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Love Is A Social Construct And It Does Not Exist

Recently, I came to the realization that what we know of “love” or a “relationship” falls short of a priori truth nor knowledge acquired via experiencing emotion. 630 more words


Those who speak ill of plural marriages (polygamy) are affected by the modern day Christian ideology (which itself is not the way of the Prophets as mentioned in biblical scriptures). 158 more words


A Woman Desires to Marry a Man Who is Already Married

A Woman Desires to Marry a Man Who is Already Married – Shaykh Ahmad An-Najmee


This questioner from Britain asks: What is your advice for a sister who desires to marry a man who is already married? 63 more words



Why are we against polygamy when Allaah ﷻ commanded it and it is the Sunnah of The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ ?

We claim we fear Allaah ﷻ. 67 more words


Polygamy basket 

polygamy has always been a touchy subject.

Polygamy is more associated to having more than one “wife” or “husband”. I guess the definition has spread out somewhat, these days marriage isn’t a must, as commitment is on the table without a ring. 388 more words


Ball is really life

If you have ever played sports at any competitive level, you know that there are several principles you learn that are applicable to life. For example: Handling adversity — Like sports, life is full of adverse situations that often measure one’s physical and mostly mental strength. 1,609 more words