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Video: Cate talks about photographer Polly Borland

In this video, Cate shortly talks about the photographer Polly Borland, who has taken really great pictures of her in the past (you can see some in the video). 18 more words


Polly Borland's "Smudge"

I was told about this series by a friend and I thought I would share it on this blog seeing as my project vaguely relates to it. 32 more words

Photographed Dolls as Illustration: Clever or Creepy?

There’s something about using actual dolls (photographed) to illustrate a story that can be incredibly creepy. The Lonely Doll by Dare Wright springs to mind. I loved and was kind of repelled by those books as a child.   232 more words

Picture Books




Cuts. Folds. Blurring. Burning. This is love? The tumultuous nature of love is expressed through a series of interesting and curiously disjointed artworks and installations in  462 more words

Martyne Ford

Books about Bears

My daughter is doing a project on bears at school at the moment. They’ve brought in their teddies from home and done observational drawings of them, parents have brought in their beloved childhood bears, they’ve learnt how to make porridge with honey, found out what bears eat and which countries they live in. 320 more words