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Iran Infiltrates the West Bank

Emboldened by its nuclear deal with the world powers, Iran is already seeking to enfold in its embracing wings the Arab and Islamic region.

Iran’s capacity for intrusions having been starved by years of sanctions. 104 more words


Iran's Commitment to Shia in the Region

The West does not seem to appreciate the intensity of Iran’s commitment to its Shi’ite cousins in Syria. The West also seems not to comprehend the depth of Iran’s spiritual ties to its centuries-old role as the champion of Shi’a Islam. 112 more words


CIA’s Nuke Sting May Prompt New UN Review for Iran Nuclear Program / Sputnik International


The revelations emerged from the trial of Jeffrey Sterling, a former CIA agent convicted of leaking details of a 2000 plot wherein the agency fed faulty blueprints for nuclear weapons to Iran in an effort to derail any weapons development efforts. 530 more words


West rapprochement with Iranian regime endangers global peace & security

by : Mohsen Sardary 

At a quick glance, in Iran under Rouhani’s watch an individual is executed every 8 hours, and this makes one think why does this regime carry out such crimes in public? 948 more words


Representatives Were Threatened With Martial Law

Democratic Congressman: Representatives Were Threatened With Martial Law In America Over Bailout Bill

Warns that a panic atmosphere is intentionally being nurtured to get bill passed… 175 more words

On the occasion of Human Rights Day

On the occasion of Human Rights Day (10th Dec)

Translation in French

The Campaign to Free Political Prisoners in Iran (CFPPI) has initiated a 10-day campaign from 1st -10th December 2014 to raise awareness on the situation of Prisoner of conscience in Iran. 248 more words

Political Prisoners - زندانيان سياسى