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We need a Scott Walker in Connecticut, to give us relief from an out of control public sector.

I can not tell who is right and who is wrong in Wisconsin. I invite the NYT and its commenters to help me. Through out the 20th century, unions were desperately needed. 158 more words

Politics And Economics

We need a little more Greece in the European economy.

 Paul Krugman ends his column: “Meanwhile, the first real debtor revolt against austerity is off to a decent start, even if nobody believes it. What’s the Greek for “Keep calm and carry on”?” 27 more words

Politics And Economics

Princeton Professor says Knowlege ain't everything!

This Paul Krugman piece is great. I followed one of the links to a lecture by Larry Summers supporting that education is not the issue. 65 more words

Politics And Economics

Nerd Humor: Dating Science

Nerd humor.

Yichuan Wang on “A Dynamic Theory of Romantic Choice“:  proof that “all the good ones are taken”, based on first principles.

Politics And Economics

Krugman: The republican candidates turn to supply siders for support. Lindsay: How this relates to Climate Change deniers.

Paul Krugman: :  “For those unfamiliar with the phrase, “charlatans and cranks” is associated with N. Gregory Mankiw, a professor at Harvard who served for a time as George W. 222 more words

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John Podesta moves from helping Barack Obama, to Helping Hillary Clinton

I wasn’t particularly aware of John Podesta. Peter Baker writes in the NYT: “Mr. Obama tried to recruit him to join the administration, an entreaty he resisted until early 2014 when the presidency was flailing and he agreed to come on board for a year to help turn it around. 89 more words

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