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Life under Trump

I have been a casual observer of the American Politic. Brought up on the prairies of North Dakota and Montana, I love open spaces and open minds. 1,356 more words


Why I joined LibDems 2.3 hrs after Mayhem

1 – Tories will go #Brexit, tearing apart the economy, the Union and the NHS as they go

2 – Labour supports #Brexit and is an incapable Opposition… 95 more words


First thoughts

I find myself with this need to write down my thoughts, and so to keep from losing all my friends (real and social media types) I thought it might be a good idea to do something that people could take a look at only when they want to, and as often as they want to. 81 more words

two individualities

That individuality in complex societies is not anti-group, but actually simultaneous coexistence of diverse groups, and that the diminishing diversity of groups leaves previously “individualistic individuals” in a dangerous position. 722 more words


desnecessária identidade

O problema das “Políticas Identitárias” é que os defensores disso agem como se todo mundo fosse obrigado a se importar com as questões que eles se importam. 979 more words


unnecessary identity

Part of the problem with “Identity Politics” is that its proponents treat it as if everyone had to necessarily care about the issues they like. 802 more words


Dilma was the first Trump

It is said that Brazil was Keynesian before Keynes, it seems our vanguardism is still going: I propose we’ve been Trumpist before Trump.

There were certainly a series of predecessors to Trump, which either means the world had been slowly preparing itself or the USA are not really a starter of things anymore (which actually is close to what Trump says). 974 more words