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Some thoughts on liberal democracy as a deceptive term

It’s impossible to understand today’s political dynamic without beginning with the core fact that we live in a class society. For the entire 5,000 year history of civilization, the propertied few have possessed nearly all material power and have thereby ruled over the propertyless majority.   736 more words

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"Liberalism, Landa reminds us, was the socioeconomic doctrine used by the budding European bourgeoisie in the 17th through 19th centuries against the nobility. The bourgeoisie won that battle but upon taking hold of power, they predictably had to defend it against its ultimate existential opponent, the propertyless majority. “It must be borne in mind that the whole purpose of liberal civil society from a Lockean point of view was to shore up nascent capitalist property and production. The political aspect of liberalism, namely parliamentary and constitutional rule, far from being an autonomous sphere alongside the economic one, was entirely a function of capitalism, conceived at all times as fully subservient to it”. “Parliamentarism and the rule of law were thus from the very beginning not the liberal end itself, to be defined, say, in terms of guaranteeing political pluralism; rather, they were mere means to an end, that of protecting capitalism”."

"Internet Censorship: Appeal to Reinstate “American Everyman”"

I may be next, even though I am not on other social media, nor do I have gargantuan numbers flocking to my blog everyday. Or maybe I’m too small to be bothered with? 232 more words

Political/Social Issues

What Lunar Landings? (9 Minute Video)

I have had my doubts about this moon-landing narrative/movie for a decade or better. But the following short (9 minute) video cuts straight to the chase: and not with the same old evidence as before, but with more scientific-based evidence, and with statements by current NASA scientists and astronauts, who unknowingly blow the lid off of one of the biggest bold-face lies to ever have been pandered. 40 more words

Political/Social Issues

Modern Day Fourth Reich: Start A War, Imprison The Refugees Fleeing It And Enrich The Corporatists - Simple.


Private prison companies thrive as thousands of immigrants detained

By Shelley Connor
4 July 2018

The Trump administration’s attack upon immigrants has resulted in windfalls for private prison companies, which are rapidly changing their business model in order to exploit incarceration. 1,339 more words

The Fourth of July: Nationalism and Colonialism

Carol A. Hand

As the date of the quintessential celebration of colonial oppression for Indigenous Peoples in the U.S. approaches, signaled by loud explosions in the night, an image from my childhood comes unbidden to mind – a child crouching, head bowed, eyes closed, hands tightly covering ears. 1,213 more words

Critical Thinking

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"For me, this 4th of July will symbolize another type of fiddling while Rome burns. Instead of focusing the brilliance of our scientists and skills of our workers on the development of alternative energy and toxic waste clean-up technologies, fracking vents bloom like fiery flowers across the global landscape. Instead of putting on the brakes and changing course on our path toward global destruction, our footprint is pressing “the pedal to the metal” in our race toward Armageddon. Because I am no longer a child crouching in fear with eyes and ears closed, I wonder how I can turn on the sprinklers to stop the mad volley. I prefer to celebrate peace and balance quietly rather than war and domination with explosions that symbolize battle. The notions of “nations” and patriotism to nations and nationalities only serve to divide the peoples of the world."

Protesting workers and youth defend immigrants

“This is like the 1930s. We have to come together and oppose it”

By our reporters
2 July 2018

More than 75,000 people protested President Donald Trump’s immigration policies in Los Angeles on Saturday. 1,741 more words