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Trump and Millenials

The election of Donald J Trump as President of the United States of America may come as a shock to many liberals and was a shock to me personally. 859 more words

In Rare Move, Chinese Think Tank Criticizes Tepid Pace of Reform - The New York Times

“BEIJING — China’s ambitious plan to revamp its economy has bogged down. Flabby state conglomerates have thwarted attempts to whip them into commercial shape. Rules that treat millions of city-dwelling rural migrants like second-class citizens have barely budged. 380 more words


On Comic Relief and charity generally: make charity history!

Here’s a post I wrote two years ago at the time of the last Comic Relief Day in 2015. I re-read it and it still resonated with me, so I’m reposting here. 34 more words


A Picture Says a Thousand Words

So some nutter went mental in the heart of London the other day, causing some mischief, grief, violence and trouble for quite a considerable number of people. 1,970 more words

Politics And Economics

Library of Political Secrets 🎯

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Books About History

Health care update: let's kill this bill, drive a stake through its heart, encase it in cement and bury it at the bottom of the ocean

(Just in case there was any doubt where I stand.)

The bill that the Congressional Budget Office has already estimated would uninsure 24 million Americans over the next ten years got even worse today, when the Fake President agreed to allow insurance companies to sell fake insurance. 516 more words

Politics And Economics

How Can We Create Jobs? - 2017

In 1992 James Carville, Bill Clinton’s campaign manager, famously coined the phrase, “The Economy, Stupid.” The phrase went viral as it was transformed into, “It’s the economy, stupid.” Today, in 2017, many observers claim that Carville’s slogan still applies. 4,901 more words

Politics And Economics