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Brexit: Facts cannot be denied. Eventually there are nothing but consequences.

The Globalist: “We’ve run out of time, and no amount of clever denunciations or legislation or voting will change the inevitable progression of the choices we have made, and the facts we have refused to acknowledge.” 780 more words


Lex Veritas: we interfere in global politics, now the globe interferes in ours


Yesterday I overheard a long NPR segment on Russia’s digital interference in US politics. This was a few hours after I read an article about how a state department employee was seen meeting with leadership of the Hong Kong protests. 292 more words


Moscow Mitch and the American empire

It all started as innocent fun…

Lisa Wright

I’ve been quiet lately for the good of the mental health of the group and I feel like I have earned a bonus in the form of a beer coozie (and other… 2,767 more words


If Kamala Harris were white we'd be calling her a racist

A case has been made that Harris is anything but progressive, is terrible on civil rights and has a particularly nasty track record when it comes to blacks. 805 more words


Trump's All Show, No Forces Day Address

The airport gaffe is less about Trump and more about us

As the story goes, the teleprompter was down so he had to wing it for a moment. 1,098 more words


Our curious cyber offensive against Russia

We’re effectively talking about starting a war the president doesn’t know about because everyone decided not to tell him.

So the NYT report about the… 411 more words