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Pity the President

His flaws have no camouflage;
he wears them on his sleeve
with pride, and pride is first
among them.

A buffoon he lampoons all
but his reflection, speaks… 41 more words


Trash in the White House

You are as you treat others,
and so you are trash.

Hide in your towers
and behind the Twin Towers
and in the wee hours… 106 more words


"Phobocracy" and The Power of Fear

“​The more you can increase fear of drugs, crime, welfare mothers, immigrants and aliens, the more you control all of the people”

In the light of this statement quoted by the renowned scholar, Noam Chomsky, we repost his opinion about the policy of fear pursued by Donald Trump throughout the presidential campaign and after the results.

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It was not a particularly calm evening, I had got some bad news from home as well. I was cooking, making lunch for the next day, and Heiko was in the living room with Sophie. 391 more words

Living In Germany

TMST - Frank Furedi

Extracts from Frank Furedi essay about the politics of fear:

The narrative of fear has become so widely assimilated that it is now self-consciously expressed in a personalised and privatised way.

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Transmedia Storytelling

Paul Street: How the Republican Party Rules a Nation That Hates It - Truthdig

The strange political dominance of the Grand Old Party can be explained by 12 factors, including the neoliberal agenda of the Democratic Party, gerrymandering, the politics of fear, and mass ignorance in much of the U.S. 15 more words