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New poll reveals the least liked state in America. Where does NC rank?

A new poll has ranked all 50 states by how much they are favored by Americans.

YouGov released the recent poll, asking Americans how they feel about each and every state that forms the U.S. 83 more words


Results of this weeks poll...marriage equality

Thank you all for your participation in this weeks poll on marriage equality. We LOVE your feedback. Keep up the good work! Here are the results: 76 more words


Poll: How do you determine brand trust?

In tech, you either stand on one side of the line or the other:

You trust Google. You embrace their privacy policy. You don’t mind contributing to their infrastructure, because whatever data they pull from your account is only making the world better.This is why Google Maps is such an impressive piece of software. 162 more words


Public Opinion Polls is a way to reach for the nerves of people, very important

Indian people have a great role to play in making it a big power; in such cases what they feel about anything particular also becomes important, their… 153 more words


Is finishing another person's sentence rude?

I just started an Internship this week at a PR firm and it’s been a really awesome experience so far… I’ve learnt a lot of skills, none of which are relevant to my major in college or remotely close to the career path I wish to pursue, but nonetheless I’m having a good time. 222 more words


Super Mega Important Debate: Fried gyoza or boiled gyoza? 【Poll】

They may have come from China originally, but Japan has made gyouza – those little parcels of deliciousness that go perfectly with a cold beer – their own just as much as they did ramen. 234 more words


Southern whites who know basic facts about the Civil War don’t support the Confederate flag - Updated by Dara Lind on July 3, 2015, 9:10 a.m. ET

Supporters of displaying the Confederate battle flag in public places like South Carolina’s state house often argue that it’s about “heritage, not hate.” But as political scientists  423 more words