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Dad-stronomy 101: Pollux


Location: Gemini Constellation

Classification: Giant Star

Distance: ~34 light-years

Alternate Names: Beta Geminorum

Apparent Magnitude: 1.1

Meaning of Name: refers specifically to the twins of Roman and Greek mythology… 37 more words

Dad Life

Tattooed soul - Poem

Hello everyone! I’m really excited because my second poetry book, Eyelahes’ rhythm, is up to pre-orders now on Amazon, Apple iBooks, Google play, Barnes & Noble and Kobo! 221 more words


Lifting up the Little

“For who has despised the day of small things? for they shall rejoice, and shall see the plumbline in the hand of Zerubbabel…”

Zechariah 4.10 840 more words


Back to School Spring Semester Edition

I love college for the simple fact that one can have two “back to schools” a year (more if you want to torture yourself with an intercession course).   1,119 more words


Silver tree - Poem

Hi! Greetings to everyone! I hope you’re all okay and doing well!

Today’s poem is from the poetry book Congrats! It’s a boy! and I hope you like it as much as I do. 124 more words


12 Ocak 2017, Yengeç Burcu'nda DOLUNAY, Korunma Güdümüzü Yönetmek Hakkında Dersler!

12 Ocak 2017 günü, İstanbul’a göre 14:34 itibariyle DOLUNAY adını verdiğimiz, Güneş – AY karşıtlığını yaşayacağız.

Bu DOLUNAY haritasını değerlendirirken, aşağıdaki göstergeleri dikkate alıyorum;

  • AY doğal yeri olan Yengeç Burcu’nun 22 derecesinde, 2 ile 3’üncü evlerin sınırında yerleşmiş.
  • 837 more words
Ay Döngüleri

Mid October Godfest Day 1

Boopaloo here. So I had a bunch of stones to splurge due to the absolute beauty of Z8 farming to stamina refreshing to coin dungeoning in addition to typical GungHo antics of the Spice of Life event’s spicy stones. 1,046 more words