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Bones Under A Bridge

Tiny pile of bones
under a bridge
you were found out;
talked to the hawk,
or a murder of crows.
Maybe your first love,
the one that found you… 45 more words

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A Fine Disregard

Written early in 2013…perhaps I had an inkling…

A Fine Disregard for Awkward Facts

He has a true dislike
of anything uncomfortable;
will go to any length… 41 more words

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Hare, Fox, and Owl

A hare a fox and an owl
met at the crossroads,
‘Come,’ said the fox, ‘show
me where we must hide
from the hunter.’
‘Oh,’ said the hare, 27 more words

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Dry January

Poetry is alive and well,
plus it’s Björn’s birthday – that’s so swell.
What celebrations there will be
lots to eat and drink; he’ll be merry, 125 more words

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Four Terms

By Temple Greenhouse, a Lancelot place,
at Evergreen Shrubbery, a Court of grace;
a criss-crossed walk, dappled jade glade, stunning
pale plinths await their statues’ homecoming. 67 more words

Croome Court

The Key

Helen’s reflection looked coldly at her,
knock, knock on the door–a visitor
perturbed her, disturbed her reverie.
She rose from the chair, put the mirror away… 147 more words

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Today's Moon Face

The moon is in Taurus
today, a First Quarter,
a young lunar growing
it never falters;
tomorrow waxing gibbous
it moves to Gemini,
slight silver shining disk… 24 more words

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