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KRS-One on the Freemasons and Illuminati's role in society (Video)

One of the more interesting KRS videos out there now. Can’t say i agree with everything he has to say, but he always gives you food for thought…


Thinking aloud on radical Islam in America

Time often distances us from realities of our history that, if remembered,  would guide us through treacherous waters in the present.  America’s difficult past with slavery leads to a glossing over of many inconvenient facts, which seem impolitic to mention in our PC culture.  1,544 more words


News Ireland daily BLOG by Donie

Sunday 29th November 2015

France stress the urgency of saving the Earth in climate change issue 2,878 more words

Marco is voting for Marco in 2016; doesn't mean you should.

By now I am sure you know about Republican Presidential candidate, the junior United States Senator from Florida, Marco Rubio. The New American Century tagged young faced politician has been gaining national attention for quite some time from both Republicans and Democrats. 785 more words


It’s time to ask the question Is Obama a Muslim

“At the same time Obama is demanding we import dangerous Muslim refugees, he is sending back Iraqi Christians. He talks about compassion for Muslim refugees, but deports Christians. 6 more words



“You are incomplete if you do not own this” -Consumerist Culture

“You are incomplete if you HAVE to own this”
– Reality

“Be yourself at whatever cost” 103 more words


Stumbling to War With Russia?

“Ukraine is as dependent upon Russia for fossil fuels as Crimea is upon Ukraine for electricity. Crimea receives 85 percent of its water and 80 percent of its electricity from Ukraine. 8 more words