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If We're Serious About Women's Month, We Will Seriously Legalize Polyandry

Some say two’s company and three’s a crowd. Others reckon, the more the merrier.

For some people I know within the Zulu culture I am (supposedly a very treacherous) member of, having more than one wife signifies the ability to establish and maintain large or multiple households, which, in turn, gives you social kudos and say-so among fellow male household heads in society. 673 more words

Sexual Justice

Iya Awero,Baba Adio’s found
love,from a village in Ilaro
Her inception into Adio’s home is
believed to be a fresh Sorrow
She has been the suspect of every… 217 more words


Great expectations

While contemplating my romantic history one day, I realized that I’d had four serious long-term relationships in a row… all colossal failures, or at least by my definition of failure at that time. 407 more words



Sundance Mountain resort is a charming hidden gem in the mountains and valleys of beautiful UTAH.

On a sunshiny day I went to work and play to UTAH. 211 more words

What's Hot Now!

Iraqi traffic start

I’m happy about my polygamy blog attracting Viewers from Iraq for the first time.


The Legalization of Polygamy Is Next

Conservatives have long argued that the legalization of same-sex marriage will likely lead to the eventual legalization of polygamy because the same principles used to argue for same-sex marriage apply equally to polygamy. 250 more words



Don’t get me wrong : there are some very good men,but there also some really bad men.we need to know the difference .but how?????? how do you differentiate between the two. 74 more words