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Living with depression under capitalism


Kate Bradley

28 September 2017

Source: Revolutionary Socialism in the 21st Century

Kate Bradley writes about her experience of depression, the link between austerity and mental health problems and the ambivalent role that state services can play in mental health care.

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'happiness' And 'effectiveness'

Britain shrugs as Royal wedding approaches - poll shows majority don’t care about Harry and Meghan — RT UK News

{Here is an update: tomorrow is the “big day”. So yesterday, the local talking-heads took a poll to see how many Central Ohioans really cared about the royals and their latest fucked up inbred wedding. 551 more words

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"May Day “Un-American?” It’s as American as Apple Pie!"

May Day “Un-American?” It’s as American as Apple Pie!

Kevin Carson | @KevinCarson1

Most Americans think of May Day, if they think of it at all, as some sort of communist holiday. 669 more words

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"George Carlin - Advertising And Bull*hit"

Carlin really knew how to call it like it is: he knew how to nail all the capitalist, political and religious hypocrites to their gold encrusted crosses: … 29 more words

Political/Social Issues

The skeletons in France's closet: Part II

1954-1946  Vietnam

Most people do not know this first part of the Vietnam war. It is known what America did in the second part of the Vietnam war, but it is ignored that France has prepared all this destruction during decades. 2,313 more words

F***ing Earth Policy

The skeletons in France's closet: Part I

There are skeletons in the closets of almost every country on this planet. Historically, there are very few nations that have not been at daggers drawn with the others. 3,512 more words

F***ing Earth Policy

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Is it any wonder Trump and Macron love each other so much? They are both capitalist-pig war-criminals!