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When I think back, I remember alcohol and lust.

niggas, and butts.

Hearts intertwined, foreign to trust.
Wound for wound–
bandages and cuts. 51 more words

Mental Health

Let's Talk Capitalism

Let’s talk capitalism.

Better yet, let’s go to Starfrauds and talk race.

No, on second thought, let’s talk capitalism.

There is a difference between small business capitalism and big-business capitalism. 1,164 more words


JAMES TARANTO: ‘It Will Take Time’

Wall Street Journal — Is there such a thing as a disoration?

The best thing that can be said about President Obama’s speech at the Pentagon yesterday, which the White House titled “Remarks by the President on Progress in the Fight Against ISIL,” is that it gave the lie to one conspiracy theory occasionally mooted by Obama’s right-wing critics. 53 more words


Jokes of the Day. 

Oh dear me. Delusional much Hilz?

I didn’t watch the whole CNN interview, just heard a few key snippets that Jake Tapper previewed.

Ten bucks to anyone brave enough to listen to the entire hour interview that HRC “granted” CNN and give me the CliffNotes version. 32 more words


Piketty is Right: The Germans Never Repaid Their Debts

I recently read a fantastic exchange between the German newspaper Die Zeit and French economist Thomas Piketty. Here is the original in German–there is an… 1,393 more words


England to cut Scotland and Wales loose

Ministers have come up with the idea of physically removing Scotland and Wales and allowing them to float away quietly.  106 more words