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Krugman cites vox.com:only 5 percent of Americans know that Obamacare is costing less than predicted.

Paul Krugman: “The good news about costs hasn’t made it through at all: According to a recent poll by Vox.com, only 5 percent of Americans know that Obamacare is costing less than predicted, while 42 percent think the government is spending more than expected…. 114 more words

Politics And Economics

Cutting £12 billion from benefits

A leaked document, mentioning a few possible cuts to benefits, has been widely reported.  I’d previously commented on some ideas floated by Iain Duncan Smith, including cuts to large families, refusing benefits to immigrants and limiting the welfare cap.  226 more words

Social Security

Do we really need more military spending than we have?

I don’t agree with raising the Pentagon’s budget.It is already the size of the next 17 largest militaries in the world according to one report. 23 more words

Middle East

When You're Not a Hypocrite

A certain accusation of hypocrisy in politics has always bothered me. Somehow I’m not surprised that Ted Cruz (R-TX) is the one responsible for its resurfacing. 1,061 more words

Politics And Economics

The 'FIMO' Phenomenon

Serendipity in plasticine

I was at my friend and neighbour’s house one afternoon after school recently. I have three kids, she has four. It was lively. 2,605 more words


Inflation, disinflation and some other confusing terms

In the course of the week, I’ve heard the low inflation rate described several times as a “deflation”.  Mark Carney, the Governor of the Bank of England has… 257 more words

Politics And Economics

Budget Deficits: how the Government ruins your savings and how banks are stealing your money

This is the first political/economic post I have done and it is on the topic of budget deficits because a lot of people don’t understand how it affects them. 590 more words