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Why are my trains being delayed?

Northern, Southern rail and Merseyside rail staff have gone on strike because certain rail companies are considering only having the driver as the staff on the train to save costs. 370 more words

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This case is not a walk in the Park Geun-hye

The former South Korean President – Park Geun-hye – was removed from office, because of her role in the recent corruption scandal.

At a time where tensions are so high, what will happen? 172 more words

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Fighting Famine In South Sudan

There has been a terrible famine that has arrived in South Sudan, which is the first famine in six years. South Sudan had a brutal civil war that lasted 25 years. 203 more words

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Trump's Travel Ban Blocked Yet Again

The travel ban for Muslims from six mainly Muslim based countries has yet again been blocked, but this time, by the judge of Hawaii.

The travel ban was an order that said there would be a ninety day ban for six mainly Muslim countries an a hundred twenty day ban on Muslim refugees. 195 more words

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Article 50 - What is it and why is it significant?

Article 50 is the article that will mean the UK leaves the EU. It is a one page agreement for all EU member states.

Over the next couple of years, Theresa May and the government will negotiate with several world leaders about Britain and it’s exit with the European Union (Brexit). 286 more words

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Muslims Outraged

A group of protesters on Thursday the 17th of November in America were showing their opinion about the decision/opt from Donald Trump to kick out all Muslims from America. 186 more words

Can music affect concentration?

A study was done at the Imperial College and the Royal College of Music to examine whether listening to music influenced concentration whilst doing a task. 269 more words

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