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ANOMALOUS POLITICAL SYSTEM IN NIGERIA: A WAY FORWARD1.0 INTRODUCTION: “Nigeria”, for people who reside or who have lived within this geographical, enclave and independent political entity, this appellation rings a bell, and raises different notional reservations, a broad phenomenological descriptive analysis of its issues would see coming to the fore several unnerving characterizations that has left it perpetually effete and almost moribund, that one hardly sees any light at the tunnel that beckons or elicits any hope for survival within a naïve expectant patriot (if there are still any left). 3,788 more words

Politics And Government

Freedom from Embarrassment

The United States Constitution is, on the whole, an excellent guardian of the rights and powers any citizen of the country can and should exercise. Foremost among these rights are the right to freedom of expression and freedom of the press, both protected by the First Amendment. 699 more words


The Blunders of our Governments and the #DementiaTax - a lack of deliberation?

This is a review I wrote in 2013. It might just offer some illumination of how Theresa May’s Team have made such horlicks of the #DementiaTax. 1,398 more words

Politics And Government

Meet the "United" Conservative Party

Say what you will about the Wildrose, they were always grassroots party…that is until Jason Kenney blew them out of the water.

Last week Jason Kenney and Brian Jean unveiled the terms under which the Wildrose and Progressive Conservatives will roll up into the United Conservative Party (UCP).  792 more words

Politics And Government

The Corbyn Project; why winning is secondary

Over the past couple of weeks I have had several conversations with people (journalists and academics) who cannot understand why Labour under Jeremy Corbyn may not be focused on, or even that bothered about, winning or losing the General Election. 597 more words

Politics And Government

Not So Much a Manifesto, More Monarch May's First Proclamation?

The Conservatives – or rather the Theresa May’s Team Party – published her Manifesto today.

Manifesto’s may seem a bit anachronistic in the age of rolling media but they do still matter, not least because they can be used to beat the House of Lords over the head- “ 360 more words

Politics And Government