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Turtle Journey: the crisis in our oceans

Borrowing the voices of Helen Mirren and Olivia Colman, Greenpeace have released an emotive campaign to illuminate the effects of climate change and pollution on ocean habitats and wildlife.


President Donald Trump is expected to meet Climate activist Greta Thunberg at Davos World Economic Forum

Last year, people at Davos said it was boring at the World Economic Forum (WEF). It wasn`t as it used to be. It`s probably because Trump wasn`t there. 726 more words


Why is Stoke so unhealthy?

  • Stoke is one of the 32 UK cities with air quality below the W.H.O standard

Stoke-on-Trent, a city famed for its historical pottery production, is one of the UK’s most unhealthy cities according to data from Public Health England (PHE). 528 more words


Hanford incinerator - a cigarette we all smoke?

  • The Hanford incinerator, a view from one of Stokes many canals

Stoke on Trent is one of the most unhealthy cities in the UK, and it is entirely possible that the 76 meter chimney that’s located just a stones throw away from a 30,089 seated football stadium, and just a couple of miles from Stoke city centre; is having a negative effect on the health of residents. 54 more words


Thank Jimmy, It's Sunday

First, let’s all agree to find some of these tips do-able!  As for me?

I have #1 covered – I no longer fly anywhere.  I’m avoiding most single use plastics, I no longer buy plastic bags and re-use the ones that come on products I still need in my life.   75 more words