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Anaconda, Montana: Corrupt as sin.

Welcome to Anaconda, Montana, the heart of Deer Lodge County. As many local residents already know, we have rampant corruption in our local government. The purpose of this blog is to expose the truth about Anaconda.   6 more words


Banias says no to Vice-gov position

Provincial Administrator Dr. Raul Banias clearly stated that he has no plan to run as Vice-Governor of the Province of Iloilo on this coming May 2016 Elections. 149 more words


If voting changed anything, they'd make it illegal. Emma Goldman and Tomato Orange Soup

Politicians are on the move once again. Mud bombs are being fired in all directions with Donald Trump leading the parade. He actually went so far as to give out Lindsey Graham’s cell phone number on national television. 1,128 more words


Should MPs be able to job share?

Two people who tried to stand on a job share basis to be candidates as Members of Parliament, are are seeking a judicial review of a ban on job sharing by MPs. 374 more words

Current Events

Political Distractions

There are many political issues portrayed in the news media.

Most of them are just distractions.

The important issues are not getting any focus.

Those that do, are subjected to proposed unworkable solutions. 48 more words


The Priest or The Broker

Living in the belly of a political beast…

The Priest

I’m going to clean you up in ritual

with Lucifer sitting by,

Feet sticking to the rotten leaves… 161 more words