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New Mexico, vigilantes, abduction, and citizen's arrest

New Mexico’s problem with aggravated assault and abduction

By now you may have heard about the vigilante goon squad in New Mexico that “detained” approximately 300 people. 856 more words


I can't go home again

What was that thing Thomas Wolfe said….

A friend back in NC ended an email this morning about the politics there with this line:

“> …it has been really hard and exhausting and there have been many times I almost threw in the towel.

267 more words

The Democratic party is clearly casting to the right

Change my mind

Pelosi wants us to think there are like maybe 5 of us. Let’s take a little look at the politics of the possible, shall we? 2,119 more words


Time to get serious, people - fascism is coming to America unless we stop it soon

America, we have a problem – fascism is on the rise in America, and our experts are flailing around too much to do anything about it. 1,397 more words


You've got my vote, now Good Luck with That

I’m in the mood for a little dissection, aren’t you?

First, let me be clear that I agree with everything in this meme.

I’m something of a proceduralist. 3,142 more words


Who the hell is Beto O'Rourke, anyway?

Beto has announced for President. Now to see if we can figure out who he actually is.

To the surprise of nobody, Texas Democratic darling… 311 more words


All actors aren't bad actors (like Smollett, Huffman and Loughlin)

In a society that can’t think (or count), one case proves the point. That it’s actually just one bad actor and the other 99.99% are hard-working, regular folks like us is of no consequence to the hysterical idiot. 257 more words