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What I mean by "love"

So, I’ve been thinking about writing this post for a long time, even before I wrote the last one, but I’ve been refining it – pulling it out of its box, mulling it over, shoving it back in the box, over and over – and finally I think I may be ready to write it.   872 more words


Update: Letter to My Dad

So, I received a response letter from my dad, apparently a few days after I sent the letter (Delayed mail? Me not checking my mail often?), I thought it was worth retyping: 279 more words


Come with me and you'll be in a world of no imagination!

“Come with me
and you’ll be
in a world of pure imagination…”
Willy Wonka

_ _ _

I’ve always thought that my imagination was a bit overactive. 624 more words


Love and gratitude

i am grateful Ma’am. Grateful for this lifetime and the time i get to share with you. Grateful that our life sometimes becomes a piece of musical theatre often at the most unexpected and silly moments. 102 more words


Would you like to delete contact? Y/N

It’s been almost a week since I last heard from my ex (5 days and roughly 4 hours). The last words he said to me were “I’m done.” I texted him a few times that night until I gave up in the hopes that he would cool off and get back to me in his own time. 573 more words


Processing out of love

Warning:  This is a lot of brain spillage, just getting my thoughts out at this point in time.  It does not necessarily represent my feelings in the future. 1,258 more words
About Me

Bad to the (Wish)Bone

Whenever people make a list of what they are thankful for, they tend to go for the pretty obvious good stuff – family, health, etc. And while I’m thankful for those things, there came a certain point where I recognized that I should also be thankful for the things that were bad or that didn’t quite go so well, or the things that aren’t quite perfect right now but are getting there. 398 more words