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Bad to the (Wish)Bone

Whenever people make a list of what they are thankful for, they tend to go for the pretty obvious good stuff – family, health, etc. And while I’m thankful for those things, there came a certain point where I recognized that I should also be thankful for the things that were bad or that didn’t quite go so well, or the things that aren’t quite perfect right now but are getting there. 398 more words


We Did the Mash - We Did the Poly Mash

I was working in my lab, late one night…

This turned out to be a long one – Bear with me, because the context matters.

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And Streeeeeeetch

“Necessity is the mother of invention,” they say.

In Poly, I think a similar phrase would be “Logistics are the mother of boundary stretching.”

My husband recently started dating a new lady, and he seems pretty excited about where things are headed. 1,336 more words


I Lost 29 Years of Baggage in Just 10 Months! Ask Me How!

If it seems too good to be true, it probably is

                          – My grandmother

You learn a lot of lessons when you transition from monogamy to ethical nonmonogamy.

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(Not So) Great Expectations

One of the most appealing things about monogamy, and conversely one of the most common stumbling blocks for anyone who is transitioning from a monogamous to a polyamorous relationship, is the idea of expectations – particularly unspoken expectations that are often taken for granted. 1,111 more words


Droppin' (L) Bombs

So, I had a pretty fantastic Saturday; I’m not going to lie.

The biggest development to come out of Saturday was exchanging “I love you” with my boyfriend for the first time. 496 more words


Along Came Poly

I figured I’d give a little background and current context for my poly relationship(s).

When I was in college, I met an “older man” who identified as poly (I was 21 and he was 34). 1,000 more words