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Just when I thought I had nothing more to say about Donald Trump - a mongrel haiku, that adheres to the syllable count but not the spirit.


Oh Donald is it

policy or is it just


This is the first in a series of poems called “Poems with titles longer than the poem itself.”


“Hillary shown as a threat… OOPS!”© — inkedvocabulary

Sorry Army… sorry country, No… this is not said coventry! Sorry BLM… not of ground but disrespect, OOPS… unsound, Sorry America… sooner to divide, makes it easier so apartheid can ride, embolden our own mistakes of past… sure to continue and hold it fast.

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University of Chicago Deemed “Safe Space” for Disagreement

“Trigger Warning: This piece includes mention of free speech, disagreement, controversy and common sense.

Forgive the snarky opening complete with a trigger warning, but this week, the University of Chicago said something that has been on a lot of people’s minds: that higher education should be a place to meet ideas and perspectives at odds with one’s own, not a place to be coddled from them. 37 more words

Avens O'brien

Trump vs. Hillary: A Summation

Source: Paul Craig Roberts

The US presidential election this November will tell whether a majority of the US population is irredeemably stupid. If voters elect Hillary, we will know that Americans are stupid beyond redemption. 527 more words

Propaganda, Fraud, And Outright Lies

Changes at the top imminent?

Rumour has it that there are to be changes at the top imminently (within 7 – 10 days).

There are several choices in guessing who is likely to move and/or move on when rumours of changes at the top circulate.   964 more words


A Time of Change

Personal opinion:

At least that’s what is supposed to happen every four years in the USA. A time when a new president is voted into office and one-third of the senate rolls over. 1,480 more words


Assange Assassination Attempt? Cops Took 2 Hours to Respond

Source: TheAntimedia.org, by Josie Wales

The Wikileaks Twitter account reported early Monday morning that an unidentified man attempted to scale the wall of the Ecuadorian Embassy in the U.K. 583 more words

Propaganda, Fraud, And Outright Lies