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Saudi Arabia, MBS & Trying to Make Sense of JAMAL KHASOGGI's Murder...

The apparent murder of US-based Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi within the premises of the Saudi embassy in Turkey has sparked days of outrage, threats, debate, and conspiracy theory. 2,937 more words

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President Akufo-Addo has indicated that government is focusing on making the country a bilingual state, that is, marrying English and French as its official languages. 465 more words


The Salisbury Poisoning Saga Goes On: And Makes Less and Less Sense...

The Salisbury poisoning saga has gotten more and more confusing and uncertain as it has dragged on.

I don’t particularly even care: I’m just watching with baffled curiosity. 1,747 more words


Exposing INFO WARS & ALEX JONES, Part I: Why Did the Big Tech Platforms REALLY Take Down Info Wars...?

First up, I should fully disclose my viewpoint: Alex Jones and Info Wars are psy-ops – psychological warfare/control operations, conducted primarily on Americans – but also substantially across the Western world. 4,924 more words

Meet The "Existential Threat" to Jews in Britain...

So the Labour Party is now “an existential threat” to Jews in Britain…? Really? I mean, think about what that language is actually supposed to… 2,076 more words

TOMMY ROBINSON'S Release Proves It Was All a Bullshit Psy-Op For Dummies..

I mean that pretty much sums it up.

Which is what I’ve been saying here the whole time anyway – that the whole Tommy Robinson thing is a staged psy-op for dummies and for the sake of maintaining the ‘ 1,934 more words


What's Past is Prologue: 'Rescuing' the White Helmets & Storing Up Future Trouble...

You will have seen the headlines over the last week, concerning the ‘evacuation’ of the White Helmets from Syria.

With the regime-change operation in Syria appearing to have stalled in either stalemate or failure (depending on who you ask), the Western-funded proxies had to be rescued – probably before Syrian government forces could capture them, torture them and also possibly find out where the group had come from, who was funding them and where their instructions were coming from. 1,780 more words