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The word 'husband'

This English word is a grammatical modification of the Norse word ‘húsbóndi’, which means ‘male head of a house’. It is a combination of the Old Norse word ‘hús’ (which means house) and Old Norse word, bóndi (a masculine noun implying residency). 53 more words


Brief thoughts on Korea travel: Korean Edition

This is my original post rewritten in Korean.

그것은 한국 여행에 대한 내 다섯 가장 원하는 국가 중 하나 인 인정 내 기쁨이 될 것입니다; 내가 좋아하는 역사적 인물 중 하나는, 네 번째 조선 시대 왕이 나라의 수도, 서울에서 그의 이름을 따서 명명 거리 예술 센터가 있습니다 (한국어의 한글 스크립트를 발명 한 일부 다처 남성이었다) 세종을 지명했다. 56 more words


Brief thoughts on Korea travel: English Edition

It’ll be my pleasure to admit Korea being one of my 5 most wanted countries for traveling; One of my favorite historical figures, the 4th Joseon Dynasty king named Sejong (who was a polygamous male that invented the Korean language’s Hangul script) has a street and art center named after him in this country’s capital, Seoul.


Reeling in the Japanese Views: English Edition

The usage of Japan-related tags made me recently attract Views from Japan and I look forward to having this blog become more popular in the country.


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Attention Readers: If you are an atheist/agnostic, then you have a stiff philosophical problem to grapple with before you even think of pointing fingers at Islam and lecture us on morality; your world view provides no sound philosophical foundations for objective morality whatsoever, and hence morality is subjective on your view. 2,880 more words