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Attention Grayheads -- Congressional Voting Records

Workingclass men and women built this land. We deserve the fruits of our labor.

This week, the Alliance for Retired Americans released its annual report detailing the voting record of every U.S.

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Why Kenyan football will not become better soon

This week was a very low moment in Kenyan football when the chairman of AFC Leopards, Allan Kasavuli, resigned from the leadership of the club, citing frustrations from club officials. 597 more words

Our Maidens have Spoken

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Team 56 have entered into the arena of the House of Commons with great fanfare and excitement. The advances of the Scottish National Party have definitely rattled the cages of the British establishment. 44 more words


Asking the Wrong Questions

Source: Gold Silver Worlds

We often hear (the wrong) questions such as:

  • What did politicians know about that scandal?
  • Will the stock market rally another year?
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Financial/Societal Collapse And Dependence

What exactly is this "aspiration" that politicians talk about?

We’ve heard a lot in the UK over the last few weeks about how politics and politicians should be there to support “aspiration”.

It wasn’t until talking about this with a colleague that it dawned on me that this word has not only been rendered almost meaningless (hollowed out by over-use), but it’s actually also been appropriated. 314 more words


Shocking leaflet at my door: the limits of political canvassing

Special post by Christine Purdy

Flyers stuffed in your mailbox. Knocks on your door. Canvassers making sure you get out to vote. With the federal election looming in fall 2015 it’s getting to be that time. 358 more words

Mobius strip of stupidity

Have you ever watched people wish for something then be appalled when they get it? To describe this situation takes only one word: Baltimore.

The black community, the leaders of the City and the AG didn’t want the police to enforce the laws. 1,033 more words

The Liberal Plantation