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Chicago's Budget for Violence

Mayor Emanuel – Let’s rethink the budget and really cure our violence problem

At my company, Public Good, we look for organizations that are effective at solving the world’s most important problems. 574 more words

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Trains and Planes: The O'Hare Plan

In a year without a lot to be cheerful about in our hometown, I was excited to hear that Mayor Emanuel is putting a real push behind the idea of high speed rail service from the Chicago loop to O’Hare. 525 more words

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Political and Civic Data Sources

As I’ve begun to dive back in to building political and civic applications, a frequent question is where to find sources of useful and interesting data. 428 more words

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A Window on Russia

” The old, old thing came up, that always comes up: ´Then why does your government not control these newspapers and these men who talk war?´ And we had to explain again, as we had many times before, that we do not believe in controlling our press, that the truth usually wins, and that control simply drives bad things underground. 368 more words


Women of the Valley

In the wake of the resignations of Dave McLure (500 Startups), Justin Caldbeck (Binary Capital), and, of course, Travis Kalanick (Uber), I think it’s incumbent on everyone in the tech industry to not just take a… 550 more words

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An Autonomous Civic Network

The more I have engaged with supporter-driven organizations – political and nonprofit – the more I am convinced that the way they interact with their supporters is fundamentally wrong. 1,070 more words

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RISE with us.

Since I had the opportunity to work on President Obama’s 2012 campaign, it may be taking me longer than most to process the fact that the inauguration of the 45th president has just taken place. 400 more words

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