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USPS Star Calendar for 19-25 April

19 Apr    At dusk, Mars is less than 2 finger-widths to the moon’s right. Mercury is less than 2 finger-widths to Mars’ lower right.

21 Apr     121 more words


You are NOT the Center of the Universe!

How big is planet Earth? Compared to our tiny (yes, it’s true) human bodies, it seems huge. Right? Not so much! When you stare out into space on a clear night and marvel at all the stars that seem so tiny, consider this video and then think again about how big and important you think you are. 58 more words


USPS Star Calendar for 22-28 March

22 Mar    The moon is a little higher in the sky this evening. Venus is 1½ finger-widths to the right.

23 Mar    The moon lies between… 95 more words


Dismal Days or Penguin Days? That is the question!

If the long hot summer days are called the “dog days” of summer, what should we call the damp, dreary, frosty days of winter? How about the “penguin days” of winter? 421 more words


Castor and Pollux

These two stars are a case of the myths fitting the reality, since Pollux is the brighter (17th brightest) while Castor languishes at 23rd. Since many versions of the Classical story of the Heavenly Twins made Castor the mortal one, it seems fitting that his star is slightly dimmer. 734 more words


Pollux Straightforward

Those guarantees of neutrality of 1839 failed to prevent the invasion of Belgium by Germany in 1914, leading Britain to enter the First World War. British troops would continue fighting in Belgium throughout the course of the war (see Western Front (World War I)). 154 more words


The Constellation Gemini Myth


The origins of some constellation myths are heavily debated. Gemini mythology, luckily, is pretty straightforward.

By all accounts, the twins represented in Gemini mythology are Castor and Pollux of Greek mythology. 245 more words