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You’re a flower but you’re human

Your smile was lavender in bloom

You had words that wouldn’t come

So you read peacefully in your room… 154 more words

It’s a Girl! Why Sex Matters in a Wildlife Garden

Dateline:  October 15, 2010*

Have you ever been walking through a nursery and noticed a plant which has a pink ribbon attached? It probably is a dioecious species. 622 more words


A Dance to Remember

She crossed the little field of grass. There were scattered flowers, but they were not what she was looking for. She entered the forest. The dance… 322 more words


Hello, pollen! I'm ready for you.

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Hello, pollen! I first noticed there must be pollen when my eyes/nose/throat became dry, accompanied by a mild headache. Next, I got moody for no reason and my muscles from toe to jaw tensed up, which is usually a sign. 390 more words

Do You Have Seasonal Allergies? You Should've Already Started Medication

If you’re like me, you live in the Central Savannah River Area and suffer from seasonal allergies. If that describes you, it’s past time to start taking allergy medication. 83 more words

Rich Rogers

The Architect's Playground That Is Singapore


I LOVE London. It will always be my favourite city in the entire world. But architecturally, Singapore has taken my breath away.

It’s a work of art.

126 more words

February, February Where Would We Be Without February . . . I Guess We'd Be a Month Short, But I'm Not so Sure it Would Matter

Well, here we are in February. The same place we are every year at this time. As a writer, different months lend themselves to a multitude of subjects to record on paper. 198 more words

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