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Can we save the world?

People say our earth is dying. Dying because of us. Were we an accident, mankind an abomination destined to doom theirselves. Ignorant to the point that despite the fact that we know what we are doing, know that we are killing our planet, we continue. 543 more words



The fire in Notre Dame Cathedral may be a wake up call to humanity. It’s being pointed out that our natural world is figuratively, in some cases literally, going up in flames as habitat is destroyed, species go extinct, humans pollute and change the entire globe. 53 more words

New York Times - Microplastics also in the air

Microplastics can be found also in the air. According to the New York Times, French researchers have found thousands and thousands of microplastic particles raining down in the Pyreneers. 147 more words


Eventorum - Plastic, it's Everywhere!

Or perhaps I should say?, “Plastic, it’s what’s for dinner.” As reported in the scientific journal ScienceAirborne microplastics found atop France’s remote Pyrenees mountains… 10 more words


If the breeze could speak, I wonder if it would tell us where it’s come from.

Tell us about the butterflies that have surfed on it, or the parachuting spiders waiting to paint the trees with silk. 75 more words


Death By Planning

As the Local Plan/Green Belt debacle continues to be played out in the local media. The latest instalment being the local Labour group advertisement feature wrapped around the  5,170 more words