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On Being Lonely, Queer, and Polyamorous

When you live in a small city, being lonely, queer, and polyamorous isn’t easy. First, let’s tackle loneliness. I’ve been in a rather introspective mood after last month’s trip and I came back to living alone, as my old roommate had moved out and my new one had yet to move in. 560 more words


A personal coming out story: Friends vs. family

Telling people about my polyamory came in two very different flavors: coming out to friends and coming out to family. Though we are out to many of our close friends, the vast majority of our families think we’re all just good friends. 760 more words


The NRE Gambit

Any non-coercive relationship you get into starts with NRE (New Relationship Energy). That wonderful, rosey, electrifying energy and obsession with a new partner if you’re really into them. 630 more words


The Second Ring

We got engaged on a Friday night. Saturday morning we got up and drove out to Jacksonville to spend time with my Fiancée’s secondary. While I really like her now, and there was never a point I didn’t like her, I’m not going to say I didn’t have some issues I had to work through. 479 more words

Everyday Life

Individuality and being a team

The same, but vastly different.

The three of us Mist ladies are distinctly unique individuals, yet at the same time we have many similarities. It’s actually quite amusing just how many. 681 more words