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Fake News

Here’s a little poem I wrote in a fit of recent despair. If it drives you mad, please don’t be sad or tear out the roots of your hair. 1,144 more words

Post Truth

Limiting a person's speech can never help freedom.

In order to stop these radical islam imams from preaching jihad and hate and spreading radicalization of islam, we need politicians to make some changes! 640 more words


Watch "Elizabeth Warren Destroys Betsy DeVos At Confirmation Hearing" on YouTube

This is what I call the hot seat. I love it. Education should be top priority in the U.S.A.


One Final Comment About Mayor Crouse

Well I have not been a fan of how our city has been run for a while now but I haven’t been super vocal because I haven’t been willing to do anything about it. 955 more words


The Media Make My Blood Boil

It has been less than 48 hours since I said I was done writing about the Alberta Government for a while and in particular, their home schooling debacle. 983 more words


NDP Graduate from Bullies to Witch-Hunters

Undoubtedly you have heard that the court case between Trinity/Wisdom and Alberta Education did not go well for the tax payers.

Yes, the tax payers get to continue saving $29M per year on Trinity/Wisdom’s home schooled families even though the government would love to see them all in brick and mortal public institutions. 2,289 more words


Feminists in politics... what the hell are women thinking?

Alright. If you have been looking for something to push you over the edge so that you could finally say that this was the last straw… you hate me enough to never read anything I write again… you probably should have read more earlier and saved yourself some stress. 1,780 more words