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The Grace of Kings by Ken Lui

“He was like a seed still tethered to the withered flower, just waiting for the dead air of the late summer evening to break, for the storm to begin.” 366 more words


Let It Be?

The Middle East has problems. Should we be involved?

First of all, things tie into each other. We have the Middle East, which is in a desperate situation, we have Europe, which is being afflicted by the Middle East’s desperate situation, and then, newly elected leaders.  265 more words


Did the Shadow Chancellor have a point?

Maybe that would be taking it too far, but in his response to George Osborne’s Autumn Statement the Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell, took inspiration from Chairman Mao. 571 more words


Stop trying to play down Police Brutality


So tired of aggressor sympathizers.  The link above is an article trying to make an attempt to play down the murders and other horrendous inhumane acts executed by badge wearing officers every day. 251 more words


Bernie Sanders Caught in a Corner

PLEASE WATCH AND SHARE this rare interview of Bernie Sanders from the 1990s. If individuals do not have the right to initiate force against others, then how can they delegate a right they don’t have to other people (the government)?

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