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Glacier Ice

The flavor of consciousness
is tasteless
on your tongue
Words roll and slide
inflated with arrogance
Infused with lies
Each message carries
cold nonchalance
Each builds a layer of ice… 45 more words


Home Grown Terrorists

We cannot ignore the threat of home-grown jihadis.
Terror suspects were arrested at the rate of one every day for the past year, a House of Commons committee was told yesterday. 168 more words


Navy, What Navy?

Britain may have ruled the waves (and the air) once upon a time but as for now?

David Cameron was last night accused of ‘burying the bad news’ as it emerged a decision to axe the Royal Navy’s flagship was omitted from a Government white paper. 251 more words



Despair! Neglect!
What did you expect?
Money! Taxes! Through fingers like water.
Government! Politicians! Give no quarter.
Towns! Streets!In Decay,
we really have no say. 20 more words


Daily Insanity

The minute somebody joins a committee… they immediately suffer from committee brain. They become wildly over-enthusiastic, over-optimistic, over-pessimistic. Committees turn people into idiots, and politics is a committee.


One World, One Law, and One Objective: Save the World from Itself!

Well I hate to go all science-fiction on my readers, but it isn’t too soon to plan for much more than just a little “Climate Change”. 559 more words


No. 3: An Important Announcement

This is where you and I may part ways.

Several years ago I made the acquaintance of and became friends with an individual who was raised on the Pine Ridge Reservation. 985 more words