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Refuse to Buy or Sell with the Federal Government

Source: BATR

That infamous mark of the beast is a regular condition of doing business with the federal government. How long have we gone, and how far we have strayed, from simple barter for trade transactions. 457 more words


Abolition of Private Property

Let’s suppose some guy told you he was going to take something away from you. Then he proceeded to tell you precisely how he was going to do it, whether you liked it or not. 488 more words


The lesson

“My world seems empty without you”, the boy told the girl.

“And every day we are apart diminishes me greatly”, she replied. They clutched at each other with a feverishness such as a hungry man clutches at a piece of sandwich, after three days without eating. 2,494 more words

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I don't vote

I was stopped at the post office today, just passing through on a quick run to drop off a few packages for my LuLaRoe business… 1,542 more words


Colin Kaepernick, NFL millionaire, refuses to stand for national anthem because America isn't perfect

Colin Kaepernick is an NFL millionaire who has been rooted on for years by stadiums filled with Americans of all colors. He was adopted by family that obviously instilled in him the kind of work ethic it takes to break into professional sports. 534 more words