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A Refuge for Racists - Timothy Egan, The New York Times

Timothy Egan appears to be a Liberal Republican!  That is two sited in one week! He ends his op-ed:

“The party label is meaningless. The white South was solidly Democratic after the Civil War, vowing never to vote for the party that liberated the slaves. 129 more words

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Tom Friedman: My Choice for President? None of the Above, raises questions about Friedman.

Tom Friedman: “How is it that we are not deploying a carbon tax and using that to reduce payroll taxes that discourage hiring and shrink corporate taxes that reduce investment? 274 more words

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Oil and Extractive Economies ... part 2 ...

The so-called “Alberta Advantage” rested on the foundation of zero public debt, low personal tax rates, low corporate tax rates, and a royalty structure which encouraged exploration and development of resources. 1,903 more words

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Paul Krugman: Hooray for Obamacare

Hooray for Obamacare

The reality of Obamacare is that it’s a tremendous success, which was conservatives’ big fear.

nytimes.com|By Paul Krugman

Paul Krugman

Oil and Extractive Economies ...

Now how about that post about extractive economies?  hmmm. Book to read:  “Why Nations Fail” Really interesting read. I observe that the common notion of “extractive economy” equates to the extraction of natural resources, mining, forestry, fishery, and so on, from the bank of resources serendipitously found in the particular piece of real-estate any nation has the good fortune to find themselves sitting upon when that resource is in demand. 937 more words

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Those unreliable credit card machines

This morning I went to the local garage to finally pay the bill that I had been asking for several times, of the credit card machine – again – didn’t work. 358 more words

Politics And Economics

Two Viewpoints on Politics and Economics

Frequent contributor MarcoPolo who comments on my post about Annie Leonard (pictured) and her concern about our “robo-consumer” society:

The “consume less,” ”back to nature”, reductionist philosophy, is usually accompanied by a covert loathing of mankind, disingenuously presented as a love for mankind…..All human endevour has upsides and downsides…. 335 more words

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