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This New Orange Era: The Growing Divide

For those of you who feel like you are caught in a Trump avalanche, know that you are. You want desperately to get out, but it seems that every time you start to wriggle your limbs, you precipitate another large chunk of snow dislodging and burying you even deeper. 917 more words

The Homeless Are Not Your Enemy

As we grow older our ability to dream becomes slimmer and slimmer if not completely gone. We face the empty nest syndrome with dread, wondering how to fill our days and hopefully how to rekindle that lost part of the committed relationship. 320 more words


Here we go gathering Nuttall and May: the normalisation of political dishonesty

The purpose of these periodic posts is to collect the follies of those who rule over us as they flow past on Twitter and in the news, illustrated with some of the pictures which stand for a thousand words. 2,033 more words


Getting to Yes

I am determined to find some happiness within the craziness that our world is throwing at us. I should say that a certain group of people in a white house at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC are spitting out on a daily if not hourly basis. 648 more words



Bless you, Mr Blair.
Do you really think we’d care
That you even hold opinion
On European affairs?
Your patronising tone
(A pun I fully condone) 108 more words

Roorda Embattled as Cop Union Manager

Having been knocked out of the political game due to Jefferson County’s rapid shift from a blue to a red county, Jeff Roorda is now facing heavy criticism in his role as business manager for the St. 339 more words