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"What is Coworking?" Tools In the Hands of the Workers

An interesting case study of coworking, down Wellington, NZ, way. Enspiral is a coworking space “for entrepreneurs, startups, freelancers, and charities with an ethical focus.” But the coworking space is just one of an array of interlocking enterprises, that constitute “a virtual and physical network of companies and professionals working together to create a thriving society,” under the auspices of the Enspiral Foundation. 487 more words


Learning materials for current UK housing crisis

Hi there,

I’ve put together these resources for the next meeting of our learning group, Oxford Democracy-Builders. It’s at 8pm on Weds 2nd December probably at the West Oxford Primary School, but I need to confirm that. 243 more words

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Republicans’ Lust for Gold - Paul Krugman, in The New York Times

“As I said, this hard-money orthodoxy is relatively new. Republicans used to base their monetary recommendations on the ideas of Milton Friedman, who opposed Keynesian policies to fight depressions, but only because he thought easy money could do the job better, and who called on Japan to adopt the same strategy of “quantitative easing” that today’s Republicans denounce.George W. 45 more words

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"Platform Cooperativism" Conference

Like many of us, I’ve been trying to sort out “the sharing economy”, which seems to mean different things to different people. From Robin Chase we learn t… 660 more words


Mensaje a los Robertos

Srs. Robertos Malaver y Hernandez Montoya.

Recurro a Uds. para rogar por su humor en este momento tan difícil para todo el pueblo de Venezuela. 766 more words

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Confirm President Obama’s Judges. Republicans angry at President Obama are blocking votes on qualified nominees, even as a backlog of court cases grows. nytimes.com|By THE EDITORIAL BOARD

My comment at the NYT, better read after the excellent editorial bellow.
I don’t find the behavior of the Republicans here blocking judicial nominations juvenile, I find it Orwellian, tending to fascism. 222 more words

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Obama Legacy in State Offices: A Shrinking Democratic Share - The New York Times

Is this problem due to Obama, or Citizen’s United?

“While Mr. Obama’s 2008 election helped usher in a political resurgence for Democrats, the president today presides over a shrinking party whose control of elected offices at the state and local levels has declined precipitously. 73 more words

Politics And Economics