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Hillary Clinton’s E-Mail Tangle If the past is any guide, this inquiry could go on and on—and on. newyorker.com|By Steve Coll

Paul Krugman used the following by Steve Cole, Dean of Columbia’s School of Journalism, as his source for his assertion that the email scandal is mostly opposition noise. 365 more words

Politics And Economics

On welcoming refugees to your home

An inspiring article in the Zeit newspaper about what it can mean in practice to welcome strangers to live in your home. The reality is that people in need do not always behave in the way you would like them. 35 more words

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Signs, Long Unheeded, Now Point to Risks in U.S. Economy - LANDON THOMAS Jr., NYT

“What was driving weakness in all these countries was the gradual slowdown in the Chinese economy. As China bought less steel from Brazil, iron ore from Australia (its stock market was down by 22 percent during this time frame) and less mineral fuel and oil from Indonesia, the effect on these economies was immediate. 76 more words


When the Stock Market Implodes...

“When in trouble,
When in doubt,
Run in circles,
Scream and shout.”

Credited to many people, but real author unknown.   It dates back to at least WWII.


The Junk Politics of 2015 The candidates are offering us nothing but empty calories. nytimes.com|By Timothy Egan

Timothy Egan: “At least one Republican wants to sic the Internal Revenue Service on his political enemies. So promised Gov. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, in a remarkable statement overlooked at the kids’ table debate last week. 109 more words

Politics And Economics

Debt Is Good. A problem with the economy may be that we aren’t in deep enough, not that we’re in too deep. NYT|by Paul Krugman

Paul Krugman: “Rand Paul said something funny the other day. No, really — although of course it wasn’t intentional. On his Twitter account he decried the irresponsibility of American fiscal policy, declaring, “The last time the United States was debt free was 1835.” 226 more words

Politics And Economics

Politics in a vacuum ... Hello? Hello? Anybody home?


Thrive“, Casting Crowns, 2013,  from the album “Thrive”

Good start to the day, clear, cool, and brilliantly sunny, listening to “Casting Crowns” on iTunes.  1,092 more words

Politics And Economics