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Minimum Wage

The residents of Seattle are waking up to a new normal they had not anticipated. Seattle is leading the nation in implementing the new $15 an hour minimum wage. 793 more words


Here's What Could Happen If the Patriot Act Expires

The Patriot Act is set to expire at 12:01 Monday morning unless the Senate votes to extend it, a week after they failed to reach a deal that would allow the law’s anti-terror protections to remain in place. 458 more words

Buhari to Nigerians: Bear with Us as We Tackle the Rot

President Muhammadu Buhari on Friday evening appealed to Nigerians to bear with his administration as he and Vice President Yemi Osinbajo begin the earnest work of reconstructing the country. 602 more words


The Stimulator: Big Brother, eh?

Dandelion Salad

stimulator on May 30, 2015

This week we break Bill C-51, down Klanada’s sinister new law, that would give the Canucks increased spying powers over its population.

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Citizen N: Celebrities

Citizen N is running for President.  He is being interviewed by Jerry Shill. a media puppet.

Jerry:  According to you, Americans must walk away from their celebrities. 885 more words


The EU Referendum - Why Votes at 16 are Vital

You might’ve come across a petition from the Young Greens, or heard about Labour’s hope to amend the referendum bill in the Lords, and dismissed the efforts of such parties as desperate attempts to save our membership of the EU – young people, so the story goes, are more inclined to vote for us to stay in Europe. 576 more words


Could I have your Gettysburg Address, Please?


If you are walking down the street and you happen to see a dead black person on the ground and they appear to have been shot dead by either: 29 more words