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I blame a great deal of what’s wrong in many societies one way or another on education.
If you live in underprivileged parts of the third world, the poor parts that comic relief envoys visit in order to show us what’s really going on, there isn’t education and that absence means there’s a huge gap between hoping, dreaming and reality. 441 more words


Comedy with forks: Funny Political Quotes and Insults From Around the World

“America is a great country, but as far as put-downs go, we can learn a thing or two from our friends abroad who have made slamming their opponents a form of high art.” […] read more

We're more like you than they are.

As Vampires we can genuinely say we are like you, or that we were once like you. We live in your neighborhoods. Our kids go to school with yours. 1,025 more words


:: Empty Promises & Reality Checks

My wife posted a pretty amazing video of people doing all sorts of really cool things. I enjoyed watching it. I really did. It reminded me of messages we often tell ourselves and those around us. 330 more words


Caleb Harris: The tragedy of the commons

The tragedy of the commons started back in 1968, when evolutionary biologist Garrett Hardin warned us about the damage individuals can inflict the environment. The tragedy of the commons is used to describe the situation where individuals exploit a shared resource, leading to… 319 more words


What About WTC #7? Ah, the Pancake Thing.

This video is not a Leftist view; it’s been documented at times, but reliance on today’s journalism (especially during the deregulation of banks and the onset of the “Great Recession”) ceases to exist. 142 more words