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College Once Run by Jane Sanders Shutting Down Due to “Crushing” Debt

Bernie Sanders’s wife drove Burlington College into the ground with a costly expansion.

Burlington College, a private liberal-arts college formerly run by Bernie Sanders’s wife, announced on Monday that it was shutting down after incurring millions of dollars in debt to pay for a risky real-estate deal spearheaded by… 296 more words

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EU Referendum: All you need to know

The future of the UK depends on you!

‘What is an EU Referendum?’, you may ask.
An EU Referendum is a general vote of a political question. 198 more words

Apparently first aid education is a bad idea.

First Aid is a grossly underrepresented skill within the UK population, with numbers only ranging between 5-10% of the general population having any possible understanding on how to perform CPR, should the need arise. 663 more words

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'Tourist-ised' Animals

It seems to be in one ear and out the other ear sometimes when it comes to animal welfare. Many people seem to draw a difference between pouring crude oil over seabirds and wrecking coastal environments through over-fishing; and killing animals over a ‘selfie’ are somehow two entirely different things. 470 more words

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Correlation ≠ Causation

Humans love to see patterns. We create elaborate theories to explain things we don’t understand; pick a major event, its extremely likely that someone, somewhere… 734 more words

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Jeremy Hunt picked the wrong fight.

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past couple of months, the conservatives have seemingly managed to annoy the entire general public. If anyone is actually surprised by this revelation, you shouldn’t be, this has been the doctrine of politicians for years now, on both sides of the parliament isle. 918 more words

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'Designer Babies' and Bioethics

Recently, the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) gave permission for a specific team of researchers to begin genetic testing and modification on human embryos. These tests will allow for scientists to try and investigate why IVF treatments so often fail, … 1,145 more words

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