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Discussion | Children's Theatre

I have always had a thing about the theatre, from when I was little my Dad took me regularly to the local theatre’s productions. But that was Somerset and when I was little.  286 more words


Should You Wear The Polka Dot?

The Polka Dot is one of the most popular yet often considered “complicated” designs to wear. Although it is one of the oldest designs in the world (because it was a design that was easy to create during the early times just by dipping coins into colored dyes and pressing them onto shirts) the polka dot still gives some people the chill because they find it “hard to wear”. 347 more words

Womens Clothes

January 7th: Tina Lech's / Race Classic

Cool and simple little polka I first heard from Liadan in a set of polkas.

Instruments: Mandolin & Button Accordion

Glitter, Champagne, and Doing the New Year Right

I love New Year’s Celebrations. It represents a reason to get together with friends for one final celebration after all of the major holidays are over and we all go back to work in January. 843 more words


Is it Appropriate to Say, "Break a Leg" Before Performing This Song?

Oswald Melichar composed “The Dog Polka” in 1852. The inspiration for this piano solo was, according to Melichar, “the falling down of a favorite lap dog from a table and thereby breaking his leg.” 63 more words