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Unions: An archaic solution to non-existent issues

So I hadn’t planned on writing again before heading to Europe but I went on Facebook and made a couple comments which resulted in some heated private messages about the usefulness of unions. 1,074 more words


Liberals and Union bosses... a different breed for sure

I have never understood Liberals or Union leaders. I suppose it had something to do with being raised in a house that respected hard work and entrepreneurial spirit. 1,027 more words


I missed a lot of politics while camping

I have been camping for 9 weekends in a row and might have missed some big news while relaxing in in a hammock but I have been trying to catch up on all the political stuff happening in my world.   1,761 more words


Mississippi takes a stand against the far-left

Mississippi just enacted a law allowing businesses to make decisions for their business based on their religious belief.

Is there a problem?

There has been mass outrage from the LGBTQ community that this new law is discriminatory.  1,358 more words


Liberal Media in Canada... why hide or deny it?

I try not to have two posts in a row about the same topic but I started this one earlier than the one I published yesterday… 1,060 more words


Media bias is not a conspiracy theory, it is an industry with Trump!

Trump violence and the liberal media

I have to tell you that I just hate the liberal media and I have been working on a blog post for the Canadian budget that Trudoh released recently that tied so nicely into this but this week two new stories are about violence at Trump rallies… and some of you know how I feel about this violence. 703 more words


St. Albert Poliwings March 29, 2016

So tonight I attended yet another Poliwings event at The Beer Factory in St. Albert.  The food was great, the company was great and the conversation was great.   374 more words