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Brexit means...?

Mrs May’s axiomatic definition reassured many after the referendum. For some it was a clear statement of a withdrawal from Europe and all its works, for some it was a democrat’s recognition of the will of the people, and for some there was room for hope about how terms would be agreed. 626 more words

Taking partisanship out of economics

Before continuing, let me say that in some ways I regret that this post is grouped in the category, “Politics and Economics,” because the central thesis is that we need to remove political labels from legitimate economic tools. 495 more words

Politics And Economics

Austerity in 8 minutes: Why it does not work. Why it is still practised

This speech was part of a Cambridge Union debate on ‘This House Has Lost Confidence in Austerity’. See below for the video of the whole debate.

Politics And Economics

Shane Greenstein on “Ten Open Questions for Techno-Optimists”.

Robert Gordon’s Rise and Fall of American Growth describes how economists grapple with the economic impacts of new technologies. Gordon’s history reviews aspects of the last 150 years, as technology transformed the US economy, explaining the challenges of accounting for what can be incomparable technologies.  468 more words

Politics And Economics

Across China- Walmart Faces Labor Unrest as Authorities Stand Aside - The New York Times

“SHENZHEN, China — In a one-man war room in his apartment, a laid-off Walmart employee named Wang Shishu was tapping out a message on his phone to a group of workers and plotting his next move. 81 more words