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Vibrant photos capture a different side of Palestinian life

When you think of Palestine, what comes to mind? Although life in occupied territories may seem dark and depressing, photographer Tanya Habjouqa embarked on a project to capture a different side of Palestinian life. 562 more words

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Trump says he’ll debate Sanders for $10m donation for “women’s health issues”

Hillary Clinton may have declined to debate Bernie Sanders ahead of California’s primary on June 7, but it appears Sanders might have found a new debate partner — Donald Trump. 260 more words


Why I'm voting for the UK to remain in the EU

Last night, I watched the BBC debate and generally heard more applause for the remain campaign. Alan Johnson (Labour) and Alex Salmond (SNP) joined together to put forward positive arguments for the EU against loose ends from Liam Fox (Conservative) and some women from UKIP. 173 more words

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Iranian students lashed 99 times for attending mixed party

More than 30 college students in Iran were arrested, interrogated and given 99 lashes for attending a mixed-gender graduation party, Iran’s judiciary has announced. The prosecutor in Qazvin, about 90 miles northwest of the capital Tehran, said more than 30 students were arrested while “dancing and jubilating.” Esmail Sadeghi Niaraki described the women as “half naked,” meaning they were not wearing Islamic coverings, scarves and coats. 140 more words

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The beautiful town in the Italian Alps where you probably can’t inherit land if you’re a woman

In the wealthy, picturesque Italian town of Cortina, north of Venice, a centuries old system of collective property keeps the local natural resources protected and the tourism industry from running amok — but it also keeps women from inheriting and controlling land. 217 more words

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Indonesia to allow death penalty and chemical castration for child rapists

After a wave of outrage over several violent crimes, including the gang-rape and murder of a 14-year-old girl, swept Indonesia, Joko Widodo, the nation’s president, has announced harsher punishments for child rapists, including chemical castration and the death penalty. 170 more words

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South Carolina becomes 13th state to pass 20-week ban on abortion

Republican South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley signed the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act on Wednesday, making it officially illegal for women to undergo an abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy in South Carolina. 303 more words

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