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Biblical Gender Roles vs Quranic Gender Roles

Both the Bible and the Quran teach the inequality of women to men, the subjection of women to men, the allowance for polygamy and the allowance for slavery. 5,890 more words


Polygamy, second generation

Joseph Smith first introduced polygamy in 1831, shortly after he established the Mormon Church, or the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Depending on your view point, he either was commanded by God to marry dozens of women, and he did so reluctantly, or he really wanted a lot of wives and he used religion as an excuse to obtain them. 1,047 more words


Church leaders should be faithful to one wife. Solomon loved many foreign women. The people have switched to false gods that they have made with their own hands. 410 more words

For Christians

Polygamous community police under fire after denying 'non-believers' services

SALT LAKE CITY — Federal prosecutors plan to bring a mix of law enforcement leaders and ex-sect members to a hearing in which they’ll ask a judge to disband the police department in a polygamous community on the Utah-Arizona border. 453 more words


Aaaand it's over.

I have packed my things and moved out.

My whole life, my business, my personal effects… reduced to a few cardboard boxes. And why?

Well as it turns out, I was used. 587 more words


Question #1

I’m so excited! I got my first official question about relationship advice. It came from a friend of a friend via text message.

Dear Brenn, 446 more words


Sethepu - Polygamy

By Dineo Nyakale

For years polygamy had been something of a norm and regarded it as something acceptable that should be practiced as a part of tradition. 649 more words