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Phonics: myths and evidence

Margaret Clark’s recently updated Learning to be Literate (2016) provides essential pointers to the biased way in which evidence was assembled and deployed in support of teaching reading by… 843 more words


Banh Mi Me When the Ebb Flows

     On a stellar day when a shit load of free radicals were blown clear from ions of dust 900 million miles out there, relatively and/or depending, not that far considering convex contextual dimensions, cocky fig-8’s were spinning inside of roiled fig-8’s that revolved around bulbous fig-8’s that were slinking on planes outside of spiraling fig-8’s that took off and torqued to no beginning and no end. 1,273 more words


How special interests buy California politicians

The eight-page document reads like a contract, asking candidates seeking a seat in the Legislature to pledge support for workers organizing unions.

It lists priority issues — including health care, immigration and retirement benefits — and asks if the candidate will be a “supporter,” “champion” or “partner” as the union pursues its agenda in Sacramento. 142 more words

Sacramento Update

From Ben Kritz: Gods and Clods

Gods and Clods

Although this was written three years ago, I find it still relevant and applicable to the current political and election situation the Philippines is currently in. 6 more words


You are politician material if...

  1. You first conspire to amass wealth and when questioned, claim it’s a conspiracy against you.
  2. You first use political clout to amass wealth and when questioned, claim it’s a political vendetta against you.

Twitter Research: Congress and Climate Change

From Northeastern: Researchers mine Twitter to reveal Congress’ ideological divide on climate change. “In a new paper pub­lished Monday in the journal Cli­mate Change Responses, Hel­muth and his North­eastern col­leagues ana­lyzed the Twitter accounts of U.S. 114 more words