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Stay With Me: A Novel That’s Doing Just That

Ever had one of those post-partum lulls in your reading life, where you’re kind of in mourning for the last book you just read? Absolutely sure you’ll never find another one anywhere near as engaging? 260 more words

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Polygamy a remark..

You will be questioned always over your beliefs and customs. One such question that I am often asked, “Why is polygamy allowed in your customs?” You will find many answers to this question from different person’s perspective. 122 more words

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Catholic Comparison

Today’s snippet from Fly, Fly Away: From the Prisons of Polygamy and Patriarchy to the Freedom of Deep Truth.

In my childhood religion we believed that no one could forgive us except for God. 246 more words


Lawmaker proposes raising Utah's marriage age to 18

SALT LAKE CITY — A state lawmaker is seeking to ban anyone under 18 from getting married in Utah.

Rep. Angela Romero, D-Salt Lake City, filed a bill for the 2019 Utah State Legislature, raising the legal marriage age in Utah to 18 and above. 523 more words


Special prosecutor ask for jail time up to six months for two B.C. religious leaders convicted of polygamy

CRANBROOK, B.C. — A special prosecutor is recommending two men who were leaders of a religious sect in British Columbia serve time in jail after being found guilty of polygamy. 378 more words


I found My Husband A Wife!

These days there aren’t may things that make you do a double take. However how would you handle things if you suddenly got sick wasn’t able to satisfy your spouse/partner intimately? 184 more words


Match-Making is a Perfect Job For Women

Women usually have female friends and a wide social network, and these female friends are often single, or themselves have female friends who are single. That means that when you are connected to one woman, e.g. 447 more words