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Confessions of a Poll Clerk.

I’ve always voted in elections, be they local, General or referenda. That’s every election since 1970, when Edward Heath’s Conservatives confounded all expectations and all poll- predictions  by defeating Harold Wilson’s Labour Party. 1,847 more words

A conspiracy theory behind a notice at Polling Stations

I’ve stood outside many a polling station in my time. At the recent General Election I saw a notice outside the polling station I was at that I’d not seen previously. 165 more words


Polling Day in Horsham June 2017

This was the Polling Station in the Barn in the Causeway. Enough votes were cast to re-elect Jeremy Quinn locally but the national picture, as we all know, was quite different. 24 more words

Hidden Horsham


More cars than usual, more pedestrians too, for this street, at this time. Despite the rain there is an air of busyness  – as if the occupants of the surrounding houses have all decided to go and buy the morning paper at the same time, like perhaps one would, if one lived in a delicious picturesque village 694 more words

A day in the life of a polling station in the sticks

I live the centre of a large village in Lincolnshire. On election days, the village hall is the polling station. This happens to be close to my house and through my study window I can see everyone who arrives to vote. 768 more words

Tories breaking law at polling stations - photograph, report, do not be fooled #GE17

Worrying reports are reaching the SKWAWKBOX of apparent illegal behaviour by Tory candidates or their representatives at some polling stations.

The Tories appear to be affixing election posters to the walls of polling stations or of the grounds of the polling station, in clear breach of electoral law regarding campaigning within 250m of a polling station or attaching election materials to polling stations: 419 more words

A History of the Great British General Election!

Today, people from across the UK are voting in the 2017 general election. What makes this election unique is the fact that it’s occurring only two years after the last one, a result of the snap election called in April by British Prime Minister Theresa May. 487 more words