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Brand Spain, moving upwards

This week I came across an interesting artcile about the value of the brand Spain. Funny enough it is quite the same as the way that I am looking to it (without the figures) having living lived in Spain for some 6 years now. 492 more words

Politics And Economics

A Radical Political Manifesto for 2017

If you have not read the Labour manifesto I commend it to you. It is about tax and spend, just like all the other manifesto’s. That is what governments do, they collect taxes and pay for vital services such as defence, health and education, oh and filling the holes in the road. 1,136 more words

Strong and Stable Leadership

Clearly the Conservative Party’s target in the election is not policy but personality. They believe, with real justification that Jeremy Corbyn is a weakness for the Labour Party. 462 more words

The way is still up

He may be not the most popular man in Spain but Mariano Rajoy, the Spanish prime minister, can take some credit in the remarkable turnaround of the Spanish economy. 439 more words

Politics And Economics

The left and migration. Part 2: extrapolating hypothetical scenarios with Iceland and how writing pretentious titles gives me an inflated sense of self-importance

In ‘part 1’, which currently has a dizzying 32 views clocked up, I argued that a substantial number of leftist-environmentalists are deeply contradictory in that they simultaneously bemoan exponential industrial growth but invoke the ‘It boosts the supply side of the economy!’ argument when defending mass immigration. 872 more words

Politics And Economics

Watergate: The Benchmark Political Scandal

Ron Berger —

We are currently in the midst of a political scandal that has the potential to rival the infamous Watergate scandal of the early 1970s. 1,877 more words

Politics And Economics