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A New Dawn for the Rakyat (People)

After reading the Diplomat’s [ @Diplomat_APAC], “Is a New Era Dawning for Malaysian Civil Society?”

I’d like to think that the new dawn is for the lay citizens of Malaysia; that they will be served holistically and coherently by the new government that they have chosen on 9th May 2018. 251 more words


"...You might say I ain't free. It don't worry me..."

Last night I watched the great Robert Altman film “Nashville”. I hadn’t seen it since 1975 when it was released, and I was struck by how amazingly well it holds up and how relevant it is in the Age of Trump. 1,077 more words


The US Embassy in Jerusalem: For What Purpose?

An American embassy hasn’t been the source of this much ire since 1979. While the opening of an embassy is usually a stolid diplomatic occasion, filled with polite goodwill and handshakes between dignitaries, the opening of the new American embassy in Jerusalem was anything but. 784 more words

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A Socialist Call to Action

The Romance of the Three Kingdoms, one of the four classic novels of Chinese literature, begins: “The empire, long divided, must unite; long united, must divide. 2,166 more words