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Milton's Defense Suppressed

On this date in 1660, Britain’s Charles II issued a proclamation to suppress John Milton’s polemical propaganda entitled┬áDefensio pro Populo Anglicano (Defense of the English People).


When Ghandi Met Theresa May

When Ghandi walked to the sea and started to make salt it was a defiant gesture that hit the British where it hurt. If it continued it would have caused problems and a loss of profit for the establishment. 403 more words

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Book Review - Two Caravans

Two Caravans by Marina Lewycka, also published under the much less boring title Strawberry Fields, tells the stories of a group of seasonal agricultural workers, primarily an idealistic young Ukrainian aspiring author named Irina, who all find themselves working at the same strawberry farm in Kent. 581 more words


The Pursuit of Happiness is killing us...

These days Happiness clubs are springing up all over the place and if you object then you are just another Mr Scrooge. Ruining the planets chance to march towards enlightenment on a big bubble of smiles. 423 more words

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