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Another season ending too soon .

This was the latest kayak fishing trip , fishing the firth of Clyde , and what a season we had . This was also the coldest trip in 2017 , sitting the kayak on the roof rack the temperature was minus 8C . 158 more words

National Gallery Replaces Blue Poles With Square Of RSL Club Carpet

The National Gallery of Australia has announced that it will be selling the iconic Jackson Pollock artwork “Blue Poles” and replacing it with a square of carpet from the floor of the Wagga Wagga RSL Club. 236 more words

Part 5, Project 1, Ex 2: Dripping, dribbling & spattering

Look at the work of Jackson Pollock whose paintings are explosive in effect. Think of how these colours have been applied and work out how you could create your own effects by dripping, dribbling and spattering paint.

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Revive the Clyde

Three weeks until Christmas and this week we tackle the Clyde . It’s a fine day out there , it’s not raining and seriously mild . 184 more words

Kayak Fishing Scotland

Spot the Original?

When I post on Instagram, I will often post parts of whole paintings just because I think that when you look a the painting up clode there is a whole new painting hidden within a painting.  135 more words

Abstract Expressionism And Me

3-7 Assignment 3

Assignment 3

Select a piece of music (preferably classical or at least rhythmically complex) and allow your movements to be affected or generated by it whilst producing a drawing. 1,335 more words