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Islamophobia: I Hate That Word

My last post (Can Paris Teach Us A Lesson?) brought up the word “Islamophobia” but I really hate that word.  A phobia is something you fear.   484 more words


Muslim students walk out on national anthem

First off, after reading everything about this incident… I was not going to write anything… then I read a blog post that changed my mind.  Thanks Maggie. 787 more words


Climate Change vs. Pollution

I have blogged before about my hatred of how the words “Global Warming” are attributed to ridiculous ideas that humans have an effect on the planet’s weather. 766 more words


I need to say thanks to Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal (and the Maritimes)!

I can’t believe I have to say “it’s gonna be a long four years” twice in the same year.  We elected the most ass-backward NDP government the country has ever seen (and our country has seen its share of socialist NDP parties) and now we have 4 years of Trudeau. 1,372 more words


Get out and vote... unless you hate Canada...

By looking at my blog statistics, and seeing  as though the majority of people will be hitting the polls between 4pm and 7:30pm (when polls close in Alberta), the absolute most people who will read this might hit 60 views… and considering that 30% of my readers are not Canadian, I might be hitting 40 people with this… on a good day. 551 more words


9/11 Memorial... sad update

This is a perfect time to get rid of yet another post from my drafts almost two years old… one about 9/11 memorials.

Did you know that there was a 9/11 memorial and museum?   958 more words


Temporary Foreign Workers... educate yourself before you talk

Now that I have written this post and re-read it… I have to apologize to my wife for not letting her know I wrote it.  She hates when I get confrontational because deep down I think she wants me to get into politics.   1,191 more words