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Polonium, named for Poland, was discovered in 1898 by Marie and Pierre Curie. It is a rare and highly radioactive element with no stable isotopes. It was a critical part of the “urchin” detonator used in the Fat Man bomb dropped on Nagasaki in 1945. 40 more words


The Only Woman You Need to Know

Ask any stranger to name a female physicist and their response will be Marie Curie.

Manya Sklodovska, as she was called by her family, was born in Warsaw, November 7, 1867 the fourth girl of a moderately successful Polish headmaster who taught his children science, history, music, and poetry. 549 more words


Golden League vs maFIaDE

When first informed of the news concerning the formation of the chess “Golden League” Russian President Don Vladimir Pootin allegedly said, “Bring it on.” There has been no comment from former POTUS George Dubya Busher… 188 more words

Poisoning spies: Why Polonium-210 is the poison of choice - Truthloader

Truthloader, Jan 2015

Polonium-210 was discovered by Marie and Pierre Curie back in 1898 but in modern times has been used and linked to a number of poisoning cases. 10 more words

World At WAR

The finale to the most sensational murder of 2006 is playing out in a London courtroom

Years before Russian president Vladimir Putin was pilloried by the West for invading Ukraine, he was accused of complicity in the most sensational story of 2006—the hideous death of a KGB defector named Alexander Litvinenko in London. 599 more words