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Mud Pies and Treasure

Richard Louv is a journalist who writes about nature. He can be rather convincing about getting outside. He explores the dangers of a sedentary indoor lifestyle. 681 more words

To Inflame! (or) To Inform!

Over the past couple of weeks my mind has been flooded with thoughts of how the media interacts with its citizens. It may be because I have been binge watching… 633 more words

{Food} Getting Back in Touch with the Animals - On Netflix's Cooked: Fire

When I think of food, the first image that comes to mind is always something hot. I could see the steam, feel the heat, and even smell the smoke. 570 more words


Balanced on the Edge of Similarity

In the introduction to ‘The Botany of Desire’, a book about the co-evolutionary success story of four domesticated plants, Pollan poses that ‚Äúdomesticated species don’t command our respect the way their wild cousins often do. 463 more words