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Harnessing anger: my thoughts on the election

I’d have written this sooner, but instead spent my weekend having fun; witnessing and celebrating the wedding of two friends. It was difficult to avoid talking politics, and although my reading at the ceremony was taken from Les Misérables I was not trying to start a revolution.  967 more words


Left-wing arguments of ‘morality’ are overly simplistic and short-sighted

Since the Conservatives won the election supporters of the left-wing parties have been, understandably, distraught. Labour Party supporters have begun organising demonstrations and complaining about the supposed ‘immorality’ of the Conservatives, often using colourful and unnecessarily offensive language. 684 more words


11 post match reflections on the 2015 General Election

Because there haven’t been enough articles analysing the aftermath of the General Election, here’s my fifty pence. What do you think? Feel free to comment below. 1,313 more words


Using fear as a headline

On Wednesday 21 people, including foreign tourists and a gunman, were shot to death at a museum in Tunisia. On Friday, a man yielding a machete in a New Orleans airport injured six people. 369 more words

In Our Time

plus les choses ne changent pas ...

via Following the recent election Israel now seems set….

Following the recent election Israel now seems set for a ‘more-of-the-same-only-worse’ hardline and far-right government with Netanyahu locked on a collision course with Palestinians and the international community after disavowing his previous support for a two-state solution and escalating illegal settlement building in the occupied territories ..

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