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Ann Coulter has no Shame

Yesterday I published a post on my own experience in being separated from my parents at a young age for a short period of time. 189 more words


Probably all I’ll ever say about immigration

For what it’s worth (2 cents?), I have a few things I’d like to add to the immigration debate currently raging.

.01  Unfair, immoral, heartbreaking things are happening all over the place every day. 697 more words


Türkiye-Ermenistan Seyahat Fonu & Burs Programı 2016-2017 yayını çıktı

İki komşu ülke, Türkiye ile Ermenistan arasında 1993’ten beri diplomatik ilişki yok ve kara sınırı kapalı. 2009 yılında, diplomatik ilişkilerin kurulması ve sınır kapılarının açılması için imzalanan protokoller, iki ülkede de, parlamentoda oylamaya sunulmadan askıya alındı ve normalleşme süreci tıkandı. 548 more words


Money for nothing, nukes for free The US-North Korea summit: what happens next?

The meeting in Singapore on June 12th was the first time in history that a sitting US president met a North Korean leader. In our latest free report, find out what impact this meeting will have on future relations with the rest of Asia, as well as economic cooperation between North Korea and the US. 8 more words


Trump issues executive order ending family separations

This event — June 20, 2018 — represents a fabulous ‘photo op’ for Trump, and it results in a Pyrrhic victory for oppressed and victimized mothers and their minor children who are fleeing horrific conditions in their homelands of Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala -the so-called Northern Triangle. 529 more words