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Section 66-A and a long way to go.

Article 66A Information Technology Act was clamped down by the supreme court, today. This is a huge victory to civil liberties in India. The law restricted the freedom of speech by making any offensive message in any medium through communication services,  punishable by imprisonment and fine. 561 more words


Coalition Politics - the future of India?

“Perhaps one did not want to be loved so much as to be understood.” George Orwell, ‘1984’.

These words aptly describe the deep hankering that defines the human race, as our desire to be understood surpasses all our needs. 1,532 more words


Heaven Assured: Beef Ban in Maharastra.

Congratulation to people in Maharashtra. Probably you are going to heaven for not killing cows, buffalo, bull, bullocks, calves, and ox in the land. Peace be upon them. 860 more words


The Anatomy of Modiwave!

As the great Congress melt down continues and Modi keeps driving more electoral success for BJP experts, panelist and perhaps even congress folks have silently agreed that indeed… 1,473 more words

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