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What is Coworking? It Reproduces an Artists Coop

When considering the question “What is Coworking?”, it is clear that there are many precedents that contribute to the concept of coworking spaces and coworking communities. 909 more words


Why did David Cameron's £1.3 billion Troubled Families Programme Fail?

The £1.3 billion Troubled Families programme was launched after the riots in 2011 to give intensive support to 120,000 of Britain’s most challenging families.  But it has had no measurable impact on cutting crime or changing their lives for the better, an official assessment reveals. 635 more words

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Why Trump must stay in the race.

At first sight the suggestion it is important Donald Trump stay in the campaign to become the next President of the United States might seem crazy.  883 more words

What the United States needs: Investment & Progressive Internationalism - CNN op-ed

Click here for the CNN site. (Note that the title was chosen by CNN’s editor.)

Arthur Miller once said that “an era can be considered over when its basic illusions have been exhausted.” 876 more words

Politics And Economics

Why the Left Must Not Elect Hillary Clinton, For the Sake of the Right.

Electing Clinton to the highest office will create deleterious consequences throughout the free world.  It will broadcast the message that electioneering, media collusion, Superdelegate nepotism, rigged polling, and partiality are the only way to control the masses.   1,054 more words

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