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Sweet Democracy

Although saddened my gang did not glide into power and even more upset about Lib Dems like Vincey Baby and Special Charlie K – I delighted in my participation in lovely democracy last week.

M is for... Minister of Magic

Fudge, Scrimgeour, Thicknesse, Shacklebolt. Who would you vote for?

The Minister of Magic in the Harry Potter universe is democratically selected and voted on by the public, although the process isn’t really explored all that much in the books. 365 more words


He Should Have Overslept

One Morning a Precinct Parasite owing Allegiance to a Political Party of Progressive Principles went around to the dinge office of a Fuel Supply Co.

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Polling Booth Through SharePoint 2013 And Office 365

Here in this article we will see our Poll functionality in SharePoint 2013 as an app that will make you use it somewhere since it is really helpful. 347 more words

Feeding Your Brain: Onision Polls

I have a number of likely random polls to follow… I hope your mind enjoys them:

Take Our Poll

Take Our Poll

Take Our Poll… 34 more words