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I saw it coming a mile away.

It doesn’t make it hurt any less.

My husband and I are in an open/Polyamorous relationship. The two words mean two different things, but for us, for our version of things, they are almost synonymous.  729 more words


Re: If you don’t go to a Russell Group, then why are you at uni?

This blog is a response to the editor for Nottingham on tab.co.uk – I am specifically replying to his article that is dated 7th March 2015: … 541 more words


Poly Communication Yay!

So, I went to my third orgy yesterday (which is really far less exciting than it sounds, but still completely awesome) and when I was coming into the house after sitting in the hot tub I walked through a conversation that reminded me why I love poly so much. 77 more words


28 Day Non-Monogamy Challenge Day 26-28

26. What’s been the most rewarding thing about non-monogamy?

Dating, sexing, and falling in love and having the support of my partner(s).

27. What’s been the most challenging thing about non-monogamy? 61 more words


28 Day Non-Monogamy Challenge Day 25

25: How do you feel about the portrayal of non-monogamy in the media?

I am encouraged by the portrayal of non-monogamy in the media. In the time I have actively identified as polyamorous (not including the time I have been practicing non-monogamy but not identifying as such) the number of poly people showing in the media and the number of poly stories in the mainstream media has probably trebled, if not more. 102 more words


28 Day Non-Monogamy Challenge 17-24

Yeah, I got distracted by life this last week, so here’s the combined answers.

17. How do you experience love?

In a complicated way.

What used to be the best indicator to me of romantic love was: “Do I acknowledge this person as a person wholly separate from myself?”. 407 more words


28 Non-Monogamy Challenge Day 16

Day 16: How do you feel about compersion?

Worth noting, for starters, that WordPress’s spell check does not recognize it as a word – worth changing, I think. 79 more words