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POLL- Should BQB and the Gang Save Blandie?

Bookshelf Q. Battler:  No!  We’ve got a great set-up here in Price Town!  Free food, supplies, and a gate that’s keeping the zombies at bay!  Plus, she made this face at me for as long as I knew her: 58 more words


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Half of voters support NDP-Liberal coalition, but could it work?

As Oct. 19 approaches, Canadians still seem divided about which federal party should form their next government.

Several polls have shown the Conservatives pulling ahead (slightly or not-so-slightly) in both voting intention and in seat projections, while most pollsters now agree that the NDP is suffering a major slide in the final weeks of the campaign — a so-called “Orange Crash.” The number-crunchers also agree that a minority government is a likely outcome of this long and unusually tight race. 585 more words


TV's iconic fight scenes? VOTE NOW!

As I was listening to latest episode of Cyborgs: A Bionic Podcast where we’re all talking about “The Secret of Bigfoot,” we get to the part where Steve Austin, … 320 more words


'I See Movie' of the Week: 'Pan' vs. 'The Walk'

Last week’s ‘I See Movie’ of the Week match-up saw ‘Sicario’ take home the victory. I guess people want to sit through intense movies because they make for an interesting viewing experience even if they aren’t the easiest to watch for people. 189 more words

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