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Nerdprom on or off?

There are questions about the future of the White House Correspondents Dinner.

I’m sure our Putin-loving SCROTUS will be happy to attend. Journalists, I hope you enjoy your… 7 more words


Jesuit Order and CIA attempt to assassinate Trump team member: Roger Stone

Donald Trump’s senior advisor Roger Stone was recently poisoned after he fell ill and tests concluded that he was poisoned with polonium. Polonium is a highly radioactive substance often used by black ops spies to assassinate or debilitate a target. 868 more words


Trump loyalist Roger Stone claims he was POISONED with polonium by political enemies who wanted to kill him before he could expose 'the truth' about Russian hack

  • Roger Stone claims he was poisoned by political enemies in the ‘deep state’ 
  • He says they wanted to stop him testifying about Russian hack before Congress…
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