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Another #5 of the Nine Mobiles Made from that Old Washing Machine Tub

Did you know that long ago washing machine tubs were made of copper? It was a good find at the scrap yard! Finding weathered copper with good patina on both sides always makes me happy! 94 more words


Looks Clean and Orderly to Me

May not look tidy to you but looks like Mr. Clean was here to me! Take a good look before I mess it all up again! 135 more words


Collages Galore

This is a variation of a lesson I found online, like many of mine are this year. The variation isn’t so much in the final product, but in the way we approached talking about each artist. 123 more words

Nancy's Flyer Piece

Spring is so busy. Storing all the winter toys and tools, getting lawn and garden stuff ready, moving out to the summer (garage) studio! The garage is starting to fill up with this spring’s stickpeople faster than I can sort through all the stuff piled in there over the winter! 44 more words


Turtle Came Out of the Basement Plumbing!

This turtle was found trying to become scrap copper from my pluming job. It wanted me to think it was a 3/4″ copper 90 degree fitting but 30 more words