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Conspiracy Theory Math

David Robert Grimes has a new paper, On the Viability of Conspiratorial Beliefs, in which he describes a simple model of conspiracies over time, specifically, a model of how long it would take until the secret leaks out. 1,147 more words


"What is Coworking?" It Can Be “On the Road”

Nader Luthera is embarked on a “social experiment” that may have transformed into ”a random act of startup-ness”. Claire Marshall’s experiment was a month in London and environs, Luthera is a year and all around the globe. 701 more words


What does the economy look like? And why does it matter?

Question: What does the economy look like?…

The mainstream economist’s answer: ‘Why! GDP, of course!

‘An economy,’ a mainstream economist might retort, ‘is nothing more than the combined economic activity of all ‘households’ in any given location – say, a region, a nation, the world. 2,167 more words


There goes the neighborhood

The process of gentrification is pretty far along in Park Slope, but the above-pictured sign on 1st street between 4th and 5th avenues still stopped me in my tracks. 1,067 more words

Seen On The Run

“What is Coworking?” It Can Be Musical

In the world of coworking spaces, there is one overriding imperative: a coworking space is inhabited by and serves a community of coworkers.

Beyond that, almost anything goes. 261 more words


Why the Sharing Economy is Awful

Continuing with my thinking on late capitalism has brought me to consider the idea of the “sharing economy“. Many people seem to intuitively understand the gist of the sharing economy– … 1,457 more words

Economic Inequality

DIY Sharing Economy Platform

The Sharing Economy features a plethora of services that are implemented as “platforms” a la Robin Chase (Peers, Inc. [1]).  Indeed, Claire Marshall documents the range of sharing “platforms” 743 more words

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