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GOP Moves To Strip The Obamas of Transportation to Unofficial Events

WASHINGTON — The war between the GOP led Congress and the White House erupted again today as House Republicans moved to prevent the Obamas from using government vehicles as transportation to non-government events. 178 more words


NSWMA board may resign for its failure appoint PNP loyalist but NHT board remains after wasting $200m

Jamaica is a rather interesting country, where accountability never appears to be good word especially when it comes unto governance issues.

Last year the NHT board was allowed to remain intact after wasting over $200m to by the loss making property known as Outameni Attractions. 96 more words


NHT board contracts expires this Thursday, April 2, 1015, will the PM now act ?

Madame Prime Minister, commonsenseja is holding to your commitment made last year in the height of the Outameni controversy that a new board will be appointed, when the contract of the existing board members expires later this week. 34 more words


Medical marijuana keeps Texas 9-year-old seizure free for a month

Alexis Bortell, a 9-year-old girl from Texas, has had to move to Colorado in order to seek treatment for her seizures through medical marijuana. She has since been on her new medicine for a month, and has not experienced any seizure symptoms. 939 more words


Nigeria's Goodluck Jonathan concedes, saving his legacy, and his country from chaos

Of all the traits of great leadership, probably the most underrated is knowing when to stand down, and then proceeding to do so with resolve, grace and style. 716 more words

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“Illegal” Immigration Then & Now… Is There Really a Difference?

In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue… With him, he brought smallpox and guns to kill the natives and take their land! The idea of American guilt, usually propelled by liberal ideology, intends to shame modern Americans for admiring Christopher Columbus’ accomplishments. 289 more words


Welcome to my Blog

Here’s a short piece about me and why I have started this blog.

I am a former Trading Standards professional with qualifications in journalism and marketing.   228 more words