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Believe nothing this woman says, ever

Despite reports to the contrary, Hillary Clinton is adamant that she never sent classified information over her illegal private server:

“I am confident I never sent nor received any information that was classified at the time it was sent and received,” Clinton said.

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Political Redemption

“Politicians ensure reelection by giving away things that don’t belong to them….  But political redemption is based mostly on amnesia and debt….  And heavy borrowing allows them to push the cost onto people with no memories at all – many of whom aren’t even born yet.  21 more words

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Why Republicans Oppose the Iran Agreement: Follow the Money

Why Republicans Oppose the Iran Agreement: Follow the Money – http://huff.to/1Iun0hF

This is a really great article. Just thinking about what the folks in D.C. are doing or are not doing makes my head spin. 82 more words


Discrimination against women in the I. R. of Iran: women & employment

Südwind Written Statement:

Iran is one of the oldest members of International Labour Organisation (ILO), which implies non-discrimination between men and women in employment in the labour market. 78 more words


Custom contrived: Pride


I am planning to be controversial here! What decided what we call a custom? I wonder why folklorists happily describe the Leek Club parade as a custom and not say Pride, or once Gay Pride…yet Pagan Pride, a modern custom clearly based upon it is happily recorded in sites such as Calendar Customs…it is after all underlined by the same idea, a need to recognise the importance of the group and make everyone aware of it…the same reason behind the Club Walks as well of course. 607 more words

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Custom demised: Mace Monday at Newbury

“Why, dant’e know the old zouls keep all holidays, and eat pancakes Shrove Tuesday, bacon and beans Mace Monday, and rize to zee the zin dance Easter Day ?”

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