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People With Lisps Bother Me

When I was in elementary school every student had to take the speech class. This was a place where we were taught public speaking and where speech impediments were addressed as well. 237 more words


Signs of the times

I just removed this sign from the back window of my Prius. It’s faded from approximately six years of sun exposure. I put it in my car after attending the Democratic county assembly in March of 2010 that was nothing more than a lovefest for Obama. 207 more words

Child Sexual Abuse—Let’s Make It Personal

According to a 2012 CDC report, child abuse and neglect cost the United States over $124 billion a year! https://www.cdc.gov/media/releases/2012/p0201_child_abuse.html

1 out of 5 children are abused, molested or raped every day—Many in their own homes! 1,119 more words


Change we Hope for soon

Cancel this card, clean up the Jackass voter rolls. Help Mexico regain their youthful workers and future political class.

It’s simple. Trump can make this change with the stroke of his pen; he doesn’t even need Obama’s old phone. Make this real!


Taxpayer dollars - again and again

Heat is on in battle to keep cool – Sun Herald 8 Jan…and part of the problem seems to be football stadiums, golf courses and swimming pools.   169 more words