The executive order is becoming a serious problem for the US

The office of the presidency is too damned powerful.

One man decided to set up concentration camps detention centers on our southern border. That same man has decided it’s okay to split up desperate families and cage children, depriving them of the most basic accommodations, like soap and toothbrushes. 723 more words


Immigration is about economics

Maybe Mr. Trump’s wall will make a difference. I doubt it. Desperate people do desperate things. Like trying to walk across the Sonoran Desert carrying a child. 573 more words


Top 10 candidates to replace Sarah Sanders as White House Press Secretary

Sarah Huckabee Sanders has announced she will be leaving her post as White House Press Secretary at the end of the month. We asked analysts from the S&R Beltway Desk to offer up their predictions on likely replacements. 811 more words


Women's health and transgender advocacy

How do we handle the math?

What if I told you that a study showed the number of breast cancer diagnoses dropped by 170,799 in some Year II compared to Year I? 1,304 more words


Abortion laws are about control

Not surprisingly the S&R writers have been participating in an email conversation over the proliferation of extremist abortion laws: Ohio, Georgia, and Alabama specifically.

Someone suggested a post about the role of women in writing, passing, and supporting these laws, but, as a man, he didn’t know if he should take that on. 617 more words


When politicians speak, demand evidence of claims

Demand deeds, not words. Claims of values demand clear demonstrations.

In the language of modern American politics (and surely elsewhere), one word has become debased currency. 335 more words