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The Calm Before the Storm

I complain about living in Southern California, especially in October, when the heat has gotten old a month ago, and you are just longing to wear jeans. 104 more words


Go Away, You're Crazy 89/365

  • Ummmm so yeah that’s pretty gross
  • My car is not green/yellow
  • My car is in fact black
  • Maybe this explains why my ear has been clogged for over a week now…
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Lava and Socks

I don’t know what I had for dinner that kicked the crazy dream portion of my brain into high gear last night but geeeeeeeez. Actually thinking about it a bit more, it’s probably all the pollen I’ve been snorting. 321 more words


Spring Brings Pollen And Customers To Local Car Washes

Spring has sprung and like all other seasons, it has also created a unique demand for the local car wash. In the winter, frequent washes can help prevent damage from salt laid on roads and in the summer, patrons are more likely to venture out for a clean up. 198 more words

Car Wash News

Nature is a wonderful thing

Whilst posting a letter one morningĀ I noticed two bees lying on the floor. The weather has been a little unpredictable lately, one moment it’s blue skies the next it’s pouring with rain. 181 more words


Tiny Seed

March 26, 2017, Prescott-

I am starting, just starting, to emerge

from a heavy coat,

after several false springs.

My last flowering,

which itself went to seed, 117 more words