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Slacking off

I’m just like everyone else in the world,  if I really don’t want to do something I can slack off and not do it.

Eventually, it all catches up with me though. 176 more words


Bigamy is the only crime where two rites make a wrong.

PNP Dialogue Series-Saturday February 20th

Join us for our latest installment of our dialogue series. Eat, drink and debate on interesting topics and issues of the day. This installment’s topic is right on time; As this is the unofficial “love birds” month with Valentine’s day, it’s only right that we discuss relationships! 43 more words

Questions For Mormons: Joseph Smith

I have heard and read that the following are true, if they are please give sources, if they are not true please explain why there is a misunderstanding. 128 more words

Why LDS Members Leave The Church

Video/pics: US Man shows off his polygamous lifestyle with two women and their babies On Facebook .....

In some parts of Africa and Asia, it’s okay/common to have more than one wife but Currently it is ILLEGAL to marry two women in the United States. 52 more words

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Being Loyal and Faithful is Boring

It really is.

Being a loyal and faithful partner to your significant other is boring. There’s no chaos to it. On the forefront, there’s no drama. 790 more words


Head in Sand

Have you ever had that feeling where no matter what you were doing, it wasn’t right?

That is me this afternoon!  I’m sure I could have done things differently, I spoke harshly to my partners, and to the dog. 375 more words