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Paul Krugman: Greece on the Brink!

For retirees, who are dependent on the market, these dark clouds are worth paying attention to. There appears here, a sad echo between the damaging austerity climate in Europe, and the devastation caused by debtor’s prison in the US over traffic tickets and child support which has decimated the black male population. 30 more words

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Krugman: It takes a Party

Paul Krugman: “For example, any Democrat would, if elected, seek to maintain the basic U.S. social insurance programs — Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid — in essentially their current form, while also preserving and extending the Affordable Care Act. 94 more words

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More manifestos

A further clutch of manifestos have been released, including Liberal Democrat, UKIP and Green varieties.  I confess to not reading every word, and I’ve taken full advantage of the helpful budget summaries used by the last two, but I’ve done enough to get a sense of their policies on social security.   264 more words

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Both Labour and Conservatives have announced their social security policies; there's not much difference between them

Both the Conservative and Labour parties have now published their manifestos.  I turned directly to the commitments on social security, or “welfare” as they persist in calling it.   216 more words

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The sale of housing association property: the Conservatives' answer to the threat of sausage rolls

While a UKIP candidate is being questioned for the ancient offence of “treating” potential voters, in this case with sausage rolls (a report here), the Conservatives have unveiled their retaliation.  331 more words

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In place of a manifesto

The election campaign to date has been very muted.  There is precious little on offer by way of statements of principle, an understanding of the problems we face or of policies that might take us somewhere different.  404 more words

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NYT: Saint Nich strikes with-- Smart Girls vs. Bombs

Saint Nich strikes.

Here is the top comment to date:
Julia Gillard
Australia 20 hours ago

“As the first woman to serve as Australian Prime Minister, I know from my own life the transformative power of education. 124 more words

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