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So the Tories won...what now?

It’s safe to say I wasn’t the only person gutted disappointed by the surprising outcome of the UK general election, so I thought I would share my main thoughts/fears/predictions about what’s in-store for us over the next five years under the Cameron regime. 471 more words

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One last day before the election... could the NDP turn Alberta on its head?

I keep hearing about polls predicting an NDP victory. As much as I hate polls for their abhorrent inaccuracy, I have to say something.

For those of you unaware, the NDP stand for New Democratic Party and their values include a party with very little democracy.   624 more words


Revisionism of the Resurrection

As a historian, I am always interested in effective paradigm shifts in historical thought. The whole idea of revisionist interpretations of historical events evolved around new evidence coming light, a prime example being revisionist interpretations of the Cold War. 259 more words

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In honour of National poetry day...

Ok, so I know that this post is a day late (national poetry day was yesterday) but hey, better late than never..

I think it’s pretty cool that people in government deemed poetry important enough to get a national day, so before I share… 564 more words

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"Conscious...it was merely the name men gave to their mistakes"-Wilde

I’ve been reading The Picture of Dorian Grey, and I came across the quotation “conscious…it was merely the name men gave to their mistakes”. At first I simply continued reading, but the more I mulled over the quotation, the more thought-provoking it became. 241 more words

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Awkward jumps... it must be results day

We’ve all seen the photos: the grinning teens, the endless hugs, the awkward jumps. It can only mean one thing, results day.

The day where you get to discover if the hours spent slaving away over textbooks so large they could double as weights, have really paid off. 293 more words

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Save English lit Update

Due to the change in Education Secretary the protest against changing the English literature GCSE by removing the books: To Kill a Mockingbird, Of Mice and Men, and The Crucible is now addressed to Gove’s successor Nicky Morgan. 8 more words

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