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Modi and The Trough of Disillusionment

A couple of weeks ago, I landed safely in the torrential downpours of Mumbai, in the midst of one of the worst/best monsoon months in decades. 859 more words


Getting started

I just want to let people know about why I am starting this blog. I heard it many times over the last few weeks about “Obamacare” and same sex marriage, everybody has an opinion about it and they are very divisive issues. 412 more words


UF/UF 97: Solo no more, H-Rod has some competition.

Consider me fooled. Last week we applauded former Senator James Webb, (D) Virginia, for staying out of the fracas. Preferring to watch the circus go by. 405 more words


An Independence Day tribute to James Otis--opponent of tyranny

Otis opposed writs of assistance in colonial days, used by the British to intimidate the populace. 84 more words


The 56 Declaration of Independence Signers: An Arbitrary Ranking

America declared independence from Britain in July 1776. Fifty-six persons signed the document that, in theory, could have gotten them hung. There were many slaveholders and no women. 1,192 more words