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Bernie's party

Is It Bernie’s Party Now?

– The ultimate outsider took over a splintered party from within. Sound familiar?

I love this, mostly because the anti-Sanders view point in it comes consistently from the same guy: a consultant type with “Third Way,” the literal embodiment of Clintonian politics (and Biden too).

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Trump's Space Force Logo WTF: the greatest troll in human history

Sure, it may bring down civilization as we know it, but we’ll all die laughing.

Friday afternoon Presnit Donald tweeted out the new logo for his space force. 415 more words


It's an election year! Oh, wait.

Hooray. It’s 2020. An election year. A year when we’re probably more likely than ever to share what we think about the state of things while wrestling with the choices presented to us. 2,518 more words


The 2019 Asshole of the Year is Mitch McConnell

Last year Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) shared the Scholars & Rogues Asshole of the Year Award with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Fake Christians. 1,363 more words


2019 Asshole of the Year: the nominations are...

It’s time for the staff at S&R to award our 5th Annual Donald J. Trump Asshole of the Year.

This is never an easy process because the competition is so intense. 1,122 more words