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Trump will win re-election, and he will remake America in South Africa’s image

When Trump was elected, I said that you had put an African “big man” in power. That wasn’t a joke, but the absolute truth.

The clearest and most obvious indicator of that is in how big men respond when they’re caught committing grand crimes. 287 more words


On power and people

It seems to me that the powerful fall into two categories.

The first crave power and pursue it, crushing anyone who threatens their power, metaphorically if not occasionally literally. 261 more words


Civil disobedience is now mandatory

“Waldo, the question is what are you doing out there?”

Last year I asked a simple question: why should I follow the law?

Or maybe it isn’t so simple. 634 more words


What should we do about Africa?

Our friend Sam Hill returns to Sierra Leone. The hard way.

There’s no way of estimating how many hours have been devoted to the question of Africa – its poverty, its wars, its plagues, its culture, the legacy of colonialism, its potential for development… In general, how we… 400 more words


Hunter Biden: The GOP Declares victory over incredulity

With evidence of Trump’s corruption mounting the hot topic around DC is naturally impeachment Hunter Biden…

I’ll assume you’ve been following the news and don’t need me to backstory this for you. 648 more words


Jobs, Zuckerberg, Bezos: what do our titans of tech say about us?

We have met the enemy and he is us

Steve Jobs may be the most significant human of the past century. Sure, that’s a huge claim, but with a series of innovations – Apple, the Mac, iTunes, the iPhone – he first envisioned, and then delivered, entirely new ways of living and relating to the world and the data that comprises it. 1,393 more words