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What's A Sustainable Way to Curb overpopulation fallout due to immigration?

An ever inflating population in India’s one of the most developed city has now become the state of the art chaos. Mumbai already makes it on the top of the list as the country’s most populated with a humongous 21.3 million of human crowd from various regions, counties and states of the nation. 994 more words

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Take a knee.

A friend shared the post below on Facebook a few weeks ago and after reading it, I clicked the like button because I understood the message and agreed with it. 891 more words



“Let the men be strong like trees, and the women like vines, the children our fruit.”

The dystopian future of this novel is a small, low tech and religious island community that’s deeply patriarchal and deeply disturbing. 652 more words


Spain's PM moves to impose direct rule over Catalonia | Daily Mail Online

State Attorney General José Manuel Maza confirmed on Saturday that ‘a complaint is being prepared for rebellion’ against the President of Catalonia, Carles Puigdemont.

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Two of Italy's regions will hold autonomy referendums | Daily Mail Online

The presidents of Lombardy and Veneto in northern Italy are holding autonomy referendums on Sunday. Both are campaigning on the economic benefits of loosening Rome’s grip. 13 more words


EU leaders: Pay £48billion for Brexit deal by Christmas | Daily Mail Online

In a meeting held after Theresa May attended a Brussels summit, EU leaders gave the order to prepare for a trade deal. But talks will reportedly only go ahead if the PM agrees to pay the sum. 13 more words