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Mississippi takes a stand against the far-left

Mississippi just enacted a law allowing businesses to make decisions for their business based on their religious belief.

Is there a problem?

There has been mass outrage from the LGBTQ community that this new law is discriminatory.  1,358 more words


Liberal Media in Canada... why hide or deny it?

I try not to have two posts in a row about the same topic but I started this one earlier than the one I published yesterday… 1,060 more words


Media bias is not a conspiracy theory, it is an industry with Trump!

Trump violence and the liberal media

I have to tell you that I just hate the liberal media and I have been working on a blog post for the Canadian budget that Trudoh released recently that tied so nicely into this but this week two new stories are about violence at Trump rallies… and some of you know how I feel about this violence. 704 more words


St. Albert Poliwings March 29, 2016

So tonight I attended yet another Poliwings event at The Beer Factory in St. Albert.  The food was great, the company was great and the conversation was great.   374 more words


Prime Minister UH: improving but still a disgrace

I just watched a video of PM Justin Trudeau… affectionately called Trudoh among many other names because he simple doesn’t show enough intelligence to run a McDonald’s Drive-Thru let alone a country but what did we expect?   700 more words


Calgary-Greenway by-election way too close for sane people.

Eating wings and losing my mind…

So last night I was sitting with my wife and daughter enjoying some wings and hearing stories of her recent adventures in the Caribbean, Florida and Whistler but I could not keep my eyes off my phone. 922 more words


Calgary-Greenway byelection: Do Albertans plead insanity or are they?

Today there are 30,600 registered voters in Calgary who get the chance to voice their opinion on provincial politics.  The question on many minds across the province and even on many elsewhere in the country, do we plead insanity and vote more right, admitting that we made a huge mistake allowing a socialist party to control our budget when we were headed for some rough economic water? 899 more words