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Would the people who put Christ back in Christmas please return him immediately?  We will need him to fight the anti-Christ who just got elected for four years.

After the Inauguration: Joining the Battle for America

Great sorrow and great joy are doing battle in my heart this morning. It is like being on the edge of a razor blade, trying to decide how to move forward in a world that now has Donald Trump masquerading as president of the United States. 205 more words

Life & Death

Lost and Found – January 22nd Edition

What to remember about January 22nd…

  • 1740  Patriot General and spy Noah Phelps is born in Simsbury, Connecticut; infiltrated Ft. Ticonderoga alone to help plan its capture…
  • 168 more words

Watergate and Today....

You know ….you look at what’s going on and Watergate looks quite innocent….but we should learn from it…post truth only works if we let it….So read or watch All the Presidents Men…and remember that literally two people can change the world if they work together…then keep asking questions and keep seeking answers… 12 more words


Political Violence For Me But Not For Thee

On Friday the 20th Trump was sworn in as President of the United States and almost immediately we saw a return to political violence from the anti-Trump faction. 868 more words

Cultural Struggle


So, the last few entries I seem to have written here were in the months before the debacle that was Election Day 2016. It’s still impossible to believe that Donald Fucking Trump is the most powerful man in the world, has the nuclear codes and everything else that goes along with being President. 499 more words


Size doesn't matter... follow the money

Beyond the partisan rancor, today’s Women’s March, touted as a  global movement, was highly coordinated agitation propaganda on a massive scale.  While the media, Democratic Party activists and Trump administration were lost in a rabid partisan haze, they missed the big picture and national security implications completely.   1,227 more words

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