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The Enemy Within

The right-wing media seem to be getting more and more obscure in their hatred of ordinary people. Yesterday’s overwhelming win by Jeremy Corbyn by an even bigger majority than last speaks volumes. 370 more words


No trump matters

#NoTrumpsMatter Movement Grows As Election Approaches – https://wp.me/p2Roz8-46U


Almost Sunrise and a machete

Good Morning Ted and Jody:

I got up yesterday morning and checked my smartphone for the weather.  It said, cloudy.  I went outside to see the weather app had lied—it was clear with a sky full of moon and stars.   838 more words


I Think I Know Why Trump Does Not Release Tax Returns

Come on, take a wild guess!

He does not pay any taxes, that’s why!

It would not look good on the résumé, would it?

But come on, Donald, there is nothing to be ashamed about. 55 more words


Resolving Cauvery Dispute

I am writing this blog to propose possible solution in detail steps to resolve Cauveri Water dispute. This i am doing by the wisdom i have so any critics i welcome to correct me anytime. 405 more words


Thwimpie - A Spoiled Brat named Little Donnie Thwimp

A Voyage Into Sound Symbolism by George Lakoff

As strange as it may sound, the sound symbolism of a name has become an unnamed central issue in the 2016 presidential campaign. 2,750 more words


FBI gave at least partial immunity to 5 Clinton aides

From: americanthinker.com,  by Rick Moran,  on Sep 24, 2016

The weekly document dump by the FBI has turned up some startling information.  The Bureau granted at least partial immunity to five Hillary Clinton aides who were key players in the private email scandal now roiling the Clinton campaign. 696 more words