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Trumping Democracy

Right now in Washington DC there is a battle in progress for the soul of American democracy. An increasingly embattled President Trump is making comments and exploring actions which, if followed through, would undermine one of the pillars of any democratic society, respect for the rule of law and the independent administration of justice. 767 more words

Freelancer’s Toolkits?

The members who are “managed” by cool coworking software are mainly freelancers and independent contractors. These workers rent their workplace, and bring their own tools. So what is in their tool box? 431 more words


How to become a millionaire and why that does not qualify you for public office.

Back in May I published a review of an excellent book by Jane Meyer on Dark Money, the vast amounts of private wealth deployed my multi-billionaires to promote a libertarian agenda in the United States. 1,524 more words

Should the U.S. Constitution Be Changed? -- A Wise Guys Conversation

Jeff Berger, Charles Cottle, Dave Gillespie, John Kozlowicz, and Ron Berger —

During the past year contributors to Wise Guys engaged in an impromptu discussion of the limitations of U.S. 3,348 more words

Politics And Economics

Just How Complicated is Freelancing, anyway?

The new way of work is a gig economy of growing legions of freelancers and independent contractors. Far from having no job, these self-employed workers actually have to perform… 663 more words

Politics And Economics

A Spectacle of Public Degredation

It is ironic that on both sides of the Atlantic conservative governments are trapped with leaders they would change in the blink of an eye if they could. 1,025 more words