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Are there any Canadians living in Quebec?

I didn’t want to say anything more about the pipelines and governments but I can’t stay quiet.  I love Canada and I love the idea of this great nation.   1,314 more words


LBGTQIAPDQRSTUVWXYZ... where do we draw a line?

I need to clear some air out there…

I have written about the LBGT community in relation to high schools and art and my thoughts of the influence put on society by the “psycho liberal housewives” (these people have asked to be renamed but Social Justice Warriors simply doesn’t have the impact or explain how screwed up these people are). 1,751 more words


5 Reasons Uber is Now Legal in Edmonton

Let’s just jump right in… especially since my home town of Edmonton just became the first city in Canada to legalize Uber!  Here are my 5 reasons that Uber isn’t going anywhere… and will be legal everywhere sooner or later… 2,064 more words


Alberta Education: Gender Terrorism

Edit: Please click on the petition and rally link at the bottom of this post!

If you are unaware of my position on boys and girls sharing a washroom, I think I made it clear in a post called… 1,498 more words


Climatologists are now attacking their own data.

A brand new video on YouTube is trying to destroy a couple of people because apparently the satellite data has been reporting wrong or something.  How convenient for the liberal climate fear mongers. 1,299 more words


Hey Alberta, Want to Hear a Story?

I would like to take a few minutes to tell you a story about Alberta’s Premier, Rachel Nutley, and how she decided to save some money.   1,147 more words


Obama is a self-proclaimed "Unpatriotic" President

I just got in a debate on Facebook about the US government which started about gun control and then went to someone said “Bush drove the states debt into the ground”. 545 more words