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What Are We Waiting For? Democrats Must Prepare For 2018 Elections

When Trump won the Presidency, he did so with 62,985,106 votes. Hillary received 65,853,625 votes. If that isn’t enough, votes cast for others: candidates,Mickey Mouse, and friends of individual voters, totaled 8,261,894(1). 405 more words

2018 Elections

When Old White Guys Discover Memes

Ms Soapbox recently received a series of memes from an old white guy justifying his support of Trump’s anti-Muslim, anti-immigration, anti-refugee, anti-everything policies.

She’s been seething ever since. 898 more words

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Buhari’s extended vacation: How long is too long?

For the opposition, the National Assembly must not allow the health of President Muhammadu Buhari to hold the nation to ransom, if indeed he is found to be incapable of discharging the functions of his office. 36 more words

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Charles Bernstein's "On Election Day"

In 2012, filmmaker Gabe Rubin (see his short film, Boyland, another film centered around a poem) made a short video of Charles Bernstein’s poem, “On Election Day,” being read by the author around parts of, presumably, his hometown of Philadelphia (someone correct me if I’m wrong here). 639 more words

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The EPA climate change

With Scott Pruitt now installed at the EPA, what is arguably one of the most successful government agencies ever—remember the dousing of the Cuyahoga River fire? 555 more words


Parents Finding That Fabrics Are Important when Choosing Baby Clothes

From our site:

While some parents are focused on how cute the baby clothes look when they go shopping for their little one, others are looking at the labels and trying to figure out which clothes will be appropriate for their children. 340 more words

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Islamophobia: The Word Matters

Wouldn’t it be lovely if the Conservatives, who pride themselves on their ability to run the federal government like a corporation, would issue a corporate-style FAQ to explain why their anti-discrimination motion is superior to the anti-Islamophobia motion recently tabled by the Liberals. 780 more words

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