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Research Highlight: Great Plains vegetation dynamics in response to fire and climate fluctuations during the Holocene at Fox Lake, Minnesota

Novus steering committee member Kendra McLauchlan and colleagues recently published a study on links between plant community composition and fire frequency in the Great Plains throughout the Holocene. 101 more words


Week 16 - #4. Biggest Fear

I have several fears which I think would fit this theme; however, since our rules are to post only one photo which best fits the theme, I would have to say my… 169 more words

52-Week Photo Challenge

How DNA and a supercomputer can help sustain honey bee populations

To uncover what plants honey bees rely on, researchers from The Ohio State University are using the latest DNA sequencing technology and a supercomputer. They spent months collecting pollen from beehives and have developed a multi-locus metabarcoding approach to identify which plants, and what proportions of each, are present in pollen samples.

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