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White-Winged Love

In case you were wondering what a white-winged dove looks like when it isn’t plunged headlong into a saguaro blossom, here you can see most of the bird apart from its feet. 62 more words


Pollen Problems

This year in the UK the pollen count has been sky high  lasting for a much longer period than we are used too. Mr Defender suffers dreadfully from hayfever his eyes are sore and itchy, his throat also is closed and all of his nasal system is affected as though he has a heavy cold. 483 more words


Honey---The What?!

Honey is so familiar to almost all of us as Americans, that there’s really no reason to go into a in-depth explanation of what honey actually is…most of us already know that honey is primarily produced by bees gathering nectar from nearby flowers and storing it in wax structures called honeycombs. 1,194 more words

Getting Healthy

Pollen Overload #2

A carpenter bee laden with pollen on a gaillardia flower in the Audubon House pollinator garden at the Oslo Riverfront Conservation Area (ORCA).


Goodbye sneezy summer

I’m pretty sure every has some sort of experience with hayfever at some point in their life. It ruins what should be the happiest, most fun time of the year, leaving so many of us house bound, unable to chill at the park having a picnic with our best pals. 854 more words

Most beekeepers have come to realize that due to lack of natural forage in our urban and agricultural landscapes, feeding pollen substitute has become necessary to keep bees healthy in most parts of the country.

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Haiku Thursday!

Trees, flowers blooming ~

Nose sniffling and a-CHOO!ing ~

Allergy season!