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#5.3 [Pollux]: My Personal Holga

It was here where I heard it first: They stopped to build the Holga in China.

I got acquainted to that phenomenon when I collected some photos of celebrities with cams. 1,009 more words


#5.0/5.1/5.2 [Pollux]: Remain In Light

Two cameras (Nikon F5 and Olympus XA), three rolls of film. A hall flooded with light and two different metering systems. The F5 was set on matrix metering mode and on manual mode, the XA has a centre-weighted system, I suppose (see… 361 more words


#4.0 [Pollux]: Film Noir

Unlike week two, when I had exposed eight or nine films, this is a calm week with just one roll.

For some months now, I have a certain photograph in mind. 488 more words


#3.0 [Pollux] Hard Boiled

Today we had fun with some diary shots when my brother was going to leave after his weekend trip to Berlin.

Intérieur in winter, available light, fast moving children. 71 more words


#2.3 [Pollux]: What took you so long?

Logfile: I’m going to adhere to the week numbers according to the official calendar of week numbers, which tells me that week #3 started today. On week #2 I was shooting several rolls, so I’m staying with the chronological order and hope to catch up with showing the results soon. 655 more words


#2 [Pollux]: Fade To Grey

Berlin today:
Schöneberg, Hauptstraße 155
Grief at the day of Bowie’s death in front of the house where he lived.

TMax 400, HC110. Pentax ME super, SMC-M 35/2.8… 591 more words