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The Politics of Fantasy? Jeremy Corbyn and public opinion

The politics of fantasy? Jeremy Corbyn and public opinion
by Ian Sinclair
Morning Star
30 July 2016

A common refrain among the elite and mainstream media commentators is that “Jeremy Corbyn’s politics are fantasy”, as the headline to an Observer op-ed by Tony Blair put it August 2015. 837 more words

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Time for a Sad Quote: Polly Toynbee on Christ's Sacrifice for Us!

The journalist Polly Toynbee in her review of “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe,” said, “Of all the elements of Christianity, the most repugnant is the notion of the Christ who took our sins upon himself and sacrificed his body in agony to save our souls. Did we ask him too?”


Guardian to give readers actual bubbles to live in

The Guardian is rolling out a new subscription package for readers in which they will get an actual bubble to live in, which the newspaper has assured customers is “perfectly safe, in fact probably the safest space going” and “100% biodegradable”. 430 more words


Has Brexit triggered an anti-democractic "Color Revolution"?

by Kit

It’s important to remember, it was never supposed to get his far.

The Prime Minister didn’t want it. The Chancellor didn’t want it. The Queen didn’t want it. 1,605 more words


I'm Sorry for Voting for Brexit

Only racists, imperialists and bigots voted out. I’m ashamed to have been one of them. I am so sorry for voting for Brexit. 918 more words



The following notes about C. S. Lewis, The Chronicles of Narnia, are from four emails that I wrote in the fall of 2015. The emails rebut various objections to the Narnia books. 3,428 more words


My Last Words on EU Referendum

This is my final blog post on the referendum.

I have found the entire debate profoundly depressing. The media coverage has simply intensified that feeling.  Both sides have produced dud numbers and fatuous arguments; very few journalists seem capable of rigorous interview and many columnists, most of all Toynbee, seem to inhabit a world that I do not recognise.  1,759 more words