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Can Political Correctness Go Too Far?

I absolutely believe in the power of love to solve our personal and political problems, and I am not ashamed to say this.

I am actually in very good company in believing in the Power of Love. 1,772 more words

How to Treat People With Dignity (And Yourself, Too) Even When They Are Mean and Stupid

Here are two basic things I believe:  1) There are really mean, stupid, and horrible people in the world (maybe even a lot of them). 1,262 more words

Politics And Love

An Intention/Prayer for Political Healing

If you are anything like me, you are often greatly trouble by the political turmoil in our country right now, as well as increasing displays of racism and prejudice. 18 more words

Politics And Love

Why Criticizing Political Correctness is No Badge of Honor: Compassionate Language Matters

The phrase politically correct is not new. I remember hearing people talk about political correctness in college in the nineties, and early in my professional career, I remember stumbling upon and enjoying the book… 2,328 more words

Zombies, Imitation and Apocalypse, and the Resurrection

I have had zombies on the brain recently.

I am teaching a philosophy of zombies class this summer at a local college, and I have really enjoyed planning the class. 2,543 more words

Politics And Love

Fake News, Inaccurate News, Unethical News, Biased News: And Why the Difference Matters

The President regularly accuses major media outlets of spreading fake news.

The President’s Claims of Fake New

It is difficult in a post like this to address all of the various incidences in which the President has accused the media of being fake (you can read a somewhat comprehensive list… 3,325 more words

Politics And Love

Three Life Rules That Provide Clarity, Confidence, and Focus

The rules we live by make a tremendous difference in our quality of life.

I propose that the purpose of life rules is to focus our attention on the most important things in life and to give us principles that allow us to act in ways that reflect those “most important things”. 857 more words

Politics And Love