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WP's Daniel Goh filing police report over poison pen letter

From ‘WP’s Daniel Goh refutes allegations of extramarital affair’, 28 Aug 2015, article in Today

Workers’ Party (WP) candidate Daniel Goh this morning said in…

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The Candidate?!?

The Dems certainly have a deep bench, don’t they? Ole “Slo Joe” will fire a couple of blasts from his shotgun to announce his candidacy.


Daily Insanity

One would think that an individual running for President of the United States would have some original ideas. Something new and not rehashed trash from the other party. 314 more words


"The Real Muslim American Threat? It’s Against Us": We've Reached An Ugly Place In America With Anti-Muslim Sentiment

There’s a growing threat in America involving Muslims. The FBI has even recently issued a warning to alert local law enforcement about it. But our politicians and media continue to ignore it. 975 more words


All eyes on this weekend !

It will be interesting to see how many Malays and East Malaysians turn up for the Bersih4 rallies in Kuala Lumpur, Kuching and Kota Kinabalu. Previously, the Malay turnout was made up of mostly PAS and Parti Keadilan Malaysia (PKM) supporters. 224 more words


The US absolutely negotiates with terrorists

I didn’t need 200 people to tell me the Iran deal will lead to horrific disaster.  I wholeheartedly believe you cannot negotiate with terrorists.

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