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The 'FREE TOMMY ROBINSON Film Production Rolls On: And It Gets Better...

He does seem to have a lot of friends. Some in high places; lots of them in not very high places at all. Later today, lots of them will be out in the street again, apparently embracing their role as ‘useful idiots’ in a scripted pantomime. 1,293 more words

Novichok, the 2018 World Cup in Russia & What COULD Happen Next Week...

Another two people have been allegedly poisoned by the Soviet-era nerve-agent ‘Novichok‘, this time in Amesbury.

And Russia and England are both still in the… 1,531 more words


#FREE TOMMY ROBINSON - And Welcome Back to the 'Race War' Psy-Op...

There are some days when the sheer scope of the idiocy makes me want to not get out of bed.

If ever you needed proof of how many witless muppets are – hook, line and sinker – caught up in the ‘race war’ or ‘clash of civilisations’ psy-op, 4,043 more words


China, 1984 and the New World Order...?

I noticed something curious recently, nestled away in one of the newspapers: that the Chinese government has apparently banned the classic book 1984  by George Orwell. 1,856 more words

The Truth About the IRAN NUCLEAR DEAL...

It has of course been clear for a long time that the Trump presidency is very much in bed with the Netanyahu government in Israel. 2,498 more words

New Provinces – Small Provinces... Strong Federation

The noises of a new province representing South Punjab are on a rise again. Some defections from the party ruling in Punjab and the Center have already taken place, while some others are foreseen. 767 more words


Trying to Make Sense of Nonsense: The Douma Chemical Incident & the Attack on Syria..

Am I the only one who can’t quite work out what happened last weekend in Syria or what it’s all supposed to mean?

That is, I can’t work out what the US-UK-France Triumvirate (the same Triumvirate that led the intervention against Gaddafi in Libya) was trying to… 3,040 more words