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Mississippi Veteran Talks

This Army veteran has plenty to share about her experiences while growing up in the deep south and beyond. She gives honor to whom honor is due, and tells how negativity fueled her passion to succeed.


Trump, Evangelism, and the GOP

Trump, Evangelism, and the GOP:  A reminder of why we need separation of church and state

After reading a friend’s plaintive post on a social media site inquiring about why so many religious people, Christians especially, support Trump for President, I started thinking about the strange path the United States has followed since the mid-1900s. 584 more words

Melanie Arrowood Wilcox

Politicians 2016-63

I wrote this before at one of the past elections and it STILL applies. Politicians are necessary to run various governments, but they do have their issues. 208 more words


Bunkum, incompetence, and leadership

Why is a bunkum artist running for president of the United States?

Trump Runs Against Both Parties

“The word ‘un-American’ has been rightly used—not for Mr. 313 more words

Donald Trump

When You Think Of America

​When you think of America, what do you think of? Is it the fact that we are number one when it comes incarceration? Or is it that we have a booming new gold rush in private run Prisons which are guaranteed to hold 99.9% capacity of inmates, because if not they can sue the States for millions if that contract is breeched? 165 more words


Politics and Little Green Men

If you were to encounter a little green man, why on earth would you  assume he was an alien from another planet? For all you know he could be Oompa Loompa who accidentally fell into a vat of lime Jell-O; I’m sure that’s a definite job hazard in the candy and dessert industry.   136 more words