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• Coming Legalised Perversion

America has legalised gay marriage… next will come polygamy, beastiality, paedophilia and what other forms of perversion you want to throw in there. Don’t say it wont happen; the flood gates have been opened.

— M.A. Williams

Mark Anthony Williams

Pastor Note #64 -- Marriage: And Now for Something Completely Different

Marriage:  And Now for Something Completely Different

Is there really a good reason why marriages of more than two people should be forbidden by law? Is sex a necessary part of marriage as it is now defined by the Supreme Court of the United States? 2,229 more words

Gary Chorpenning

Regarding Redefining Marriage

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Below is a recycled, yet relevant essay, originally penned in 2009:

I’ve noticed a number of stories recently about . . . “the latest state to legalize gay marriage.” 428 more words


Thought Experiment for Mormons

Actually, this thought experiment is open to other Christians, too. My background just happens to be Mormon, and it was in that frame of reference when I first started thinking about this idea. 1,498 more words

Gender Roles

Richard Posner: A Bigot Against Polygamy

Richard Posner writes,

ignores the fact that polygamy imposes real costs, by reducing the number of marriageable women. Suppose a society contains 100 men and 100 women, but the five wealthiest men have a total of 50 wives.

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Married couple (Albany, NY) - March 2009

I don’t really know what to write about this (after all, this is a web blog about photography, and I should probably keep it that way). 440 more words