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Moonset & Gemini

With the Winter Circle reduced now to just an arch — Sirius, Rigel, and Aldebaran are setting before the Sun cools its heels — here’s a photo of last night’s waxing crescent moon setting over the hills across the river. 30 more words

#13: Diary with a Point & Shoot

Logfile: The main external storage hard drive (3 TB) crashed in February, with the most important photographic diary material of the last fourteen months on it. 420 more words


Site update - nuovi spettri stellari

Un aggiornamento dal sito.

Quando ho “tra le mani” le mie stelle mi sento davvero, davvero bene.

Ho appena finito di dedicarmi a quattro nuove stelle. 96 more words


A Couple of Photos

Hi, folks. With all of the talking about the Winter Circle and Jupiter we’ve done lately, I figured I’d see what my tiny new pocket-sized Canon PowerShot camera can do. 159 more words

#11.0/11.1: Parklife (Nikon F2)

It was a still picture from the HBO series “Vinyl” with Olivia Wilde holding a Nikon F with an old 50mm lens attached which struck me. 682 more words


#10.0 – One Shot per Roll

Some days ago I felt like shooting some medium format in Black and White. In front of the former town hall of Berlin (West) a water-pipe-rupture caused a major traffic break down eight weeks ago, and the roadbuilding continues.   447 more words