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राजनीति का Board Exam

The largest democratic exercise in the world will reach its conclusion on the 19th of May – when the final 10 of the 90 crore Indians voters will cast their vote. 1,409 more words

Political Writing

The Followers of the (climate) Apocalypse

This Article was published first on Backbench, the Award winning current affairs blog.

The idea of a doomsday, apocalypse or rapture has existed throughout human history in one form or another. 875 more words

Political Writing

Why I Write

There are many reasons for someone to write. They might enjoy writing they might want to convey a message through the written word; they might love stories; or possibly something else. 2,765 more words

Favorite Quotes: Christopher Hitchens - Why Orwell Matters

Introduction: The Figure

“This is not a biography, but I sometimes feel as if George Orwell requires extricating from a pile of saccharine tables and moist hankies; an object of sickly veneration and sentimental overpraise, employed to stultify schoolchildren with his insufferable rightness and purity.” 1,928 more words

Dear Proletarians

Dear Proletarians,

You are being exploited!

Many of you have probably been told at some point in your life that you can be successful and have lots of money if you worked hard enough. 664 more words

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Current Society and Human Decency

It was a video about anarchist ways of thought, which I watched a sometime around mid-November, that initially introduced me to anarcho-communism as a concept. The YouTuber who created the video is named Emericain Johnson, also referred to as Non-Compete in online circles. 2,438 more words

Social Topics

Severance from Nature- The original sin of power, politics, and manipulation

An article written for the new philosopher competition on the subject: ‘power, politics, and manipulation’. It examines why the view that humanity sits outside/above the natural order has vast implications for the ways we relate to one another on a social, economic and political level. 1,219 more words

Political Writing