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Walter Mitty Does Transgressive

Tonight I went to see Donald Ray Pollock.  He has a new novel out that he’s promoting. I’ve already read his two previous works but was absolutely blown away by his short story collection, Knockemstiff, which I wrote about… 731 more words


Il Mondo di Serano

Il grande filosofo Borget disse che: “l’arte non è niente senza anima, il pensiero sta alla letteratura, come la luce alla pittura”. Questa massima mi è balzata alla mente appena ho ammirato le tele del pittore  Diego Serano. 150 more words


What We Learned From the Knoedler Trial and Scandal: A Post-Mortem

The smoke is clearing.

It’s been almost half a year since the settlement of a dramatic civil court case between Ann Freedman and the Knoedler Gallery and collectors Domenico and Eleanore De Sole, who bought a fake Mark Rothko painting from the gallery in 2004 for $8.3 million. 894 more words

Mark Rothko

How Can Services Organizations Attract and Retain New Millennial Technicians?

BA: How can companies attract and retain these new millennial technicians?

BP: The best way to attract and retain these new technicians is the same way that has always been used by services organizations – give them what they want! 419 more words


How Will Incoming Millennial Field Technicians Differ from the Technicians They Are Replacing?

BA: How are incoming techs (who are often much younger) different from the technicians they are replacing? How can field service organizations prepare for this new generation of millennials? 609 more words


the art of Freedom

Many moons ago, I used to travel with my father…once a year, to NYC.  This somewhat unnerving adventure, started at five in morning…and, did not end until about one the following morning. 268 more words


Key Staffing Issues Faced When Replacing Retiring Technicians with Millennials

BA: What are some of the key staffing issues field service companies face when it comes to replacing retiring technicians?

BP: Historically, the replacement of a retiring field technician was nothing more than the “changing of the guard”, that is, hiring a new, typically younger, individual to serve in his place (i.e., given that, historically, most field technicians were male). 613 more words