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I am watching with disbelief the joke that is the labour party.

I have made no secret of my massive dislike of the Tory Party (who by the way are getting rid of the human rights act as I type) 318 more words


Reuters Launches New Poll Response Site for 2016 US Presidential Election

Reuters has launched a new tool for the elections that sounds pretty ambitious. “Powered by the largest presidential tracking poll ever attempted, the new tool shows how each of the candidates’ support in the Reuters/Ipsos poll translates at the state level in the Electoral College and how changes in turnout among demographic and political groups could affect the result. 24 more words

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Maytag's New Chrome Extension Wants to Block "Political Smears"

Maytag, as part of an advertising campaign, has launched a new Chrome plugin that eliminates “political smears” on Facebook and Twitter. “With the desktop app, content identified as containing political smears, using keywords identified by University of Michigan political scientist Arthur Lupia, will be blocked with a more politically neutral image, such as that of George Washington or a bald eagle. 32 more words

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Rama Yade - راما يادي

سياسية وناشطة فرنسية الجنسية، مدافعة عن حقوق المراة وتتبع الخط المحافظ المعتدل وقد كانت وزيرة دولة لحقوق الانسان بالفترة بين 2007م حتى 2010م


Red tape madness! Farming family is set to be 'cruelly' deported back to New Zealand because of a 'simple mistake' with their immigration application

A farming family has been ‘cruelly’ ordered to leave the UK after making a ‘simple mistake’ with their immigration application.

The Talbots settled in Dorset from New Zealand six years ago to help their two sons establish a cattle farm.

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